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    Which SCSI controller is best?

    That is pretty cool actually.. I still think I would go with the 39160, seeing as I paid 125, shipped with an LVD cable(from ebay..).. It doesn't look like Tekram has a u320 offering, which is what I'd want to upgrade to anyway.. Maybe when they do I'll give it a whirl though! In any case, the 29160 uses the AIC-7892 chipset, while the 39160 uses the 7899 chipset. I have no clue what that means. But I'm hoping the 39160 is smarter(less cpu utilization) -Jer
  2. jdc1687

    Which SCSI controller is best?

    I actually bought a 39160 last week on ebay, so you are a man after my own heart.. But I'm just second guessing myself about the purchase... Mostly because the drive I'm getting is a u320.. Not as if I am going to saturate u160, but it would 'feel' better for them to match.. thx for the link, reading now -jer
  3. jdc1687

    U320 vs U160.. What cable?

    Occupant, Awesome, good to know.. For me it won't matter because my 39160 only does u160, but I can't saturate that with my single 15k.3 anyway -Jer
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone have real data about different controllers with respect to speed and cpu utilization? I haven't seen anything on storagereview concerning it, but am very interested.. It seems for the entry level market Adaptec is the name of choice, but are offerings from LSI, etc, compedative? I have gone with Adaptec because of brand recognition, but are there other good cards out there?? (sub $500 market) -Jer
  5. jdc1687

    Where is the Maxtor 15k?

    Mad, Awesome information, thanks.. from www.harddrive.com 73g atlas 15k: $484(sca) 73g 15K.3: $690(sca) www.hypermicro.com 36g 15k.3: $320 (68 pin) 36g atlas 15k: n/a I'm on the fence about which drive to get.. (well, I want the 36 gig version in either case), but if logic follows the 36g atlas 15k should be significantly less $$ than the 15K.3 -Jer
  6. Hey guys.. I have a 39160 with a 68 pin LVD cable.. I am about to buy a 15K.3(which is u320), but am unsure if I need some type of adapter to make it all work.. I heard a rumor that the u320 was different.. Will this all hook up? -Jeremy
  7. jdc1687

    Maxtor Atlas 15k

    Well.. We still haven't talked about price.. Where have the Atlas 15k's been seen for sale? For how much?? I agree with whomever said it, that I will probably go with the 15k.3 based on availability alone.. But, if the Atlas was the same price, and I could order it tonight; I would..... -Jer PS: sharkeeper, that is the scariest sounding thing.. is it shifting? I thought my tower was loud, but that brings a whole new dimension...
  8. Hey guys, Have you seen the Maxtor 15k for sale? If so, how much were they going for, and where? -Jer