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    Maxtor anD WD

    well i want the drive with the BEST PERFORMANCE because i am a gamer and its always PERFORMANCE OVER ANYTHING. noise isnt an issue my Volcano 9 is an effin loud peice of metal
  2. [*zark-ranna*]

    Maxtor anD WD

    my first post didnt go so well so any way i need help deciding between a WD and A Maxtor... the site doesnt have the reviews for them so i need help...thanks Maxtor-Maxtor 80GB Ultra Series ATA/133 8MB 7200 RPM Hard Drive Kit Western Digitl- WD800JBRTL thanks for your help
  3. [*zark-ranna*]

    I want to know the best 80GIG 7200 RPM HARDD RIVE

    i did but i dont know any of the model # and some of them are old...
  4. I am looking to buy a brand new harddrive and i want your help to pik one out 4 me. I am a GAMER and i want to know the best IDE hardrive out there. I have been lookign @ the IBM 120GXP and the MAxtor and WD ones but i want to know the flaws and high points of each type of hardive it must be a 80 GB and 7200 RPM... thanks 8O