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    Does anyone know if "scterc" can be set on the WD EARS drives?
  2. anaxagoras

    ZFS and Raid-Z

    I'm just looking for some info on ZFS and raidz, anyone know how it compares to raid 5 or how raid2z compares to raid 6? I'd probably be looking at hardware raid 6, raidz is software only, any massive sata controllers out there that don't do raid?
  3. anaxagoras

    So who wants to give me a loan?

    They have a 5 u top loader that will take 48 drives! That sucker is like 4 to 5 grand though.
  4. I don't even know what to say, who has more problems, the mind that designed that, or me for wanting it. My 1.5 TB array of 200 gb drives has been maxed out for over a year and I"ve been eying up replacements. One of these days I'll have that sitting in the 42U rack i have in the basement.
  5. anaxagoras

    Long IDE cable

    I have 6 Western Digital WD200JB drives and 2 seagate ST32000822a drives, baracuda 7200.7's i beleive they are. all 200 gig drives. I can't reach 2 older western digitals a 120 gig and a 160 gig. the smart errors reported were very significant on the segates using long cable, I'd assume that seagates give a more realistic smart value. I was also using 2 WD drives on long cable and while they did have error rates on the smart, it was nowhere near as high as the seagates, i'd assume the WD's probably hide their error data more and only report the more significant stuff.
  6. anaxagoras

    IDE RAID cage for 5.25" bays? has some good products. I have their fixed drive system that allows you to fit 3 ide drives in 2 5.25 bays. they also have a product that lets you fit 5 drives in 3 bays. as for removable/hotswap i don't know if they have anything, and i'm too lazy to check.
  7. anaxagoras

    Long IDE cable

    the cables i had are shielded and have a grounding strap. But looking at the smart data the drives that were on those cables had a high raw read error rate, and high udma crc error counts. The quality of the 36" cables i had were very good, but 36" is just too long. I managed to get most of my drives to work with standard 18" ribbon cables... albeit some have a bit of tension on them which i don't like. there are only 2 drives that i can't reach.
  8. anaxagoras

    Can't we restructure this forum?

    maybe we can just split the forum in half, one for all things related to hard drives, storage arrays, etc. pretty much the main topic of this site, then another sub category for everything else?
  9. anaxagoras

    Long IDE cable

    ok, so i'll go the sata to ide adapter route as i don't have the money to replace all 10 of my drives right now. of course only 4 need long cables... this means that i'll also need a sata controller card. any reccomendations? just something cheap preferably a single card that can handle at least 4 devices. I don't really need raid as when i do raid i will do a software setup. and just one more question, anyone know of any software to test the integrity of the data going to that drive? i'm assuming something that does many read/write operations of a set of known data would do the trick. I"m running NetBSD on that machine.
  10. anaxagoras

    Long IDE cable

    does anyone have any experience with long ide cables? after havine done a bit of reading here i've found that rounded cables are not reccomended, i already have 2 x 36" antec 'cobra cables' which are shielded, twisted pair, round cables. I want to replace them with standard ribbon cables. I think I can get by with 24" cables. These are all for use to connect IDE hard drives in a double wide server case. Or are there any other options i might have? 18" cables are just not long enough. Does anyone have any experience with 24" and 36" ribbon cables?
  11. anaxagoras

    Rackmount Question

    also, i picked up the rack today and it's in good shape.
  12. anaxagoras

    Rackmount Question

    how likely is it that the holes in generic rails won't match up to the holes in the case?
  13. anaxagoras

    Rackmount Question

    so with slide rails is it just the rails and bolts/nuts/washers/etc, or is there any sort of mounting bracket as well? I'm looking on ebay and see a few different things. CalPC reccomended a product to me, but ebay seems cost less than half the money even after shipping.
  14. anaxagoras

    Rackmount Question

    So i just picked up the following two items, or rather will be getting them shortly, i already won the auction for the rack, now just for the case. I've never setup a rack before, and really don't know much about the process. I need some sort of mounting rails from what i understand, but they come in different sizes so i really don't know what to get. Any help would be great. Also anything pointers or tips just in general would be greatly appreciated.
  15. anaxagoras

    New Sata Drive, Problem

    any updates on this issue? i'm still having problems