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  1. The thread saying the war was for oil is getting really long, and there's no way I wanted to read that (especially since it was just a cut/paste of some random political opinion). A lot of people seem to have that opinion, though, so I wanted to throw out some readily available information that anybody can go look up. You can say the President is an idiot, and you can say there were other reasons for the war, but you can't say oil was a major factor. First, crude oil isn't the big money maker, it's refining, which the US does plenty of. There is plenty oil being produced. The excess oil production in the world almost doubled between 2001 and 2002. The US also gets its oil from many places. US oil sources for 1999: 42.9% from within the US 9.1% from Venezuela 7.8% from Canada 7.5% from Saudi Arabia 7.4% from Mexico 3.1% from Nigeria 2.9% from Iraq 2.7% from Angola 2.0% from United Kingdom 1.9% from Colombia 1.4% from Virgin Islands 11.2% from other countries US oil sources for 2002: 41.9% from within the US 9.8% from Canada 7.8% from Saudi Arabia 7.7% from Mexico 7.3% from Venezuela 3.0% from Nigeria 2.5% from United Kingdom 2.3% from Iraq 17.7% from other countries If Iraq disappeared off the face of the earth, it wouldn't hurt the US economy one bit. Iraq has not come close to developing its oil fields fully, or using modern technology. Sure, getting them into the 21st century could increase their oil output, but that's a long-term thing that will definitely benefit Iraq far more than anybody else. To the contrary, if the US just wanted oil from Iraq, they would've left them the way they were. The US has so much food that they pay farmers not to grow more, and in 2001 the US got $4 billion worth of Iraqi oil with the Oil for Food Program, which means it was almost free. When Iraq is rebuilt, the Oil for Food Program won't last, and the US will actually have to pay for their oil. So, not only has the war cost the US billions, but the liberation of Iraq will mean billions more spent on oil. I fail to see how anybody can look at the situation and say that the war was for oil. Unless there are pictures I don't know about of a big tanker that says "Exxon Mobil" or "Chevron Texaco" being loaded at gunpoint in Iraq, those claims are completely unfounded. I invite anybody to look at one of OPEC's monthly oil market reports, and you will quickly get the idea that Iraq is barely even a player when it comes to the world oil market.
  2. Dimension

    Viper V550 or SiS 6326

    blakerwry: You're trying to be sarcastic and condescending, but it's not really working. Are you claiming to have compared the TNT's side-by-side with other cards? I have. I already said I doubt it would even be noticable on a 17" or smaller monitor running 1024x768. He wanted to know which card would be best. All other things being equal he should probably choose the SiS card because it runs cooler and has better image quality.
  3. Dimension

    Disney to Begin Renting 'Self-Destructing' DVDs.

    I'm surprised there were so many posts before panfilo98 mentioned how easy it would be to just burn a copy. I mean, if these things are cheaper than your average Blockbuster rental, they'll be great. I can't believe you guys would even begin to discuss the environmental impact of disposable DVD's. That's ridiculous. We're talking about tiny little pieces of plastic. They're not radioactive. They don't contaminate the water supply. They don't kill fish. They barely take up any space. If you want to whine about the environment, there are so many more legitimate things you could talk about. I mean, honestly, that's the stupidest thing I've heard you otherwise intelligent people say. Disposable rental DVD's would actually be good for the environment, considering most people would end up driving at least a mile each direction to return a rental.
  4. Dimension

    Viper V550 or SiS 6326

    Comparing the two chips some more, the TNT would actually have better 2D performance, but I don't know if that's something that would be an issue. The TNT is a newer chip than the SiS 6326, and it's certainly better in 3D, but it also puts out a ton of heat and might not put out the best text. A lot of those cards had really cheap RAMDAC's. Toms Hardware on the SiS 6326: This slow and pretty unknown graphic chip produces a quite nice image quality. Also, a Diamond Viper is the only card I've had just up and die on me, and I've heard of it happening to other people, too.
  5. Dimension

