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    P4c800e Deluxe - Ich5r Or Not?

    Oh forgot in addition to the above procedure about loading the driver during installation of 2000 or XP, you had to turn the ich5r raid in the bios. I believe the Asus board also has a separate promise sata raid, make sure you turn on the right one. good site for this stuff, I myself have the Gigabyte GA-8KNXP, but the procedure is the same for all the ICH5r boards.
  2. acadia

    P4c800e Deluxe - Ich5r Or Not?

    The answer to your problem. You had to load the ich5r driver when installing Windows 2000 or XP. During your installation, it will ask you have any scsi, raid, etc ... drivers that need to be loaded, hit F6. It asks you some more questions, and then, later it tells you to insert the disk for ICH5R driver which you can get from the Intel site. This is not the same as the application acceleartor for raid software, obviously, that's to big to fit on a disk. If you did not follow this procedure during installation your south bridge hub although it's ICH5r, will be loaded as though it's the 80821EB controller in windows and not the 80821ER controller.
  3. acadia

    Convert Raid 0 To Raid 01?

    Thanks for the comments, the controller is the Sil 3112 Sata Raid that comes on the Gigabyte GA-8KNXP mobo.
  4. Can you convert a raid 0 array to a raid 01 array with relative ease???
  5. acadia

    Looking for a PC Case

    Definitely, you want an aluminum lian-li, pc-71,black you must add the PSU's yourself and that's the way it should be done. Lian-Li by far makes the most top notch cases, nothing, flashy, nothing fancy, just sturdy, sleek and to point, and aluminum, for that extra cooling pleasure!!!
  6. hmmm fujitsu, you say, I don't know ... maybe Maxtor or Quantum kind of one me over my atlas 10k generation 9.1GB drive has been chugging along for nearly 5 years now!!!!!!!!!!! I drive I payed $475 bucks for using money from my first internship, geez ... imagine what $475 could by me now!!!!!!!!!!! but yeah, this drive, has been flawless .... you know what I mean ... mortal kombat style, flawless victory ... and well I don't know about fujitsu ... I'd hate for it to lead to a fatality ... or like brutality ...
  7. that's what I was thinking, that's why I would get the wd 360 10K sata drive now, and wait for the atlas 15K drive to become available, I wanted to get the atlas 15k now but it's not available, of course, this would have made the decision easy ;p But, alas, I the dillemma, maybe I should get 1 wdc 360 10k now, wait for the atlas 15k to arrive get one of those and another wdc 360 10k and setup sata raid for storage, and then I can have my 15k as my main drive.
  8. I game, which makes it seem as though the atlas 10K IV is faster, but I do also program on this box, although my linux box is my main programming box, and I run my webserver, ftp, etc on ... it. I would have to say speed is my main concern, and which ever drive I get will be my main drive not my storage drive.
  9. LOST6200, appreciate the info but been there done that. But, as you see I'm still in a dillemma perhaps someone else will have experience with both etc ... that's why I put the question out there. Sigh ..... :roll:
  10. It's time for drive upgrade with my new pc i'm building. Currently, I got a Atlas 10K generation I scsi 9GB and ibm 60gxp 40GB. I plan on getting Gigabyte GA-8KNXP canterwood board which has the new intel ICH5 south bridge which supports native SATA raid. So, anyway, here's the issue should I get the Western Digital Raptor 36.7GB 10K SATA drive (I'll only purchase 1 right now) or should I get Maxtor Atlas 10K IV scsi drive. I have adaptec 2940U2W scsi card and LSI U160 scsi card. So what do you guys think?
  11. Anyone have a black scsi dvd rom drive, I was interested in buying the pioneer 305s but I've only been able to find it in beige from the different vendors. Anyone purchase a black scsi dvd-rom drive? Can you tell from where, and what are the specs of your drive (16x , 10x, etc ... )?