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    using an old (from 2000) scsi hdd

    By today's standards that SCSI drive is dead slow except when it comes to pure random access. I would guess your performance will be better if you do NOT use the SCSI drive at all. Another reason not to use it is noise issues. It is probably loud enough to be annoying if you have to spend time in same room with it. You could make the server very quiet, if you use only the WD15EARS drives (with CF card if you want) and pay attention to other components too.
  2. Nice find. I would guess it is a generic extra driver layer that makes the drive appear as two separate devices. Kind of like some 1.2 GB seagates had "Dual-drive emulation" mode. So that might work on ~any other motherboard too, unless they artificially prevented it. And even if they did, perhaps "fixed" versions will pop up somewhere
  3. Out of curiosity i tried to connect WD 95044-A (40 MB, type 17 with stepper) to my core 2 duo system (Asus P5K, P35/ICH9), but sadly without luck. I tried connecting it to motherboard sata port with Abit serillel ide-sata adapter and then a noname "two-way" supporting adapter. With serillel adapter the HD was simply not recognized and the modern AMI bios did not have the option to manually enter drive type. With the other adapter the system hung up when trying to detect the drive. Also a Highpoint HPT366 based udma66-supporting ide controller wasn't able to detect it (and didn't let me enter controller setup since it didn't detect anything). The drive did make some startup noises though, so hopefully it is still in working condition. As if I really cared
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    Storage Review Site Update

    I just hate the javascript image viewer thingy that darkens the rest of page and "nicely" opens the image with fade/sizing/whatever extra delay causing transition effects. I'm sure that script is actually really great, seeing everyone else uses it too! I just don't get it...
  5. Price graphs for Intel X25-M G2 80 GB and 160 GB over a one year period, from www.hintaseuranta.fi (a finnish price watch site) X25-M 80 GB: X25-M 160 GB: They sure haven't gotten any cheaper here...
  6. discjet

    Problems formatting 2TB drive

    I had a similar problem with 1.5 TB seagate 7200.11 drive, where format always stalled at 70 something %. Could have been at 1 TiB point as well. That was also using 32bit Win2k3, SATA ports in legacy mode. After a few stalled full format attempts with 2k3 i tried it on WinXP system, where format finished ok. I plugged it back to the 2k3 system, scanned it with hd tune, found nothing alarming and then just quickformatted it and filled it with data to try it out. So far there hasn't been any other problems with that drive.
  7. System specs: Gigabyte EP45-DS3 (=ICH10) motherboard. Win2k3 x64 SP2. AHCI not enabled (i think). Is there a way to confirm without leaving Windows? Additional controllers: Adaptec 29160 for the Hitachi drive, Silicon Image 3114 for Samsung HD501LJ and WD WD5000AAKS-00TMA0. Crappy result, but 15k rpm still helps it stay above 10 MB/s Works great with 2 instances! With 3rd instance (0%,33%,66%) they all dropped down to 5 MB/s so not perfect 3 instances (0%,33%,66%): 16.3 MB/s each! 4 instances (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%): 11.3 MB/s each! Results were same for firmware CC1G. Congraz Seagate. Pretty good with 2 instances. 3 instances (0%, 33%, 66%): 8.5 MB/s each so slows down somewhat. Crappy result. (Basic 1 instance STR is higher than that of WD5000AAKS-00TMA0)
  8. Interesting concept, but I think it is unlikely to happen. We'll just go SSD + 5x00rpm bulk storage route for now. For it to make sense from HDD manufacturer's viewpoint, I think suitable flash cards should be on market already. Common flash cards are not up to the task performance/reliability wise, and the gap between them and SSDs seems to be just widening. Also because it would have to be managed on OS level for the reasons you mentioned to properly make use of the cache, why add the flash slot on HDD when it could be plugged anywhere and its use would not be directly controlled by HDD anyway. I've read Vista Readyboost only made a difference with minimal amount of RAM to do caching with. Perhaps Windows 7 Readyboost is better, but is it enough to make it really matter? I haven't tried it with either of them.
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    Samsung STORY Station 3.0 Contest

    one tiny samsung and so many hopeful takers!
  10. discjet

    Samsung STORY Station 3.0 Contest

    Need to try my luck too, hehe
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    Hard Drive Porn (Safe for Work)

    ST410800N, Seagate Elite 9, 5,25" full height SCSI monster with 9 GB capacity and idle power consumption of 31 watts It was still in full working condition when I took it apart.
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    Hard Drive Porn (Safe for Work)

    Here's my contribution
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    Storage Software Guide

    Searching: Everything - Locate files and folders by name instantly (Windows/NTFS).
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    Controllers compatible with 2TB hard drives?

    I think nobody can give definitive answer without having the exact same controller/motherboard and bios version. Whether the high capacity drives can be properly detected or not, depends on the controller/motherboard bios. The chip manufacturers cannot know if your particular controller/motherboard is equipped with a bios that can properly detect high capacity drives, or if it has some limit that is lower than what could theoretically be supported by the chips. I have a crappy silicon image (siig) 3114 based controller card that supports at maximum 500 GB drives. On that card the bios is not even upgradable (rom chip). But since 1 TB drive works with your 3114 controller you could be lucky - that drive already is (most probably) far newer than the controller so there might not be any stupid limit, certainly not as low limit as with my controller... Try it out.
  15. discjet