    Viper V550 or SiS 6326

    Viper V330 = Riva 128 4MB or 8MB Viper V550 = TNT 8MB or 16MB Viper V770 = TNT2 16MB or 32MB Viper V770 Ultra = TNT2 Ultra 32MB So, I'm assuming you've got the regular TNT. I have had a lot of experience with all these video cards: Viper V330 Riva 128 4MB Creative Graphics Blaster Riva TNT 16MB Viper V770 Ultra TNT2 Ultra 32MB Stealth III S540 Savage4 32MB Gainward GeForce 2 GTS 32MB Gainward GeForce 4 Ti 64MB I have to say that the Vipers have by far the worst 2D image quality of any of them. As a matter of fact, for two years I had identical Hitachi 19" monitors on my system. One was hooked up to a V770 AGP, the other to a Stealth III PCI. The Viper had 2D text so much blurrier I found myself using the secondary screen for everything except games. Now I've got a 22" NEC hooked up to two machines through a KVM switch. For a year, I had my main machine with a GeForce 2 and the other machine with the Viper. Switching machines was very noticable as it made the screen go slightly blurry. I'm not saying it's horrible image quality. I doubt it would even be noticable on a 17" or smaller monitor running 1024x768. But I always left my desktop in 1600x1200. Image quality was OK, but the Vipers had noticably worse 2D than any other video card.
  6. Dimension

    LCD monitor suggestions

    Again I have to point out that 17" LCD's (and most 19" ones) use the bastardized resolution of 1280x1024. This is a 1.25:1 aspect, and it squishes everything a little horizontally unless you actually have it specifically resize things anamorphically (only possible in some video editing packages). Just something to keep in mind. LCD's are absolutely the best for text, but like others have said, I would question using one for your primary display in color-sensative work.
  7. Dimension

    DVD Burners

    You should check out this thread from a few weeks ago: Best DVD burner? I would still say go with the Pioneer drive. DVD+R is still a little more expensive and a lot less popular. DVD-R is not going to die, so there's no reason to spend the extra $90 on the Sony that does DVD+R as well. There's no reason you need compatability with both, because anything can already play both formats. The only reason to spend the extra cash for something that burns DVD+R is if you live in some alternate universe where DVD-R is hard to get and more expensive. And, in your case, if you're talking about recording two DVD's simultaneously, I know that Prassi Primo DVD supports all the Pioneer DVD burners. It's very easy to use and does an excellent job of letting you burn two DVD's simultaneously.
  8. Dimension

    Hot swap SCSI drives.

    The drives should sync at 320-meg whether you're using an U-320 SCA rack or regular U-320 drives on an LVD cable. Either way and there should be no difference that I'm aware of, provided there are no other differences between the SCA vs. LVD drives you're talking about.
  9. Dimension

    Question for Dual Monitor Users

    phoenix seems to have said most of what I would say. LCD's aren't the best thing for video editing, because they don't have good color like the better CRT's. I would definitely say get a nice expensive CRT, then get a secondary LCD if you want more space. One thing nobody mentioned is that 1280x1024 LCD's like the ones you mentioned (which is true for most 17" and 19" LCD's) have a weird native resolution, which gives a screwy aspect ratio for video editing. All your standard resolutions are 1.33:1: 2048x1536 1920x1440 1600x1200 1280x960 1152x864 1024x768 800x600 But for some reason they make a lot of LCD's in 1280x1024 (1.25:1). This means that when you're editing video, you either get the wrong aspect or else your picture has to be resized anamorphicaly, both of which aren't ideal. Another problem with LCD's is that the larger ones have many more pixels and therefore much higher rates of dead pixels. I have four 15" LCD's that are all two years old, and there is one dead pixel and one off-color pixel among the lot of them. I have a friend, on the other hand, who has a 22" Apple Cinema Display that has three bright dead pixels right in the center, which will drive you insane, and more dead pixels in other spots. I've got a 22" CRT as my primary display then a 15" rotated LCD on either side. I like the LCD's for reading things and for photoshop tools, but CRT's are just better for most of your main apps. The simple fact is that you can get a really good 22" CRT that does up to 2048x1536 for $750 (although you'll probably just use 1600x1200). Not only is an LCD that size twice as much, but it just doesn't look as good.
  10. Huh? I thought putting an Ultra-320 drive on a 2940 would just slow it down to 80 MB sync... Are you sure you can only have one drive on the channel?
  11. Dimension

