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    Seagate Momentus 7200.1 SATA

    I believe the "review discussion" link should point to this thread, now it points to the thread about the Raptor... It's worth thining about making a small PC with a single SATA drive of this kind and putting the PC I now use with a lot of noisy drives into the closet and calling it a server instead... Anyway thanks, a much better review than that on X-bit labs where they compared it to Hitachi 7k60 which is OLD...
  2. Yes my drives on my primary ide channel are in pio mode and were selected to pio only, now I switched it to dma if available. Now it won't switch off of pio mode, how can I get it back into dma mode 4 etc? Strange thing is my secondary channel is working fine in dma mode 4 and was set to dma if available. thanks for the help 215618[/snapback] Remove the drives (from the device manager) and reboot, "sometimes" that doesn't work and you have to remove the idechannel (the card) too and reboot (maybe a couple of times) to fix.
  3. First they publish an article claiming the 7200.8 is quieter than 7200.7 (something Seagate's own specification sheet doesn't support). Then they publish this; Saying Seagate only uses 4 platters instead of Hitachis 5. No, actually it's 3 platters in the Seagate drive. And they have 5 different benchmarks all measuring sustained throughput, no recording of actual use... And... isn't Hitachi's new generation (SATA-II) 7K500 and T7K250 already out? or will be generally availible really soon now... So why this review, now? Oh, well I hope this site starts reviewing discs again soon!!!
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    Seagate up next with 7200.9

    Maxtor has also "announced" 500Gb drives that are not for sale yet Who's left? WD?
  5. Laglorden2

    Changing Drive Letters

    I think you need to install windows sp1 or enable biglba in the registry
  6. Laglorden2

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.8

    Thank you very much for this review!
  7. Laglorden2

    Elsewhere: Seagate 400Gb vs. Hitachi 400Gb

    Edit: This is a much better review:
  8. Laglorden2

    Elsewhere: Seagate 400Gb vs. Hitachi 400Gb

    The Seagate data sheets don't mention the number of disks and heads at all. 202915[/snapback] No, the data sheets don't mention this but Seagates marketing department doesn't exactly hide it either:
  9. Laglorden2

    Why is Raptor 36Gb slower than 74GB?

    No, you probably have the old version of the drive. if Raptor were like other drives they should have named the drives somthing like Raptor I - WD360 Raptor II - WD720 and now, just recently they have upgraded the 36 Gb drive to the same standard as the 72Gb drive so: Raptor II - WD360 or Raptor SE? When you buy 36Gb drives you have to take care buying the Second edition faster drive, you probably can see this somehow on the serial#.
  10. Laglorden2

    Ok this is doin my head in. 80pin/40pin? wtf

    Of course it's 80 pin cables!! unless you have 3 ide connectors on them, then it's 120 pin cables
  11. Laglorden2

    Reliability database missing latest models.

    I wish that the requirement for discs to be reviewed to be in the survey would be removed and all discs that are sold could be in it instead. Maybe just enter "dummy" values for performance/noise etc until it is reviewed. Some discs will never be reviewed?
  12. Even if they are striped, there are programs availible (too lazy look it up) to "stitch" them together if they work separatly in a machine as indicated. (not too hard acually, I've made a <10-line kornshell-script which does it in AIX)
  13. Laglorden2

    Performance decrease with 120GB HD

    Did you install it on the same IDE-cable? Check (in the device manager) that windows hasn't dropped the 30Gb disk to "PIO-mode".
  14. Laglorden2

    New 500Gb Hitachi drives announced

    You mean the difference between the "T" and "not T" versions? If the "max media data rate" are any indication the difference will be about 3%? I'm a bit confused as it says the 7K500 will use 16 Mb cache in the SATA version but it doesn't say what the cache will be in the TK250 (or have I missed something) The "mikey" 1.0" (8-10Gb) sounds like it will be in the next version of Ipod Mini.... (Ssccchhhh *looks around nervously* do not repeat this or Apple will sue SR too ) Interesting nonetheless... I would have bought the Maxtor Maxline III 250 or 300 gB if it was in the store this past monday... now this comes along to confuse me... damn!
  15. Laglorden2

    Partition Magic Sucks

    I have also lost data because of partition magic, but in my case it was "just" the boot/windows-partition and quite easy (although not fun) to reinstall... But, correct me if I'm wrong, doesn't Partition Magic write in _BIG BOLD LETTERS_: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BACKUP BEFORE... bla bla bla (although this kind of defeats at least half the purpose of being able to resize partions... If you make a backup you might as well repartion the drives and write back the data yourself)
  16. Laglorden2

