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  1. All 60gig sandforce drives with Async NAND (lowest spec) perform at this level. In fact, all 60gig SSDs have performance similar to this, although many drives will perform somewhat better due to having higher spec NAND (sync or toggle) It is a cheap drive, you can't really expect much more. If you want significantly better performance in benchmarks, you will have to buy a 120 or 240gig drive. However, there is a bright side .... that is that your 60gig SSD still has great access times, and that it will perform almost as well as any other SSD in real world usage (boot mac, loading and updating programs, multi-tasking responsiveness) But don't go buy some other 60gig SSD expecting to do anything like the misleading specs say.
  2. rugger

    Beyond the obvious

    Yep, but it still a lot faster writing then any realworld source of data I have
  3. rugger

    Beyond the obvious

    Well, I got my 240gig sandisk extreme drive. Not quite as fast writing as I expected, but still an excellent drive with excellent pricing.
  4. rugger

    Patriot Pyro SSD Sata 3 speed question

    That is fine. The Pyro 60gig SSD is a rather slow drive though when you exercise the NAND with non-compressable data (180meg/sec read/70meg/sec write) This is to be expected though, it uses cheap Async NAND and is the smallest sized SSD in the range. However, it will still be very quick compared to any hard drive.
  5. rugger

    Beyond the obvious

    I'm purchasing a 240gig sandisk Extreme today, based off performance reviews and excellent pricing. Will let you know how it goes.
  6. Was that 270TiB highly random and incompressable? To absorb 80% of 5000 cycle NAND on a 120gig sandforce drive, you would be running a write multiplier a fair bit higher a normal desktop load would create? Would be interested in seeing the E9 attribute of that drive
  7. This is only for highly compressible loads (0x00 fill in crystaldiskmark for example). On more normal loads, the 60gig Sandforce drives using async NAND (cheap ones) are more like 200meg per sec read and 65meg per second write (sequential). Still a fast drive, but you really are better off going with a single 120gig drive.
  8. rugger

    over-provisioning on intel ssd

    On an operating system with TRIM, just not filling the drive beyond 90% on a constant basis is plenty to keep your SSD healthy and running fast. The SSD will automatically move old data around occasionally to eventually evenly wear the NAND. I wouldn't bother checking the SSD toolbox that frequently ... unless you are really hammering it hard, you will be waiting a heck of a long time for the drive to wear out (500-600TB writes typical)
  9. My old A-RAM 100gig sandforce drive is barely worn in at 3.75 TB written. Says 94% life left because of the factory retired block count (hasn't changed since I got it) It has at least another 500 TB before the NAND is worn. (5000 cycle NAND) it will probably suffer firmware/hardware related death long before that happens though
  10. rugger

    Samsung HD501LJ or Hitachi E7K500?

    I quite like the hitachi drives ... but I am a bit of a sucker for quick seeking drives! The samsung is probably slightly quieter .... but my experience with samsang has been .... average. I had an 8gig samsang that died about 3.5 years after I got it, but felt a bit slow compared to the quantum fireball 3.2 gig drive it replaced.
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    Easy way to test notebook battery or

    Its possible the battery has been in storage too long and it the battery has over-discharged. With Li-Ion batteries, if their charge falls too low, the charger will refuse to recharge them to prevent the battery failing in a billiant way.
  12. Most hard drive wear and tear doesn't come from writing and rewriting ... you are thinking of flash media. Hard drive media has no problem writing and rewriting the same sector hundreds of millions of times. Well before the media wears out, your drive will die due to: 1) Electronics failure on the board. 2) Mechanial damage of the head and arm assembly. 3) Failure of the spindle moter. 4) Logical firmware failure. The main problem with suggesting a 10gig drive is that you can't buy them new ... that means you have to buy them second hand, and that means you don't know how its been treated, its warranty is probably over. In addition, almost all 10gig drives will be at least reaching the 5year mark of their life, which almost all manufacturers stat is the designed lifetime of the drive. Beyond the 5year mark, all bets are off on drive reliability.
  13. Yeah, the Western digital JB's have been a good drive and have withstood the test of time and abuse here. Highly recommended.
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    Would you build a single core pc today?