    Storage Review Site Update

    This one seriously needs an update!
  16. To add to the "if i were" speculation.... i might look for the seagate factory repaired hard drives. they have nice light green stickers instead of white ones! i only have one of them
  17. I would not go as far as to say discs burned with max speed are "likely" to fail, just that they have not worked as good for me as the ones burned with slower speed. Notches in read speed graph if i read the burned disc through, spikes in quality test graph, or simply "not as good" looking quality test result. I tend to think it is simply because the maximum speed means the drive and media are being used closer to their manufacturing tolerances so they can more easily "slip over the edge" at times. For CDs and DVDs, same "brand" does not equal "same discs". Only with a handful of quality brands you can expect to get same media repeatedly. With many cheaper brands one batch comes from here, next from there. They get their discs from several manufacturers. The discs have ID codes for manufacturer/media type, readable with some applications, although some crappy discs are probably pretending to be better ones. Even when the discs come from same manufacturer, the quality can still be crappy and it may vary so much that some seem to perform perfect when others are unusable up to the point of not even getting recognized by the dvdrw drive. With old drives, sticking with lower speed media may also help in getting a media type that is properly supported by the drive firmware, which is essential for getting good burn quality. I've had my share of cd and dvd burning issues so nowadays i read test and quality scan every disc i burn for archival. There is a reason why cheap discs are cheap and with about a dozen brands i'm sure i will not touch their products again. For the long term archive i still trust high quality dvdrs more than hard drives. Too bad the capacity of them is next to useless nowadays and even price is not competitive.
  18. Burn quality depends on both the drive used for burning and the media itself. Some combinations work better than others. Same is true for reading. Either write quality or read compatibility or both together could be the reason why your 16x burned disc does not work with the standalone player. Settle with slower speed or try another media. There are burn quality testing applications like K-probe (for liteon drives only) and Nero CD-DVD Speed, but there too the result depends also on the drive used for the read testing. Those tests may provide some useful info though. In my experience there is no single "best" burning speed and slower writing speed is not always better. The drives I've had did not make their best quality burns at their max writing speed, so i used mostly 4x writing speed with 8x drive, and 8x writing speed with 16x drive (assuming those speeds were supported by media too). Most of the time using half the max supported speed has worked good for me.
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    I suppose that should have been: smartctl -l scterc,70,70 d: Anyway, here's data for 2 drives: --------------- Model Family: Western Digital Raptor family Device Model: WDC WD360GD-00FNA0 Serial Number: WD-WMAH91637100 Firmware Version: 35.06K35 36 GB, 10000 rpm device does not support SCT Commands --------------- Model Family: Seagate Barracuda LP Device Model: ST31500541AS Serial Number: 5XW00B87 Firmware Version: CC32 1500 GB, 5900 rpm SCT capabilities: (0x103f) SCT Status supported. SCT Error Recovery Control supported. SCT Feature Control supported. SCT Data Table supported. Reboot: setting stays Power off: resets back to disabled (Drive is in esata box with its own power supply & switch, shutting down *pc* makes hd spin down, but setting stays as long as the hd is powered by the external box)
  20. discjet

    Is Defragment Still Needed?

    Back in Win95 days I found norton speeddisk to be excellent app for defragmenting hard drives. It was way faster than the Windoze built-in tool. No benchmarks to prove it. In win2k days i found raxco perfectdisk to be quite good. Most of the 3rd party apps allow you to not defragment specific files, or locate them to a specific physical area of partition, or reserve some extra space for file growth to avoid new fragmentation. Also I've seen occasions where windoze built-in tool totally fails with heavy fragmentation combined with little free space, simply rattling away with no progress whatsoever no matter how many hours you plan to wait, or saying "finished" without actually touching anything. Perhaps the ones coming with newer windows versions work better. I've never bothered with excessive defragging. In FAT16/32 days it was something like once every two months. Nowadays a few times a year, system drives only. The most efficient way to "defrag" any drive is to move all files to another completely empty drive and start using that instead. That's what I do with my storage drives, where fragmentation never becomes a problem anyway since it's mostly an increasing amount of static data files. I'm also wondering what the several defrag-app vendors are planning to do now that SSD is taking over. My guess is they will bloat up their apps to add "extra value" until those once useful apps become utterly useless and disgusting. The same thing that happened with CD/DVD burning apps. :] (I wonder who wants to buy and use GB-sized Nero 9 super ultimate with video players 'n stinker when any 3..10 MB app does fine the job you actually want to get done)
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    Raid 1 SSD and hard drive

    As far as I'm concerned, I think there can't be any other sound quality benefit from using SSD except for the already mentioned electrical noise caused by hard drives and the actual audible noise (whine & rattle) the drives make - any and all of which can be easily avoided by locating the whole system far enough and using external DAC with optical connections. If they are able to charge extra for "sound quality provided by SSD technology" I'm confident they're doing good business. As for the RAID1 with HD+SSD, I think I read somewhere somebody saying that it slows down only writes, and reads will still happen at SSD speeds. Might depend on controller too, I suppose. Could be an interesting solution to try but not to be confused with real backup.
  22. discjet

    WD 1.5 TB at a GREAT price!

    I wouldn't count on them being 7200 rpm...
  23. Remember to take out the head positioning magnets when you physically destroy a drive. They're good and strong )
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    Do I want JBOD or something else?

    Assuming windows, i'd probably go with mounting the physical drives as folders instead of drive letters. Then if necessary, i'd use ntfs junctions to make all of the drives' content accessible through just one dir.
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    Avatars enabled

    Because of the highly irritating text link ads, I had javascript disabled in browser site preferences :]