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    Did I toast my motherboard?

    On my motherboard the CMOS/BIOS reset jumper is removed all there is are solder points, where I think HP did it so ppl will not mess with it. I have removed the battery for a few hours and placed it back it with no luck
  2. -Sorry for posting this in storage review however I find you guys/gals to be the most helpful out of any forum I flashed my motherboard a Asus P2B98-XV from the stock HP Bios ver. 1.09 to the latest Bios from Asus on their website Ver. 1.10. Now every time I boot the computer it posts to the Bios settings for CPU/FSB adjustments with the following error message "PREVIOUS BOOT INCOMPLETE OR CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR CHECK CPU INTERNAL CORE SPEED" I have a PII-350 with 224mb of PC100 Sdram that came out of a HP 6370Z. The motherboard's jumpers are set to 100mhz FSB and 3.5x multiplier. Even when I set the Bios settings to Manual 100FSB x 3.5 the computer consistently boots to the same error. 1)Did I kill the motherboard since I flashed from an HP to Asus bios? 2)Anyway to fix it? (I have tried to flash to the original HP bios however I cannot get past the Bios setting screen with the error to load the bootable cd that has the HP bios on there anyway to bypass the screen and force the update?) Any help would be greatly appreciate! Thanks!
  3. sephroth777

    Ultra 100 PCI card benefits?

    Currently I have a POS computer a HP6370Z which has an Slot 1 PII-350mhz with Crucial 224mb Sdram PC100 and motherboard ASUS P2B98-VX. Can I upgrade the slot 1 CPU with a Intel Pentium III 500MHz/100/512 Slot 1 CPU ? Standard Intel Pentium III Processor 500 MHz Slot 1, SECC2 Package 100MHz Bus Speed 512KB L2 Cache CPU Only - No Heatsink/Fan
  4. sephroth777

    Ultra 100 PCI card benefits?

    Bottom line is it worth connecting the WD1200JB to the Ultra 100 PCI or just connect it directly to the motherboard?
  5. I am installing a WD1200JB 8mb HDD into a PII-350 with 224mb PC100 on Asus P2B98-XV motherboard. I have a Promise Ultra 100 PCI card laying around. Would I see an increase in performace by connecting the HDD on the PCI card or would it be better on the motherboard? Since the PCI card is Ultra ATA100 and the motherboard I believe is ATA33 or ATA66. Thanks!
  6. sephroth777

    Looking for suggestions for my IDE dilemma

    "I, personally, would dump the CD-RW drive and connect the 2 hard drives to the primary controller and the 2 DVD drives to the secondary controller. If you're determined to keep the yamaha, either of your options should work." I have gotten this suggestion also. I know the above would work but would it affect performance and stability having two hard drives on the same IDE channel?
  7. Currently I have a WD1200JB HD connected on my primary IDE, and on my secondary IDE I have as master a Yamaha CRW-F1 and slave Pioneer 106S Dvd Rom. I had to RMA my HD to Western Digital and hope to get the drive back this week. Over the weekend I picked up a Seagate 200gb 8mb HD at Compusa for $103 (could not pass up on that deal!) And, now I have ordered the Pioneer DVR-108 burner (my first DVD burner). Now I have 5 IDE devices with 4 channels available. Please bear in mind I have an Antec SX1030 case which makes cabling ok except for the fact when a slave device is connected to the primary ide channel when a hard drive is already there since twisting the slave connector to reach the drive above the hard drive is quite difficult. (Plus reports state keeping the HD alone on the Primary IDE is best). I have a Promise Ultra 100 PCI hanging around from 5 years ago. How should I set up this system? --I was thinking to use the Seagate HD as the only drive on the primary IDE channel and on the secondary IDE master would be the Pioneer DVD burner and slave Yamaha CRW-F1. Then connect the Promise Ultra 100 PCI card for the Pioneer Dvd-Rom. And as of the WD1200JB (to replace the Bigfoot 9.6gb) put it in my POS box which I use to download and share files. OR --Seagate HD on primary (OS/GAMES) and WD1200JB on secondary (use as storage of data/mp3/movies/images), and connect all three CD/DVD drives to the Promise Ultra 100 PCI card as Pioneer DVD-R on IDE1 and on IDE 2 Yamaha CRW-F1 and Pioneer DVD-ROM. HOW SHOULD I SET UP THIS SYSTEM? Main system specs (gaming/internet/etc) AMD XP2800+ (11.5*200=2300mhz) /1GB Corsair PC3500 XMS/Asus A7N8X Deluxe/ATI 9700 Pro POS specs (file sharing/internet) Intel PII-350/224mb Sdram PC100/Quantum Bigfoot 9.6gb (yuck!)/Asus P2VB-XV with onboard video
  8. Recently I have had to RMA my WD1200JB. To play it safe now I am looking for two new hard drives. For my main/gaming system I am looking for one new HDD for either use as a backup/storage drive or as my main (OS) drive. Secondly, I have a POS computer which I use to download and store files on and act as a server. I am looking for a new HDD for this system too. As of where my WD1200JB will fit into this mess, well it may go into the second computer or act as a backup to my main system (mp3/video/etc) or even as it was before it died as my main OS drive. My only requirements are PATA/8mb buffer and I think 80gb is a good enough size but I am willing to go higher with that. Any suggestions? Main System AMD 2800XP 200*11.5/1 GB RAM/ATI 9700 PRO/ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Second POS System PII 350/224 mb RAM/On-board ATI 3D Rage/ASUS P2BVX Any suggestions for the 2 new hard drives?
  9. sephroth777

