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  1. Brian, I put considerable time and effort to this topic. Either you will get this guy off of my topic or get my account off and delete the topic.
  2. 6_6_6

    Problems formatting 2TB drive

    Bottom line is... Boot to DOS, partition format with manufacturer's utility. Then use in windows.
  3. 6_6_6

    Problems formatting 2TB drive

  4. 6_6_6

    Problems formatting 2TB drive

    Looks good. Decrease in spin-up time value (from 100) is and indication of spindle bearing problem or weak PSU voltages. I don't think this is the problem, I was more looking into pendings and UNCs. Spindle issues are nasty, drive just die. I have one drive with weak bearing (Spin-retry count keeps increasing at every boot). But this drive is going on for 6 years now. I also had one drive that just died as soon as it developed spindle problems. If you have time, take it offline and run manufacturer's diagnostics on it from CD.
  5. 6_6_6

    Problems formatting 2TB drive

    How do you know? I dont understand you people. You can spend hours and days putting in and out motherboards, removing and installing drives trying to find hte problem... yet you can't spend 2 mins to read some SMART data.
  6. 6_6_6

    two hard drives into one?

    Ooo. You are going to be losing lots of data. Don't try anything on disk management without having identical copies of the drives. I suggest you get a headphone too. Your system must sound like a rocket launchpad from all these drives. Well... actually not to0 much if they are indentical drives since sound is felt logarithmically... Each drive with the same sound intensity would add 10% to overall noise.
  7. I have G1 Intel X25-M and copying a 30GB data to it would mean I have to go do the groceries and come back. Not WD specific.
  8. Plese see PROCEDURE section, Step 1 in the very first post. WD Diags is useless for SMART!
  9. 6_6_6

    Problems formatting 2TB drive

    Damaged drive probably hitting an UNC at 55%. See: for proper troubleshooting.
  10. You can disable EIST and C1E from BIOS if you are so inclined. This would stop CPU from operating at decreased speeds. I run all my machines like that.
  11. Files are gone apparently without retrieval. I have to redo them from my original images. Long story. If someone has them somehow, please upload. Otherwise, I will do it next 6 months.
  12. Dude, those CPUs have maximum temp of 72C. Your thread is dated 2005! You probabably damaged those CPUs beyond repair if they were idling at 70C!!! Since you wrote XP could not be installed and kept crashing midway, I assume the problem is either with: a) everything or with: everything Moreover, you have problems with your hard drives in another thread. So why don't you do proper troubleshooting and see what happens instead of running through RMAs, board replacements and all? STEP 1: Boot from CD, run memtest86 post what happens.
  13. 6_6_6

    Odd behavior with WD 1.5TB EADS

    Damaged drives. Both of them. RMA. First test as instructed in "SO YOU BOUGHT A NEW DRIVE" thread. WDs have weird issues on RAID, see jason's thread also.
  14. The host seems to have removed them. I am using the same host last 10 years, never lost a file. Unfortunately, I don't have those files myself. I asked the host to put them back, I hope they didn't delete them altogether, I put a lot of effort in them.