    CS source doesn't really benefit much from dual core processors .... a High end single core A64 will make a fine base for a machine to run not only CS:Source, but basicly any game. I dont understand people who buys PC. If you whant to do anything beside gaming, a mac is better. A mac mini is under 500 dollars and have dual core processors. And mac now runds windows. Macs are simpler, dont have viruses and have far the best video/audio software. Do not support virus makers = do not use windows. Oh please ... spare us the crap. The mac mini is equiped with barely enough memory to run OS-X. It doesn't come with a raptor bootup drive, and the only hope to expand on the storage is via external USB drives. Its graphics subsystem, while definitely usable in 2D, doesn't have any ommmph beyond that. It doesn't have a sound card, which while many people don't mind AC'97 audio, I prefer 5.1 sound and high quality sound. The mini-mac for me costs close to $1000 in the minimum base configuration. I will admit OS-X is nice, and for what it is, the mini-mac can be a good machine. But it is not what I want in a main computer, and I am sure a lot of people here agree. For me to buy a mac for what I want, I'd have to get the Mac pro, and the prices for those are just scary (try $4000 for base configuration with a crap video card) And thats why macs have never been able to interest me.
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    Would you build a single core pc today?

    CS source doesn't really benefit much from dual core processors .... a High end single core A64 will make a fine base for a machine to run not only CS:Source, but basicly any game.
  16. It will work fine. It should come jumpered for 150mbit operation, thus be compatible with just about everything right out of the static bag.
  17. rugger

    DVD vs CD for backup durability

    Wrong. While such a simple explaination seems correct, it isn't. While DVDs pack information in more tightly, they have much better error correction then CDs. This means that DVDs readers can self-correct over a much higher error rate, making them as resistant to damage as CDs are.
  18. Ah yes, the old Quantum brand shines through. Maybe I shouldn't have so much nostolga over the old Quantum brand, but they did release some damn nice drives. (along with some utter shockers too)
  19. rugger

    DVD vs CD for backup durability

    It probably isn't the dye that is failing on the DVD-R's. If I had to bet money on it, I'd say that your sunlight treatment is causing the laminate used to bond the dvd's together to degrade. This could be due to the physical stress of repeated and uneven thermal expansion/contraction. It could also be due to direct UV damage. In any case, I wouldn't make any real reliability predictions based on your experiment. Its interesting, for sure, but isn't typical of even a half cared for disk.
  20. rugger

    USB 1.0 in practice?

    Your USB 1.0 ports won't kill your USB hardware .... in any case. Lots of old USB implementations were not 100% baked, but they won't damage your hardware. So try it out, if it doesn't work, buy a NEC PCI USB2 card and use that, for $30 US.
  21. rugger

    15K SCSI RAID 0 with crappy performance

    I think you are mistaken. Read this article and see what I mean. 212525[/snapback] This guide is very old. How do SATA drives, particularly ones like the WD Raptor, fit into this?
  22. rugger

    Random Reboots

    To a certain point I agree, but (this is from the american dell site, other countries are different): 1) You can't get a dell for $400, at least not at the moment. The cheapest I saw $479. Although, you can cut it to $439 if you don't need a new monitor. 2) The cheapest dell has an EXTREMELY limited warrenty .... 90 days. You have to pay extra to get a decent warrenty. A drive could fail 4 months after your purchase and dell won't have to lift a finger to help. 3) If you need a new antivirus software for it, you need to pay at least $69 extra to get it. You could install a free anti-virus/firewall software though. 4) If you want a useful amount of memory in it (say 512meg), add an extra $40. This is very important as the onboard video likely steals some of your memory and its bandwidth for its own needs. A machine with 256Meg is already fairly limited even without the onboard video stealing a part. 5) You will be looking at, at least $99 postage to get the computer to you. 6) Once you get your computer, unless you are fairly good at installing software/moving files, you will need to pay someone to transfer your documents and programs to your new computer. This alone could be as expensive as just getting old the computer fixed and updated a bit Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that the total cost of buying and installing a "useful" new computer can be much higher then just the advertised price on Dell's website. These new computer arn't cheap for no reason, its because they are stripped to the bone to sell the price point and come with little extra.
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    I guess you were right, but one of the things I liked about SATA was the simplicity of the hardware install. Hopefully there will not be any serious performance consquences with SATA port sharing, like there is with PATA master and slave configurations.
  24. rugger

    Random Reboots

    An 800mhz computer isn't a paperweight .... most of these computers simply don't have enogth memory to reach their potential. My old duron 700mhz with 512meg ram and 7200rpm hard drive does most things much faster then it has any right to do so. Just give them a little bit of care (new 7200rpm hard drive,a bit more memory), and they will offer years more service.
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    I hope port replicators never get popular or ever work particularly well. Half the reason for SATA is so drives don't have to share bandwidth .....