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  1. Pradeep

    Archiving Audio

    Get it on to tape, then put a copy of the tapes offsite, some distance away geographically. LTO 2/3 drives/tapes depending on budget. Spinning disk alone is not an archive solution.
  2. Pradeep

    2.5" SAS Cage for 5.25" space? Eight 2.5" SAS/SATA drives in the space of two 5.25" drive bays.
  3. Pradeep

    Backing Up Data

    If your management is averse to tapes then I would spend a little more and get another pair of drives (go for the 1TB as you then won't have to worry about keeping track of what files are on what drive). Keep one offsite at all times. Otherwise you run a risk that whilst the drives are plugged into the server via USB something catastrophic screws everything. Other than that it seems like you are doing the best you can with the resources available.
  4. Video card acceleration would be a must, a 3000+ won't make the grade by itself.
  5. There were some performance problems with the use of write-back cache with XP and SCSI disks, think it was fixed in 2003, but not sure how they fixed XP. This is the option you tick (where it asks if you have a UPS attached), in Drive Properties.
  6. Running multiple streams should get you to 50MB/sec+ from an LTO 3 drive. Are you running backups with compression on? Compression won't work well with already compressed files such as JPEGs. Is there any reason you can't run a weekly full, then incrementals daily for the other 6 days? LTO is definitely the way to go, Seagate has admitted that DLT is a dead end tech.
  7. Pradeep

    Does this motherboard exist?

    If you don't mind x8 for video, then there is this: There really isn't much in terms of Intel workstation boards that can take a lot of memory, and also provide multiple x16/x8 slots.
  8. Another (pricier) option is the Sun Fire X4500 with 48 500GB SATA drives, for about $60K list.
  9. Pradeep

    Areca buzz?

    Didn't realise they had a line of slower cards. The more expensive gear is ok for the mid-range, but I can't imagine anyone using it for enterprise level work. A single box of RAIDed disks is just too fragile to trust really important stuff to. At that level I would be thinking of a serious SAN, with redundancy offsite.
  10. Pradeep

    Areca buzz? Specced a couple of the 16 port versions in my last job a couple years ago, with the Supermicro 15 bay hotswap enclosures. Performance was fine in RAID 5. There was nothing that 3ware had at the time that could keep up with the performance. I'll never spec Promiseless after the freaking POS SX6000 we used to use, what a slug. They were at the top of the heap back then, with the I/O "only" running at 333 or 500. Now with the 341 at even faster speeds, max thruput has increased to over 800MB/sec (older cards peaking below 500MB/sec).
  11. Pradeep

    Dell Poweredge vs. ?

    We have good luck with IBM at work. Only things that seem to fail are the 10K U160/U320 drives, we get a replacement within 2 hours usually. Latest installations are the x3650 series, dual dual core Xeons, plenty of memory slots. They just work. BladeCenter H class are great little beasties, as long as you can run the 240V 30A power and have the cooling capacity they need. They blow so much air out the back that they can flap your pants legs from 14 feet away. Good hardware monitoring capabilities via IBM Director.
  12. Pradeep

    Hiking adventure

    Last thing, I wouldn't recommend doing the South Coast track solo, there's at least one river crossing that really needs two people to hold on to each other when going across. If there's heavy rain you may have to camp on one side until the water subsides.
  13. Pradeep

    Hiking adventure

    Oh I forgot to mention, when we were flying in with low fog, the pilot grabs his map and puts it on his control column, and starts cruising thru the valleys. We were like, oh crap, he's lost. Landing with multiple bounces on a dirt strip in a small single engine prop plane was also an interesting experience.
  14. Pradeep

    Hiking adventure

    Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair is pretty easy. A ton of boardwalk nowadays. If you get the chance, the South Coast Track is a much better challenge. We flew into Malaleuca airstrip, then drove out from Cockle Creek. We saw only a handful of people during the 4 nights we took. I think the average is 5000 per year for Cradle Mountain, and 2000 per year for South Coast Track. Ironbound Range is the most physical part (coming back down the other side on very tall "steps" is a bitch on the knees). Much more primitive than Cradle Mountain, no fancy huts, only boardwalk is closer to Cockle Creek. You can really get your feet in the mud with this walk. Rowing across New River Lagoon is icing on the cake (you need to go over twice, once to get the other boat, bring it back to where you first got on, then back across again). Highly recommended if you are capable. This was done before they introduced the permit system, dunno if you need one for South Coast. Cheers, Pradeep
  15. 200MB/sec won't help you when encoding DVDs. It's all CPU bound. In which case a pair of Nocona 3.4 GHz is a poor choice. It's a Pee4 with SMP enabled. A Core2 Duo would be a) cheaper for one cpu and mobo, and faster. 2GB of RAM should be ample for your needs as well.