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  1. I´m using this: -- no problems at all
  2. WinCC

    Is anyone excited about Vista?

    I fully agree with amdoverclocker2. // WinCC
  3. I make a daily backup of my OS drive with Drive Snapshot on every boot , this is done to an internal extra HD, once a while I backup my VS2005 source code files (2 GB) to a DVD , I´m currently investigating in buying an HP Ultrium 200/400 GB tapedrive. // WinCC
  4. WinCC

    best OS backup software

    Try this:
  5. If you´re not afraid of some testing, a booable CD/DVD with Windows XP is very usefull, add some imaging software on that and you have a full backup / restore environment. // WinCC
  6. Try this: //WinCC
  7. Jeff McWilliams: If you have an antivirus program that has realtime protection enabled I suppose that compile time is going to be longer, I usually disable realtime protection on my source folders. // WinCC
  8. me shaking my head , maybe I´m too old for this kind of nonsens
  9. I don´t understand why you don´t power it off and attach the disk, when in suspended mode Windows XP isn´t working anyway
  10. WinCC

    Ghost images and cross-links

    If it is possible to open the imagefile with ghost explorer you can extract the data from there, I´m not sure if it´s possible with a image made with image disk switch though.
  11. WinCC

    Ghost images and cross-links

    I would copy the imagefiles to one single drive and restore from there.
  12. WinCC

    DISK IMAGING - free software

    Zyxthior: Can you be more specific about what imaging software you have been using when getting these unusable images
  13. How many disk that you can loose depends on the number of disks in that array --or
  14. I recommend visiting for questions about dual cpu machines, there is a lot of knowledge there