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  1. If you are looking at that many hard drives, get a PC Power and Cooling 510W power supply. Slightly less than a Nuclear Reactor of your own. Just slightly, $200. I have the 510AG and it power my Tyan Thunder K8W, 10 x 10K SCA U320 hard drives, Ti4600, etc.
  2. mckennma

    The Death Of Raid

    RAID 1 is fault tolerant. Write performance does take a hit. You can minimize it by placing one drive on each channel, if applicable. Does the board have SATA RAID or just SATA?
  3. mckennma

    Poor Scsi Performance

    I heard poor performance issues with Adaptec RAID. Do you have the latest firmware and drivers for it? Does the adapter have a battery on it? Did you test it to make sure it is working correctly. On some SCSI RAID controllers, you need the battery for the cache to work properly. How are the array configured?
  4. mckennma

    Server Build

    1.) HP/Compaq 2.) IBM Last: Dell.
  5. mckennma

    Tape Backup

    All Iomega products I ever own were junk and did not last. Recovery from their backups were never completed. They would be my last choice.
  6. mckennma

    Best Raid 5 Controller

    I would use 3Ware over Promise.
  7. mckennma

    The Death Of Raid

    Too bad about DriveMarks. It would be an interesting test on my workstation. Storagereview needs to release a common benchmark that users can run to compare their hardware. IO Meter does not give a realistic result for single user SCSI RAID. I found that setting my 320-2 to read ahead, write back, direct IO did help performance on gaming, EE analysis software (PSPice), and other high disk utilization apps MyDVD, Photoshop, Autocad, etc. Changing to PCI-X SCSI RAID with my configuration is to increase throughput. I will have 6 active + 1 spare per channel. I was surprised with the results. If they considered U320 SCSI RAID, why not include it in the graphs?
  8. mckennma

    Tape Backup

    HP DAT 40i and Exabyte VXA-2 is what I use at home. HP DAT 40i is 20/40GB and VXA-2 is 80/160GB. Next year, Exabyte is releasing a VXA-3 160/320GB. All are SCSI. VXA-2 is around $900-$1100.
  9. mckennma

    The Death Of Raid

    I have a LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-2 and am replacing it with a 320-2X PCI-X SCSI RAID controller with 512MB cache. SCSI RAID 1: OS, Win2K Pro and XP Pro SCSI RAiD 10 (6 drives): Apps and games SCSI RAID 10 (4 drives): temp, paging, vacation pictures and movies Two hot spares Drives on each array split on each channel. All Seagate 10.6 U320 36GB drives in Supermicro SCA enclosures on two chassis. Tyan Thunder K8W Dual Opteron 240s 3GB PC3200 ECC Reg, 2 GB CPU0 and 1 GB CPU1 in 128 bit interleaved mode. Performance is great on the 320-2 with 256MB battery cache. I cannot wait to see a 64/133 PCI-X SCSI RAID controlelr with 512MB battery cache. I would not use RAID 0. No fault tolerance. I read the article TCQ, RAID, SCSI, and SATA. I found the SCSI representation to be weak at best. Why not use a U320 SCSI RAID 64/66 or PCI-X controller instead of U160. Sorry, and Acceleraid controller is not a great choice. Where can I get your drivemark program to run it on my workstation?
  10. I was considering Kingston instead of Crucial. I have a Kingston 256MB module on my 320-2 with the battery. Similar cost $130. How is the Crucial module? I am disappointed that LSI Logic sells the battery separate. I was going with the battery setting up the 320-2x as read ahead, write back, direct IO like my 320-2.
  11. I am replacing my LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-2 64/66 SCSI RAID controller with 320-2X 64/133 PCI-X SCSI RAID controller. Has anyone used it? Any problems with it? It will be installed on a Tyan Thunder K8W, Dual Opteron 240s, and 3GB PC3200 RAM. I will have SCSI RAID 1: OS, Win2K Pro and XP Pro SCSI RAiD 10 (6 drives): Apps and games SCSI RAID 10 (4 drives): temp, paging, vacation pictures and movies Two hot spares Drives on each array split on each channel. I do have a tape backup solution: HP DAT 40i and Exabyte VXA-2.
  12. mckennma

    Cheap Gigabit Switch?

    Making your own 100 MHz cables is not that difficult. 1 GHz can be more tricky. Using cheap adapters and switches will only guarantee poor performance. You will not like what you will get. I have seen cheap 1 GHz in action. I was able to get them better performance from an HP 4000M switch with 100 MHz ports and Intel Server Adapters. I am a B.EE, CNE, MCP, CCNA. I have been doing network engineering for 15+ years.
  13. mckennma

    1gig Ram Nf2/kt600

    RAM keeps more programs open and allows proceesing of work file in the background and Dungeon Siege in the foreground. I have dual 2100+ Athlon MPs. I am looking at a Tyan Thunder K8W with dual Opteron 244s with 2GB per CPU. I already have SCSI RAID 1 for OS and 10 for apps. A tape backup for each array.
  14. mckennma

    Cheap Gigabit Switch?

    16-24 Gigabit ports and cheap? Maybe used on eBay. New, forget it most are in the $4000+