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  1. Anybody have these? I was going to put 5 in a RAID array but the Newegg product page has several reviews claiming early failure or DOA. I really like the incredibly low idle power of these drives but the reports of failures scare me. Thanks, -Rusty B.
  2. rustybx

    Dell video card recommendations

    Thanks, boli. Of the four choices the GTX 280 seems to have the lowest power consumption at idle...which I find attractive. Any reason not to choose this card...besides the extra $200?
  3. Hi, guys. I know this isn't the best place to ask but I like hanging out here I'm about to buy a new Dell and I have the options below. I'm not real up to date on graphics cards these days and would like some recommendations. I don't do much gaming but quite a bit of HDTV viewing and editing. Price isn't much a concern but I don't want a hot and power hungry card if the benefits are minimal. Any suggestions? Dual ATI Radeon HD3870 512MB GDDR4 [included in Price] Dual nVidia GeForce 9800 GT 512MB [add $20] nVidia GeForce 9800GX2 1024MB GDDR3 [add $200] nVidia GeForce GTX 280 – 1024MB [add $200]
  4. rustybx

    External RAID box

    The NitroAV boxes I referred to are made by Stardom. This is what I got from NitroAV tech support: SATA only supports one volume at about 2.2TB maximum. USB only supports one volume at about 2.2TB maximum. FireWire800/1394b allows two volumes each about 2.2TB maximum. SCSI is essentially unlimited in volume size and can support 15 or 30 volumes depending upon the Host Bus Adapter ~$100. SATA and FireWire can be accessed concurrently which allows up to three volumes (one SATA, two FireWire). In a nutshell with 5 drives you're limited to 1.1TB physical drives unless you use the SCSI interface. The boxes come with SCSI or SATA/USB/FW so there isn't a migration path if you start with SATA...although you can remove drives from a SATA box and install them into a SCSI box w/o data loss. It might be possible to have multiple volumes, say 5 for example, but you'd only have access to two at any one time via FW. I haven't explored this, however.
  5. Any chance you can do a 'Power Buy' at those reduced prices? :) I want 5 more and hate to spend another $2k.
  6. My RAID array had two 7k500 failures (out of five drives) in the past two years. Both were replaced under warranty but the experience has led me to value reliability higher than performance. With the longer waranty and lower ERR I think I'm going for the ES.2.
  7. rustybx

    External RAID box

    Anyone know if eSATA can handle a 4TB volume size that I can partition as two 2TB basic NTFS disks in XP? I'm considering an external RAID5 enclosure like the SR6600 (five 1TB drives) since I can't install a internal RAID card. The documentation for this one is conflicting. One says eSATA supports 4TB another says 2TB is the limit??? Thanks, guys.
  8. rustybx

    Hard Drive seeking issue

    Closing the folders pane in explorer or opening the folder directly helps immensly. In the folder pane right-click a folder and select open. It will be much faster.
  9. rustybx

    Deskstar vs Ultrastar?

    Thanks for the info continuum. Very helpful.
  10. Are these low power modes inherently in the drive or must the host controller enable them? My external raid box does not spin-down any drives and I was wondering if this technology could be used to reduce heat automatically.
  11. What's the difference? Ultrastar carries a longer warranty but the comment "for lower duty cycle enterprise applications" has me worried. However, the 'self-protecting throttling of I/O" seems beneficial. I'm going to migrate an existing 5 drive RAID to the 1TB drives and can't decide which one. Mostly a home theater server but I do some video editing. Speed isn't the primary concern. Mostly low heat and long life. I don't suppose any other 1TB drives are available.
  12. rustybx

    NitroAV external RAID box

    1. It's been running continuously since October without fail. Waiting for summer to monitor if high temp is an issue. 2. I tried SATA but my motherboard wouldn't boot with it connected. I haven't had time to diagnose. I installed the included FireWire800 card and have been using it. 3. No reservations. There are some shortcomings but it filled the need I had for massive external storage. The unit is nicely made. If you're doing heavy video work an external box is not for you. Ripping a DVD or clipping a scene in Virtualdub is ok. If you're doing HDTV NLE then forget it. You'll be much better served with a very fast internal card such as the Raidcore/Broadcom BC4852.
  13. Is it possible to download mail for both identies at the same time? My wife and I use seperate identites and switch back and forth. However, mail is retrieved from the server for only the active identity. If one of us doesn't check our identity for awhile it piles up on the server, reaches the server storage limit, and bounces new incoming mail.
  14. Thanks for the info. I have a spiffy Zalmann Heatsink (nearly silent) on another computer using Artic Silver compound. I'm going to give the stock HS a try first since the MB requires some modifying to fit a big HS like the Zalmann. I'm pretty tolerant of noise so I might stick with stock for awhile.
  15. Guys, I just received the "Processor in a Box" i.e. fan/heatsink + processor. However, it didn't come with any thermal compound (grease). However, there may be a thin film/pad on the heatsink. It's certainly a different color. Does this fan combo not require grease? Thanks!