    Which HD would you chose?

    So the WD1600JB is faster than its 80gig counterpart?? both have the 8mb buffer
  10. sephroth777

    Which HD would you chose?

    Looking to get either a Western Digital 800JB 80gig or 1600JB 160gig. The 800JB is going for $60 and the 1600JB at $99. Looking for a second hard drive to run Linux and partition out the rest for storage of mp3/videos/backup. Which would you choose?
  11. Shopping for a new hard drive and I read WinXP and perhaps W2K have problems with drives larger than 137GB. I was looking to get the Western Digital WD1600JB 160gig drive at my local Sam's club for $99. Will WinXP detect the capacity of 160gb if connected as primary on my motherboard? If not I may just pick up two 80gb Western Digitals then. System Specs AMD XP2800+ (11.5*200), Asus A7N8X Deluxe, ATI 9700 PRO, 1GB Corsair PC3500
  12. sephroth777

    Should I go IDE or ATA?

    Well my Western Digital 1200JB has died and I need to RMA it today. So I am looking to get an 2nd drive for a backup or even my main drive. I have been looking at the Western Digital 800JB which they offer in IDE or for an extra 10.00 ATA version. Which should I go with IDE or ATA? I have heard horror stories of loading Win2K and XP on SATA drives. Mind you I do not have a floppy drive in my system. System Specs AMD XP2800+ (11.5*200), Asus A7N8X Deluxe, ATI 9700 PRO, 1GB Corsair PC3500
  13. sephroth777

    Possibly dead WD1200JB?

    Problem is I do not have a floppy drive to run their software with. Since I have downloaded it but it will not excute since it needs to be installed on a floppy and then booted off the floppy.
  14. sephroth777

    Possibly dead WD1200JB?

  15. sephroth777

    Possibly dead WD1200JB?

    I have a Western Digital 1200JB purchased 07-2002. Turned on my comp on Sat. and it took a long time to load WinXP Pro. Then I would have random freezes. Now my computer will not boot into Windows anymore. It does post just fine but just a blank screen with the hard drive light on steady. I ran a hard drive anaylzer when I was able to get into windows previosuly and it stated critical read/write errors. Does this mean my drive is dead? -I have some data I need on the drive, could I purchase a new drive and copy the contents over before I RMA the drive? -Lastly, should I stick with Western Digital or move on to someone else? System Specs AMD XP2800+ (11.5*200), Asus A7N8X Deluxe, ATI 9700 PRO, 1GB Corsair PC3500 Thanks!