    2.5" drive recomendations

    Just posting some random company's product numbers for those drives isn't going to help. 4200 RPM drives are getting pretty outdated, though. Everything new is 5400 RPM, and Hitachi just released 7200 RPM laptop drives. Really, all the modern drives have very similar shock resistance. IBM seem to be both the quietest and the fastest, although Toshiba has 5400 RPM drives that are just as fast as 5400 RPM IBM's (although they're much louder). All IBM drives I've seen still have 3-year warranties, too. If you really don't care about performance (and you probably don't, since you're talking about a portable storage system where your interface will be much slower than the hard drive anyway), I don't think you have anything to worry about. Just get the cheapest thing with a 3-year warranty. As long as it's a somewhat-modern model, you'll be fine.
  12. Dimension

    Laptop hard drive reviews

    I haven't read the whole thread, but I saw a lot of people questioning how much of a need there is for performance laptops, or however they put it. It's a simple fact that a 4200RPM laptop drive is insanely slow. Most people don't play games or do much at all on their laptops besides email, web browsing, and office apps. This is not software that requires a 3D card or anything faster than the slowest P2. What it comes down to is that for most people's purposes, the only difference in laptops is the amount of RAM and the speed of the hard drive. I love using my laptop with a Wi-Fi connection, and I wouldn't say that I really care about getting killer performance, but I'm used to using a good system at home, and it's really torture trying to just surf the web on a laptop when it's constnatly hitting the swapfile on a slow hard drive. I have an ancient HP OmniBook P2-300. I upgraded it to 256MB and put an IBM/Hitachi 40GNX in it, and now the thing feels faster than last year's P4 laptops. I emailed Eugene a month ago when I was trying to figure out what hard drive to get, since I thought laptop reviews would be something people would really like. Never got any reply, but I did find a review on Tweak3D.net of the Toshiba & Hitachi/IBM 5400RPM drives.
  13. Dimension

    15k.3 obsolete expectancy?

    I think most people would recommend going with Adaptec. Hypermicro has the AHA-19160 for $150, which is a great card. I don't know any real reason to get the $180 AHA-29160 unless you've got 64-bit PCI slots. Adaptec cards are overpriced (I think $150 is what I paid for the 19160 almost two years ago), but they're the best and they have good support. I got a $40 Diamond FirePort 40 (now they're $1 on eBay) that I used for a long time, though, and never had any big problems. Everybody's going to have a different opinion, but SCSI is already unreasonably expensive from a performance standpoint. You're paying to get something that's the best and will last, so I'd get an Adaptec card. The adapter is the one thing you're really not going to have to worry about upgrading for several years. To answer your main question, a new 15k drive won't be obsolete for a long time. If you get a Raptor, it'll be obsolete a little sooner, but by that time you'll be able to get a cheap motherboard with SATA and the Raptor will still make a good drive for a secondary machine.
  14. Dimension

    Anyone Know What This Film Is Called?

