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    Usb 2.0 Dvd-r On Usb 1.1 Computer

    Even 1x DVD-R is over 1MB/sec, so you would be using the buffer under run protection all the way thru the burn. I dunno how that would affect the readability of the finished disc.
  2. DrunkenBastard

    Best Digital Sattelite Receiver?

    CBS did a promo piece on the CES show, they showed an SUV with the Sat dish mounted, good for 8 phone lines, DTV, high speed internet, all for $80 a month unlimited use I believe. Available in Feb/March IIRC.
  3. DrunkenBastard

    Crucial 2gb Pc3200 Ecc/reg

    Yes they list for $999 on the US site. http://www.crucial.com/store/PartSpecs.asp...672Y40B&cat=RAM
  4. Perhaps some parental supervision?
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    Testing Asci

  6. DrunkenBastard

    Testing Asci

    email notification test
  7. If you already have the U160 controller then get the 10K IV.
  8. DrunkenBastard

    Adding RAID 1 to existing WinXP system.

    mann my friend, I'm just wondering what your contribution to this thread has been? Usually one would only say such a thing if one has actually helped someone.
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    Which drives overclock best?

    The CGate 15K drives combined with an optimum power of 20V will kreate a purfek cinergy of oc goodness. You may be tempted to go straight to 24V. This takes big brass ones.
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    most indepth hard drive review ever!

    It's time for IE6 Eric.
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    It is only cheap because the government doesn't tax the crap out of it like many/all Europeon governments do. I belive the tax ("excise") in the UK is close to 300%? If you pay too much, blame your own government.
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    You are speaking of the President of the United States. Exactly what are your qualifications, your assets that make such a perjorative reference appropriate? There seem to be a number of people in this forum whose goal is simply to bash the US. In an effort to aid their engagement, I suggest that all them simply copy the following statements and paste them as quotes in their nexts posts. Hint: Varying the sequence of the statements may enhance the impression of intellect and respectability! I love el Presidente Bush. He supports individual citizens owning firearms. Jus think if that retard Gore had got in. My god we would be trying to hunt with pointy sticks. Personally I don't see what it matters that people bash the President/Prime Minister of a particular country. If someone says that he hates Bush, that doesn't automatically mean that the person also hates every American. The government is not the people, certainly in the US. Of course the sad thing is that half the people bitching about Bush getting in, didn't bother to get off the sofa and vote themselves! The only people who can change the leadership of a country are the citizens of the same. I hate Little Johnnie (the P.M. of Australia), he is a knee-jerking buffoon. I put him (his party) last everytime on our god awful preferential voting system. I still love Australia. I need a drink...
  13. DrunkenBastard

    Adaptec HostRAID performance, anyone?

    OIC, thanks for the info.
  14. DrunkenBastard

    Thank you America, Australia and the UK!

    I believe the number of full time soldiers in the Aus army is about 50,000. A far cry from the US, even taking population into account.
  15. DrunkenBastard

    Yo! Euro-Liberal - Eat your Crow here!

    I don't think there were any other coalition forces. Unless you count the numerous countries who "supported" action on paper, including Japan who was happy to help after the war was over.
  16. DrunkenBastard

    Iraq throws off yoke of European Imperialism

    LOL. Nearsighted inspectors? Why didn't the US give the inspectors their "secret info" so they could go and find the WMD? Perhaps because they were making crap up? As Hans Blix so aptly put the other day, now they spent $75 billion and 200,000 troops, they shouldn't have too much problems locating said WMD.
  17. DrunkenBastard

    Iraq throws off yoke of European Imperialism

    Surely the "generous European welfare programs" are funded by their unbelievably high taxes? It really sounds like you are jealous of their welfare programs.
  18. DrunkenBastard

    Yo! Euro-Liberal - Eat your Crow here!

    Hmm I have been having terrible stomach cramps and gas, and the Tums hasn't helped at all.
  19. DrunkenBastard

    Yo! Euro-Liberal - Eat your Crow here!

    Where's the chemical and bio weapons? I noticed old man Rumsfeld spluttering and stuttering when asked the question today.
  20. DrunkenBastard

    Tape Backup, DLT etc.

    Careful, you will give our lad Trinton ideas! :mrgreen:
  21. DrunkenBastard

    A War We Can Afford

    Not true... There is gobs of evidence, people just don't want to see it. Iraq has defied the UN Security Council resolutions over and over again, at least 16 times in the past 11 years. Iraq hasn't even lived up to the cease fire agreements after the Gulf War, much less the new ones made since then. How many times has Israel defied UN resolutions? It still does to this day. There may be reasons to invade Iraq, but the Prez blubbering about 16 UN violations isn't it. Look it would have been much easier to get Iraq to let the weapons inspectors back in if the US hadn't used the previous lot to spy on Iraq. Would the US allow the same if it was her instead of Iraq?
  22. DrunkenBastard

    4x DVD Writers – Here They Come…

    Pioneer DVR-104 DVD-RW drive for $239 From Hypermicro.com Mention StorageReview and get free shipping. Now you may pay $499 at BestBuy or similar, but there are plenty of places where they can be had for cheaper.
  23. Apparently MS have scrapped plans for software rental licenses, mostly due to the pathetic reception it received during trials from Australians
  24. Well Nero should work with any drive listed in it's compatibility list. Unless the OEM version is somehow limited in capability (I think the only diff is in the serial nums). I haven't tried Nero Express, I imagine it is like a cut down version of Nero Burning Rom?