    Firefox disappointment :(

    I agree with most people here... Firefox > Internet explorer. Most of the time when I download something that's "hyped up" and described as "better" than the established software (Miranda, Openoffice... ) I am slightly dissappointed by it. It crashes or has annoying "quirks". Firefox however was just BETTER than Internet explorer and it was good they transfered all passwords and bookmarks and so on. Annoying stuff in Internet explorer which you have thought "why havn't they done it this way instead" was present in Firefox. It's not made by committee but by a lot of experienced users who have fixed and tuned it to what they want and need. I was very positively surprised when I downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and continue to be so. Adblocker is a nice add on! It's fun to click a while and watch all annoying animated gifs and flash-ads disappear. The Integrated download manager is nice, click on your latest downloaded pr0n to see it again. Tabbed browsing (which I only understood a couple of days ago) rocks I have a group of news-sites which a read regularly and before I had made page with javascript to open them all in separate windows and close them after I've read it. Now I just have a group of bookmarks which I click "open in tabs" and voila, it's precisly as I wanted it!! I have problems with Notes webmail (not supported switching to basic something) and Internet banking (your browser it not supported) so I use IE for that. Havn't seen any problems with HTML rendering which cannot be attributed to stupid web-desing (including some of my own with dynamic html Microsofts developers will not/can not continue sleeping and will of course start to develop Internet explorer again, but for now Firefox IS better, or you're just a troll
  17. Laglorden2

    Homegrown methods for recovering dead Disk

    Hit it? (if violence doesn't solve the problem, try more of it "Technical tap" or hitting it (while trying it's to spin up) has at least worked lots of times for me (Seagate Baracuda (I think) discs with "stiction" problems were common occurence for a while) This was a while ago though... about 4-8?Gb discs.
  18. Laglorden2

    Seagate drives turned to junk?

    Use the force Luke or maybe in this case, use the comparison feature on this site Seagate should still be a fairly good choice for idle noise according to that. If you are concerned about seek noise maybe getting some drives which support AAM (most drives except Seagate do I think) and sacrifice speed for peace (maybe you don't want this since you stripe)) Concerning reliability that is also availible here in the reliablility database, but it takes a while for "new" drives to be entered and failing in sufficent numbers to get reliable reliability data. Asking people which drives are reliable tends to get answers like depending on which specific drive manufacturer have failed for them and how much valuble data they lost because of this (aka how bad backup strategy they had
  19. Laglorden2

    Spinrite 6 takes one week for recovery?

    I don't find it so unbelievable it's possible to "sometimes" read a "bit" if you read it 10000 times from different directions. If a "bit" isn't readable maybe flying over it with the heads ever so slightly different aligned (depending on which sectors you have read before) will sometimes hit it slightly on one "side" where some of the magnetic charge is still there. Then averageing together all 10000 times and finding: OK, we got 1000 ones, 500 0s, 7000 0.5-0.9 and 1500 0.1-0.4, it's probably a one, write it in a spare sector and continue. So, a combination of reading from different angles and statistical analysis of what you get... I DO think Mr. Gibson knows what's he's talking about not only "bullshitting", but maybe I'm to easily fooled and would be first in line buying snake-oil in another time
  20. Laglorden2

    Seagate has Hyper- Threading?!

    Well I think it's a variation of the whispering game where a technician in Seagate says something which is interpreted and written in a press release and then further misinterpreted (intentionally) by the inquirer. The original reasoning is probably something like: Since modern processors support Hyperthreading different processes can run (more) simultaneously on a machine. This causes more accesses to different parts of the disc (compared to one process/thread which is more local). NCQ will, by queing the requests, help stop this "thrashing". I don't know if it's sound logically even from the beginning, but...
  21. Laglorden2

    Bad sectors

    Spinrite perhaps?
  22. Hope it's OK I write here when I see new products?
  23. Just in case you've missed this: Didn't see anyone else posting about it.
  24. Laglorden2

    Samsung announces 3Gb/s (SATA-II?) Harddrive

    Aha, so it's not SATA-II but just SATA-I@300MB/s... A bit confusing...
  25. Laglorden2

    RAID-0 and Video Editing

    You got to have a VERY fast (as in non-existant) CPU to have the encoding process limited by a single drive. I think most people are referring to other video-editing stuff when they say striping is good for it. If you take the fastest time 12:35 for reading it is 3000 Mb/(12*60+35)s=~4Mb/s (+ some small amount of writing) which is nothing to alla modern drives, hardly surprising raid0 doesn't give any benefits in this case. When transferring that 3 Gb file uncompressed from one place to another on the other hand it may speed up at most threefold.