    Well, a google search for +movie +"sex with a watermelon" returns nothing relevant other than that Me Myself & Irene had one such scene deleted.
  15. OMG he called Milosevic a patriot. Didn't even see that. I think I'm gonna be sick.
  16. That's a lovely idea. Thank God nobody listened to that general in 1933! The USA is certainly not 100% responsible for winning WWII, but without the USA entering the war and fighting proactively, we would probably all be dead or speaking German right now. Beyond that, it's not worth getting into speculation about what the USSR would've done. As long as there are people like Saddam in the world, war will be necessary, and people will die. People like you would just stand there smiliing while Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Saddam, or who-the-hell-ever just walked up and raped your kids and shot you in the face.
  17. The answer to those two questions is a resounding "YES" and "YES." If you know anything then you know that many more than 100 children have been killed by the genocidal governments in Iraq and North Korea. Getting into the North Korea thing would just add to the stupidity going on in this thread, so let's not. Again you surprise me! I thought the last thing you said was the stupidest thing imaginable. There's no reason for me to be responding, because just like I said in my previous comments, you cannot be reasoned with. Even if you are proven wrong, you will just find something else to distort and blame on the US. But for God's sake, how can you say it's not worth maiming a few kids to get Saddam out of power? You think it's better to let him go on killing by the thousands? It doesn't take a genius to understand that preventing ongoing genocide is worth the loss of a few lives, as sad as that may be. It's a tragedy, but rest assured that Iraq's former government made sure they put every hurt kid they could find in the country on TV. And then you say that in the last 100 years the US has had 100 "interventions." I don't even care to get into where you found these numbers that you're taking completely out of context.
  18. Ethanol has been in use for a long time. It isn't a magical high-horsepower fuel. It actually gets lower gas mileage. A lot of cheap gas stations sell gas that is 10% ethanol, and a car that normally gets 30 mpg will get 28 mpg running on 10% ethanol. It has less chemical energy than a gallon of gas. That's something people are confused about, because it has a very high octane rating (but octane is just how difficult it is to combust). Cheap gas stations will take low-octane gas and water it down with ethanol, which raises the octane. Any car can use gas with a high percentage of ethanol, and cars made after 1986 have components resistant to ethanol, but over 10% will still void the warranty. It requires very little modification for a car to run on 100% ethanol (and even the original Model T was initially intended to run on ethanol), and more and more "flexible fuel" vehicles are being made that can run on regular gas or 100% ethanol. Brazil uses a ton of ethanol made from sugar cane. Ethanol doesn't just make water. It does reduce CO emissions by 1/3, though, and it puts off more vapor instead of regular exhaust, so it's much more tolerable. That's why it is used for Monster Truck ralleys and other indoor events. You get that burning alcohol smell instead of asphyxiating the audience. With modern cars, all you need to do is alter the fuel mixture to run on alcohol. Gasoline is 0% Oxygen. Ethanol is 35% Oxygen. Methanol is 50% Oxygen. Ethanol doesn't have big taxes like alcohol from the liquor store. Everclear is ethanol, but the ethanol you put in your car is denatured, meaning they add poison (usually 4% methanol) specifically so that it is not drinkable to avoid taxes. Denatured alcohol is used in mouthwash, or else you'd have to pay $20 for Listerine (although the denaturant is butyl alcohol, not as toxic as methanol). I saw one article about a restaurant owner who had a heated secondary tank added to his diesel Excursion to which he added filtered vegetable oil that his restaurant had used. Apparently after the tank warms up, he can switch from diesel to vegetable oil and the only difference is that the exhaust smells like french fries.
  19. I mean, look at this part: I say this in advance, since it is obvious that the US government is on a mission to liberate the whole world from their freedom. See, ZisDead thinks that Iraq had freedom under Saddam. He's another person who thinks they were all happy and didn't want any help. He thinks Iraq had booming industry, but the US came in and destroyed it all because the US is evil. Even if you proved to him that Saddam had killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, he would just somehow twist that and find some excuse to say all genocide in Iraq was the USA's fault. This is complete ignorance. People like this just ignore all the facts and pick out little tidbits that serve their purpose of saying the USA is an evil superpower. There is no reasoning with this kind of ignorance.
  20. There's no use trying to argue with someone who would say something so ridiculous as, "USA destroyed 99% of Iraqi industry and infrastructure."
  21. Dimension

