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  1. Gilles Theophile, from the french site utiliser-lightroom, and LR beta tester recommends to set as much Cache as possible for LR. Also, check: http://macperformanceguide.com/Optimizing-Lightroom.html but Lloyd seems to encounter more problems than the average user. http://lightroomers.com/boosting-lightroom-performance/748/ has very good advice too. Be wary of other articles telling you to disable the automatically write metadata in XMP, as the slowness in that case was mostly for older versions of Lightroom, and puts you in risk of losing metadata when moving files without a preliminary CTRL+S. http://www.jmg-galleries.com/blog/2008/08/12/4-quick-ways-to-boost-lightroom-2-performance/ goes in the same direction.
  2. Yes, one page reviews are a good thing, but SR might lose in ad money... A real-world bench would be a good thing indeed, Anand has recorded some user patterns, I feel that it is a good supplement to synthetic benches. I'd be personally interested in Imaging Patterns : Photoshop, (an action that can be replayed, like retouch artists', with many history steps to tax the storage sub-system. Lightroom/Camera Raw: batch processing of images: import, development, webgallery creation...) Good thing to have the ball running, even if it looks odd for the moment! Keep going on! Thanks for reviving SR.
  3. sPECtre

    Storage Review Site Update

    Glad to see a new birth for SR! Something I have been looking for is replicable real-life tests of hard drives/SSDs. For instance, an import of a set of given images in Lightroom, batch processing, and export, so that others could correlate the tests here. Somebody mentioned removable storage, RobGalbraith.com has a database of CF/SD cards, tested on different cameras and readers, but it has not been updated in a year... Yes a key to decipher which drive has how many platters on a given product line would be useful too.
  4. sPECtre

    Mtron SSDs: 1070MO/s for 100 hours

    Oops, mixed my currencies, indeed... We're so used to read everything labeled in USD when it is about electronics! And we do not know what is their currencies rate: for some companies, it is 1EUR/1USD, but that's when they state the price in $
  5. Saw this today on a french site: Here is the info in English: http://www.behardware.com/news/9603/ssd-mt...-1070-mb-s.html MTRON news release: www.mtron.net/english/PressRoom/PressRoom.asp?sid=PressRoom&xact=view&idx=279 It seems that the disks might be internally configured in some form of RAID 0. The price for the whole server is low, given the announced perfomance: $6500. One could wonder what would be the drawbacks of such settings: reduced MTBF / anti wearout remapping, etc. Other technical questions arise: what interface can sustain such a bandwith?
  6. The Belgian site announces that WD would start the production of 160GB/platter disks, and that the new series would have a capacity ranging from 40GB to 500GB. In the low end, that would make some serious short stroking http://www.matbe.com/actualites/13960/plat...estern-digital/ Of course, all this was to be expected. I'm a bit doubtful about the capacities...
  7. sPECtre

    Samsung F series?!

    I'm wondering how far the white paper is from reality, especially seeing these numbers: Media to/from Buffer (max.) 175 MB/sec I realize that this is not the STR, but still, the numbers seem high, no? The info has been posted in French at Matbe.com: http://www.matbe.com/actualites/commenter/...nt-f1/?page=1#1
  8. Clubic states capacities ranging from 160GB to maybe 640GB.
  9. According to the Belgian site www.matbe.com, Seagate announced today the Cheetah 15K.5 in 73, 147 and 300 GB with one, two and four platters, doubling the capacity, thanks to P-Recording Technology. Speed increases are also to be expected: transfer rates of 73 to 125 Mo/s from 58 to 96 Mo/s earlier. MTBF is still 1.4Million Hours. Interfaces will be 3Gb/s SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), Ultra320 SCSI and 4 Gb/s Fiber Channel. Disks should be available to resellers around June. Prices still unknown. Source: http://www.matbe.com/actualites/13031/
  10. sPECtre

    Raptor 740GD-00NLR1

    Honu, where did you purchase that disk?
  11. sPECtre

    Hitachi Announces New Deskstar HDDs

    And according to the Inquirer, Hitachi would soon release 750Gb disks: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=32189
  12. So you are aware for the firmware for the Maxtor?
  13. sPECtre

    15K.4 Firmware Update

    There are some sites that provide drivers download, maybe are they some providing firmwares, or would that be against the regulations?
  14. sPECtre

    Cheetah 15K.5 announced

    Their source is TG daily: http://www.tgdaily.com/2006/04/17/segate_a..._perpendicular/
  15. sPECtre

    Hitachi Announces New Deskstar HDDs

    Don't they already have the fastest 500GB drives now? In single user mode (unless the WD is faster) What about the 7K500, will they disappear?
  16. sPECtre

    Next Generation Raptor?

    It's there! http://www.storagereview.com/articles/2006...1500ADFD_1.html and no "sneaky" entries in the performance database...
  17. Looks pretty close of the description of the upcoming iRAM II... But again, why only produce 512 units?
  18. sPECtre

    Next Generation Raptor?

    Looking at the performance database, I see that the review of the 7K500 is not linked to the results, still says that the review will be posted shortly...
  19. sPECtre

    Next Generation Raptor?

    Chubby, didn't you mention something about a transparent cover? That seems doubtful... Maybe is it a model for the trade fairs?
  20. sPECtre

    Next Generation Raptor?

    Found this link at Matbe.com on the topic: http://www.alternate.de/html/shop/productD...A9BW18tecData
  21. For instance, to see exactly the differences between a ram ramdisk, and an external one, or just the difference with 4Gb in ram vs 2Gb ram / 2Gb iRam vs Ramdisk, etc. An iRam costs less than an Opteron board and a second Opteron, too... and you can fill it with non ECC ram (while the memory of a dual Opteron has to be the ECC one) An iRAM could be used in a x86 setup vs the X86-64 required for 4Gb+ of RAM. Remember also that Photoshop uses the scratch file as its primary memory, and the RAM is just its cache... One could also question the utility to save images to an iRAM / Hyperdrive. So I take that you found that test totally relevant? I wish they benchmarked load time of notepad too
  22. Sigh... Photoshop load time. Sure, I spend the full day loading it. Did it occur to them to time complex actions when the scratch disk is in the ramdisk, or in the case of the iRAM, if one of the iram has the scratch file, while the other has windows pagefile? Why ship a piece of hardware to clueless reviewers?
  23. sPECtre

    Seek Times

    Those traces results from applications are really useful. It would be nice if SR could test some common applications activity (Photoshop, video/sound editing, Some games, 3D apps, Server/file server etc.) to reveal what really matters in those kind of apps, allowing users to shop for a drive that has peculiar characteristics (STR, access time, etc.)
  24. sPECtre

    Raptor in an silencing enclosure

    My raptor is running without problem in a silentmaxx enclosure. The noise is slightly less important, but the drive runs cooler! I'd have to try to suspend the silentmaxx enclosure to see if it would impact the thermal dissipation vs the benefits in noise.
  25. sPECtre

    SATA II, the interface that's everywhere

    Also, on anandtech: http://www.anandtech.com/storage/showdoc.aspx?i=2450