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    WMI Guru needed

    Any WMI specialist around, I have a problem of missing description of the slef computer in "My Computer", and there are some deep WMI screwups that cannot resolve easily, please help me by making any suggestion! Thx.
  2. tylau

    Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra

    This shows how efficient the GF6800 manage the heat generation Power Showdown
  3. tylau

    Nvidia Geforce 6800 Ultra

    Its just what FX was meant to be played Not much improvement over what ATI had for quite a while, just with added beastic feelings.
  4. This major prestigious UK site has made public the greatest invention since sliceshortbread on making your HDD double in capacity! Seeing is believeing Double HDD storage Brit humour, very funny. Dont ever try it on your penguin estates, it will not work! This is from me.
  5. tylau

    Help With This Setup

    Change your stripe size to 16KB for SATA strip size
  6. tylau

    Mozilla Firefox?

  7. tylau

    Striping Dynamic Volumes In Xp Prof

    It was discussed here a long time ago, use win2K to make a stripe set without involving dynamic disks; cos you can utilize the remaining odd size of the large disk and format it as another non-stripping partition, and XP will still be able to recognise strip set crreated as such. Did a search on this forum before posting, should data still exist.
  8. tylau

    Btx Form Factor

    what is the similarity and difference in cables between a serial bus and a parallel bus?
  9. tylau

    Virtual Processor

    A neural net is actually somewhat like SQL queris on large databases, share nothing like what a GPU did on the graphic cards. But FEA has many elements that is very similar in natue to what a GPU did, like triangular setup engine, vertex shader programs(especially like vertex transformations, N-patch tesselations, etc) which shares many similarities with what the GPU current does.
  10. tylau

    Virtual Processor

    FEA could be one of the most appropriate application to be benefit from the use of a GPU for processing, due to its data structure and processing method. Believe it or not.
  11. tylau

    Btx Form Factor

    Particularly interested in the potential of PCI-Express in connection with BTX, cos by then most of the PC buses and peripherals are on some sort of serial buses that makes even the graphic `module` is possible to be connected to the mobo by means of some sort of serial cable, as from what I have heard. That could make some serious creative posssibilies possible sine many system components are free to locate within the box. Just by imagine one could put his graphic `module` into deep freezer and clock it like hell, still worry free with the rest of the system. Possibilities and versatilities seems endless.
  12. tylau

    Benchmarks: Should I Trust Them?

    As a matter of fact benchies have many usages other pure speed comparison between hardwares. Such as, a. comparison on same hardware, for the purpose of improvement checking. b. installation and functional verification in some cases. c. double as a demo program for some technologies. d. stability testing on hardware. e. you name it..
  13. tylau

    Intel's Caved.

    Thats probably a godsend catalyst for Athlon 64; Intel must have gotten very good reason in order to do so.
  14. tylau

    Curse Microsoft!

    What chip does XBOX I have? And what chip nvidia offer at that time? Gonna hate everyone or no one.
  15. tylau

    Mars Rover Computers

    Wonder if it is possible to control the ECC function of a flash disk so that I can make it to refresh the disk contents with frequency or instances to my likings, I plan to carry it for at least some months.