    Real VNC

    If you're going through the net, you'd be much better off using Windows Terminal Services. TS is much more responsive. I use TS on my laptop with 802.11b at my school's campus wireless network, connecting back to my home machine on a cable modem, and you really can't tell the difference between that and sitting at the machine at home. TS is so good, actually, that I can work in Visual Studio on my home machine, since it's faster and saves my laptop's batteries. It's pretty cool to have your laptop last 8 hours because you're doing everything across the net so the CPU and hard drive are barely being used. Anyway, VNC is pretty good, but it really doesn't compare. I haven't tried VNC in awhile, but last time it was pretty useless except on a 100mb LAN, and even then not as good as TS.
  22. LG ELECTRONICS DVD COMBO 48X24X48 CD-RW/ 16X DVD-ROM, MODEL GCC-4480BB This is a combo 48X burner / 16X DVD that everybody says is extremely quiet. $70 delivered from Newegg.com. It surprised me, because it's the first combo drive I've seen that actually gets good reviews as both a burner and a DVD-ROM.
  23. Dimension

    Analog vs Digital LCD's

    Getting an LCD with a DVI connector isn't going to be worth the $200 to most people. You're not going to see a magical image quality increase. If an analog LCD can get the phase adjusted right to where the screen doesn't shimmer, then all other things being equal the image quality will be virtually indestinguishable.
  24. I agree with you mostly, but you're saying some pretty silly things, too. You read a report saying the world has 150 years of oil. Well, five years ago I read a report saying the world had 40 years of oil left, and that in 20 years we'd already be scraping the bottom of the barrel and it would skyrocket in price. There were reports in the 1950's saying we had 50 to 80 years of oil left. Nobody knows, and there are no signs that anything drastic will happen within 100 years. People keep finding more oil, and there's totally untapped oil that people know about all over the place. On top of that, they can turn coal into an oil substitute (currently fairly expensive, but getting cheaper), and keep in mind that the US is full of coal. Wyoming is basically one big coal deposit. The SR-71 is really advanced, but newer aircraft are obviously much more advanced in their own ways. The SR-71 is the fastest jet, but it's not going to go on precision low-level bombing runs. In that respect, the B-1 is far more advanced. A bomber guiding itself just feet above the ground at supersonic speeds -- now that's impressive. Let's look at a more environmentally-friendly definition of advanced, though. Did you know that the SR-71 requires expensive JP-7 fuel, which nothing else uses and has such a high ignition temerature you can put out a fire with it? The SR-71 uses so much fuel from takeoff (and the cold seals leaking) that it has to refuel 7 minutes after takeoff. If they wanted to build something faster, they could, but they finally figured out that there isn't much reason. Boeing and GE are mostly making more efficient versions of the same planes and engines they were 30 years ago. Now let's think about the internal combustion engine. It's not like there haven't been any advances. This isn't a global conspiracy. There are no scientists being murdered for trying to develop a car that runs on water. Compare some cars: 1908 Ford Model T 3.2L 4-cylinder 40 hp 13-21 mpg, needed oil added daily 1963 Corvette Z06 5.4L V-8 360 hp 14 mpg 2003 Corvette Z06 5.7L V-8 405 hp 28 mpg Volkswagen 1-liter prototype 0.3L Diesel 8.5 hp (top speed 70 mph) 235 mpg Why isn't VW doing anything with this prototype they presented over a year ago? Because people don't care. There's a trade-off between mileage and power, and most people buy the car with power. Sure, they've got 70 mpg hybrids for sale, but nobody's buying. Just think about the fact that the new Corvette accelerates faster than a Viper and gets 30mpg on the highway, though. Now that's some progress. If they could make a car run off of water, you wouldn't just pull it up to a river and fill up. You'd have to get good water, and that's almost as much as gas. And nobody would buy the thing because it would be ridiculously expensive and have no performance. It's not that nobody could come up with something that doesn't run on gas. It's that there really aren't any legitimate signs that the world's running out of oil anytime soon, and given the last couple winters there aren't any signs of global warming, either, so most people just don't care. It seems weird that so many people complain about pollution and using too much oil when there are plenty other legitimate environmental concerns to worry about, like deforrestation and the huge amounts of strontium 90 in random places all over the former USSR.
  25. Dimension

    Hospital needs Klingon Translators

    There seem to be more and more people posting things on here from FARK. I suppose that's not really a bad thing, though, if ppl want to talk about them.