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    Jagged little pill

    How often are we talking, once a month, once a day, once an hour? I assume you've taken the KVM out of the equation and directly connected the monitor to the problematic card? Did the problem still occur then?
  2. Will Rickards

    Now that I have a wireless network

    There are basically two types of security one can employ on a wireless connection: WEP or WPA. WEP is the older one and the eaier one to break. To break this people simply have to be within range of your wireless router with enough time on their hands. It comes in 40bit, 64bit , 96bit and 128bit key lengths I think. I use this one at the 128bit level. It protects you from casual browsers onto your network but not from determined crackers. WPA is the newer one and requires support from the OS, so you need XP or better for this. And even then I'm not sure if you have to buy something else to use it. Support for this in routers was not so good when I got mine a year ago or so. Maybe its better now. I'm sure this can be cracked too but not nearly as quickly as WEP. More info here at netgear's site, which is the router brand I use and recommend.
  3. Will Rickards

    IDE Drive Rack

    So I'm looking for an IDE hard drive rack. Must be PATA not SATA. An example, Vantec MRK-102FD-SL, I was looking at is here. Currently I have an external enclosure with my backup drive in it (where I keep my backup images). But configuring either external usb or firewire with a ghost boot cd is proving painful and then I don't even know if it'll support writing to ntfs. Also I want to be able to take somebody else's drive and just plug it in the front of my machine without having to take the machine apart. So I'm looking for a good hdd rack or cage or whatever you call it. I'm concerned about 1) airflow as backups take a while and the drive is pretty much constantly in use during this time 2) not flimsy as I might be removing it daily 3) being able to have drive in but power to it and fans off 4) being able to take drive out and not having a huge empty hole for dust to enter Also I'd like silver as my case is silver.
  4. Will Rickards

    MAS3735NP and LSIU160 problems

    I'd just format it from windows first. Then make it the only drive in the system and install windows. Setup may be flakey. You can search the MicroSoft KB at support.microsoft.com for the problem.
  5. Will Rickards

    MAS3735NP and LSIU160 problems

    Try these? 1) a different SCSI ID like 3 2) don't short 23-24 3) different positions on the cable (last and first)
  6. Will Rickards

    Samsung SpinPoint P120

    Like the color changes! Mostly what I expected of this drive.
  7. Will Rickards

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.9

    Could you possibly change the color of the bar for the drive being tested. It is hard to quickly tell how the drive did in comparison.
  8. Will Rickards

    How to select a new drive?

    As long as the drive is PATA it should be fine. That interface had different revisions with different speeds. They were called either ATA1 through ATA5 or UtraATA33 through 66, 100, 133. Most drives are backwards compatible with slower revisions. So while the interface between the drive and computer might not be the fastest, the drive is still running at its peak and supplying data as fast as it can. And part of what StorageReview has been trying to convey over the years is that the interface speed is not that important. It is the underlying speed of the drive itself. For example the newer SATA drives have interface speeds of 150Gb/s or 300Gb/s. But the data from the drives isn't coming off at anywhere near those speeds. Further if the controller is connected to a regular PCI bus, it has a max throughput rate of data through there that puts a cap on any transfers. Sounds like you have a VIA based southbridge, that is what provides the bus that the hard drive transfers data through. I think Samsung makes some nice small drives that would fit your requirements.
  9. Will Rickards

    How to select a new drive?

    How old are we talking? What chipset/southbridge is your motherboard? Anyway the most recent limitation that most people are facing is the 32bit LBA address limit of I think 137GB. Everything beyond that can't be seen by older controllers. You need to upgrade to one with 48Bit LBA addressing. It isn't really a problem though as long as you have an open PCI slot. You can stick a cheap ($20) controller card in to get the 48Bit LBA.
  10. Will Rickards

    Really old members... with really low post counts

    I also have another identity that I used for a while: Will Rickards WT. So while my post count aggregate isn't over 1000, I don't think 600+ is low at all.
  11. Will Rickards

    Really old members... with really low post counts

    Long ago in an internet of just a few years ago, I used to read every post on SR. Now I am much more picky about which posts to read and even more so about which to respond to.
  12. Will Rickards

    USB Keyboards

    This new Microsoft Ergo Keyboard will probably be my next keyboard. I haven't seen a really up close shot of it though. I got tipped off to it from this blog post.
  13. Will Rickards

    PCI Express SCSI cards

    What else will be on the PCI bus? I don't think a single 15K drive will be significantly different in a PCI-E slot controller versus a PCI controller. That is why I choose a PCI controller for my AMD X2 system. I've got an LSI card and cable. I got the card here $85 and the cable here $45 at computergiants.
  14. Will Rickards

    How to Reset Bad Sector Count?

    The ghost partition image and restore fixed the problem.
  15. So my not even two months old Fujitsui MAU3036NP developed like 2MB of bad sectors (gradually growing). I rma'd it (have the box with me to ship back now). I used free software from http://www.partition-saving.com/ to image the bad drive and then restore onto the replacement. But the bad sector count came along with it. So I need to know how to reset this count. The drive is only partially partitioned to about 30GB with an NTFS filesystem. Running chkdsk /F /R did not reset it. Running chkdsk /p from the recovery console did not reset it. And fujitsu's scsi diagnostic tool doesn't even see my drive... completely useless piece of software that is. So how do you reset the bad sector count for an NTFS partition? Aside from the obvious format and reinstall. I'm waiting on a copy of ghost 2003 and with that I know I can copy just the data from the partition and then reformat and copy just the data back. I think that will reset it. I know it is a very small amount of space compared to the drive and I shouldn't even be concerned with it. But I am. I want the 0KB in bad sectors line in my chkdsk runs.
  16. Will Rickards

    laser printers

    I bought an okidata B4200 laser printer for home use. They claim to have a superior print quality.
  17. Will Rickards

    I need a file index/search tool

    Why is msn desktop search the wrong thing for the job?
  18. Will Rickards

    Finally, new computer on the way

    I recently bought the MAU3036NP Fujitsu 36GB 15K U320 68 for $176 at zipzoomfly.com. I bought a controller (LSIU160) and cable (1 device) for $85 and $45 respectively from computergiants.com. It really flies. Of course I have a 120GB maxtor PATA as my e drive for my documents/music/pictures/video. Of course the AMD dual-core processor probably doesn't hurt either. Quite a lot of money to invest for SCSI but I said I have to try it once in my life.
  19. Will Rickards

    Scanner recommendations

    I have an older Epson Perfection series I think the 1260. Works great. I'd recommend an entry level perfection series.
  20. Will Rickards

    Atom Chip Corporation

    If it sounds to good to be true.... a) buy stock in the company and get rich in the short term it probably is true c) it isn't true d) the onion hacked the register to post a story
  21. Will Rickards

    Enter to win an ATI Radeon X850 XT PE

    Enough with the bumping, this should be in the marketplace anyway.
  22. Will Rickards

    Raid5 How many disks?

    Interesting link regarding Raid5 here
  23. Will Rickards

    building a new pc

    Here is the configuration of the computer I just built last weekend and am posting from right now. I had a large ATA drive to use for data so I just got a small fast SCSI drive to boot from.
  24. Will Rickards

    System ideas for high end video editing

    See rad's guide here. http://radified.com/DV_NLE/dv_nle_1.htm It's a bit dated but the jist of the advice is still good. He has a forum on his site, though I've not participated.