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  1. If you are working only with DV and the transitions are cuts, there is no rendering and the fastest the hard disk drive the better; otherwise, the CPU will always be the bottleneck.
  2. I purchased an Intel motherboard 850EMV2L with 4 Rambus modules “Kingston 256MB Rambus DRAM 16x128M PC1066 2.5V RIMM” and a 2.26 P4 processor. The system is working at 533 Mhz. The problem: If I place the 4 modules, for a total of 1 GB, the system becomes unstable and resets frequently. The BIOS memory check throws a “Memory Reduced” message. If I only place 2 modules (512 MB) the system works fines; no messages, no resets. I don’t think it’s the memory, because I have tried the 4 modules on pairs (only 512 mb) and all the memory works fine. I only have the problem when placing the 4 modules at the same time. Kingston support told me that they are not aware of any incompatibility problem with their memory and the 850EMV2L. Any ideas! Thanks
  3. I upgraded my system from Windows 2000 Pro SP 2 to Windows XP Pro. I let a software RAID on the system and I did a full format on the Master HDD. After upgrading, WinXP detected the RAID and I had all my files intact. When I benchmarked the RAID, it only got up to 55 MB/S (I was getting 83 MB/s before the upgrade), so anyway, I ended formating the Software RAID. Now I'm back on 83 MB/S. Something I noticed. If I place the Windows Swap file on the software RAID, the transfer rate goes down to 8 MB/S. Any idea?
  4. Teo

    Barracuda ATA IV problem?

    If you check the threshold, you'll notice that it is 34. Any number over 34 will be fine. Your drive is OK.
  5. Teo

    Simple Master/Slave question

    I have done some tests on the same drive set as "Master" and as "Slave". I did not find any performance difference. The test was done with Maxtor drives. This might be not true for other drivers or controllers. There is no difference. I have read at some sites that if you connect ATA100 devices with a CD-ROM, the HDD might have a lower performance. In my setup, I have not found this problem.
  6. I tried to use NetMeeting, but my ISP does not asign a "Valid IP Address". The IP address is in a sub-mask. How can I use NetMeeting under this ISP? Thanks.
  7. I thought so too, but I just found a BIOS and driver update at www.promise.com for the Ultra100 TX2. It actualy says "Supports 48-bit LBA for drives larger than 137 GB. Self-extracting .EXE"
  8. For my own experience, a camcorder can not deliver high quality stills. Although the CCD basics are the same, they are designed for video or stills. For professional video, you'll have to get a 3 CCD camcorder. They are over US$2000. For stills, I have good experience with the Sony DSC-S75 and I am going to switch to the DSC-F707. The DSC-F707 is a 5 Megapixel camera. I've read that Nikon among other are OK. As Geist3, I also have the Pyro card. If works fine and it is detected for Windows 2000 without ny aditional drivers. For software, I tried Premiere, Ulead (wich came with my card) and Vegas Video. At this moment, I prefer Vegas Video. It is very easy to use. Lets you change video parameters like color, contrast and audio filters while running the video. This is done without any speciall hardware (I hava a PIII 1 GHz with 512 MB RAM) You can download the demo at www.sonicfoundry.com For video editing, you'll need lot of harddisk space. One second of DV takes 3.7 MBs. You mentioned £1000, but I have expended much more than that. THis hobby is expensive.
  9. Jonathan, I am sorry but I think there is no way to try a software RAID with HD Tach, since it only shows the drives connected to the controller. It does "not" show the software RAID that is a logical drive. About the rebuilt, I have not tried it. But I have read that if you connect drives that are RAIDed on another Windows 2000 machine, W2000 will aksyou to rebuilt the RAID. This might be true as long as you do not have security restrictions for the original RAID. Anyway, always have a pair of "Emergency Repair Disk" sets. Teo
  10. The only way I could make my Cuda drives works was using different controllers and software RAID 0. Here are my results: http://www.geocities.com/teomorell/st380021a/ Teo