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  1. Hi all, I have read the entire test and all the pages but haven't find yet an answer to my questions. I actually own two Cheetah 15K.4 36Gb HDD, I intented to change my controller (a poor hostraid 29320 A-R, ressource eater) because windows (XP64) starts up much faster (SCSI driver loading) with a common SATA seagate 250Gb drive than with my RAID 0 SCSI 15K.4 configuration and there also always seems to be a sort of small lag before the SCSI starts to read (hostraid computing ?). After reading all the news/reviews from SR, I was surprised to see how the raptors seem to be good in single user environnement. My question is : Should I maintain my Raid0 15K.4 configuration but now with a LSI Megaraid 320-2X 128MB Cache PCI-X 133MHz controller, or this is useless and I better should use the standard SATA controller (ASUS P5WDGS2 WS PRO motherboard) in Raid 1 with two Raptor 74GB. The question is, finally, could the cheetah 15K.4, come back at top with a 128MB equipped controller ? You have already partially answered.... but is this kind of idea intende to be tested ? The controller memory influence.... Both the ways would cost approximatly the same price, so what do you think ?
  2. Hello, the question is between two raid controllers : Adaptec 2120S and the 2(3)9320R To use them in a raid configuration, with two or four drives. Thanks
  3. In the same spirit as this excellent article, would it be useless to buy an Adaptec 2120S instead a 29320R (or 39320R) scsi controller to control two (at first) and later four Seagate 15k.3 (or 15k.4 now....) ? The first one has a processor and 64MB RAM, the second one has the software integrated "Hostraid" function. What is this hostraid function ? Is it TCQ ? Does it work fine ? Doesn't it take too much CPU usage ? It's for a future AMD bi-opteron CAD/Rendering/Video station, with a small server usage. Thanks for answering, i really don't know what to buy and i don't finc articles/comparaison between these two adaptec product families.