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    Storage Review Site Update

    I am glad to hear that SR may be back alive soon enough. I'd be nice to see similar quality HDD reviews as SR used to have. Nowadays most sites only do "windows boot" and "HDBench/HDTach" reviews, which seem rather dull. I'll check back in a month. Best of luck
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    Hitachi Travelstar 7K200

    I'd love to see that as well.
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    DC++ fileshareing server

    I am curious how you plan to add files to your queues on the server, since I was looking for a similar option in the past, but couldn't eve find anything allowing me to add files without having to remote desktop into the machine.
  4. drizzt81

    New System RAID 5/6 CARD help

    I would always get a separate system disk from the data storage. Even if your RAID-5 controller is very fast, a RAID-5 array is not well suited to host a pagefile, for example. Also, having a separate boot disk will make installing and recovering Windows (I assume that is what you will be running) easier, since you most likely will not need to load special drivers in order to access the boot disk.
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    How do I best set up my five hard drives ?

    If you are using VMWare, it makes a lot of sense to have the virtual HDD on a fast HDD. It may be a good idea to not have a page file on the HDD that will be hosting your guest OSs. Note that using VMWare does not require you to partition your HDDs.
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    Raid hype?

    Yes, you made the right choice.
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    World Cup

    Let's see if Germany goes all the way. That would be a surprise.
  8. After finally moving my data files off my RAID array and onto my SLED, I had a PC and a RAID card to play around with. System setup: A64 3000+ (1.8GHz) 1 GB of RAM Asus A8N-E Promise SX4-M (64MB onboard cache, set to write-back) Samsung SP1614C (SATA) Maxtor disk - booting Software: WinXP SP2 nVidia driver 6.70 Promise driver I ran a bunch of HDTach tests to see how my controller would hold up. It's in a regular PCI slot, no 64bit or 66MHz goodness. The results were partially straighforward, but some of them I cannot explain at all. So let's get started. The title links lead to the HDTach results if you want to compare. Maxtor Boot Drive 4 Disks in RAID-5 4 Disk RAID10 4 Disk RAID-0 3 Disk RAID-0 2-disk RAID-0 so far everything looks ok, doesn't it. Now for the weird part. I would appreciate some input on this: 2-Disk RAID-1 seeing that the CPU utilization was 'high' I re-ran it a little while later: still a weird outcome, huh. so let's see what a single disk (promise calls it JBOD) does: I have not tested the Samsung drives on the nvidia controller, but I think something is fishy. It surely cannot be that my drives are so crappy, can it?
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    Impossible to install Raid0 on WinXP?!

    ps.: read page 157 of your manual, it explains how to make a driver disk.
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    Does mechanical storage have a future?

    yes, mechanical storage will have a future, how long that will last is a different story.
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    Impossible to install Raid0 on WinXP?!

    Let me verify that I understood you correctly: you have a working WinXP install. You created a RAID-0 array and loaded the driver onto the working windows install. Now the array does not show up in "My Computer". Have you checked disk management? certainly not. Provided that you have the correct driver, WinXP SP2 will support pretty much anything. If you are talking about a new windows install, you will need to hit F6 at the beginning of the install in order to have windows LOAD the driver. If nothing happens and you have a floppy with your "driver" in the drive then the driver is not in the correct format. There has to be a OEMSETUP.TXT on the floppy and a bunch of INF files.You may want to consult this: http://www.short-media.com/forum/showthread.php?t=32751 which is the top result on google, when searching for: "how to install windows on nforce raid"
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    !Floppy Drive can't recognize disc!

    If you were a bit more verbose about your problem, it is likely that we'd be able to help you better. For example: Are you in windows, or are you booting off the floppy? If in windows, does it 'see' the floppy drive. Does the LED come on when you insert a floppy? Also, if you kepts your threads about your "I need help to create a RAID-0 array and install windows on it" problem together, it'd be easier for people to understand your problem.
  13. drizzt81

    What's the fastest processor available?

    If, for example, you were profiling function invocation the profiler would overwrite the function calls with its own, which would be wrappers to your functions and keep track of the number of invocations. A similar technique would be used to compute the time that your programs spend in each function. I am assuming that fortran has some form of a function/ procedure call. By looking at the time that the executing program spends in each function, you'd be able to consider where you could look for improvements.
  14. drizzt81

    What's the fastest processor available?

    Dual Opteron systems and the new AM2 chips have significantly more memory bandwidth than older chips. The soon-to-be-realeased conroe may be to your liking too, with more cache and possibly more memory b/w. that is surprising, considering that in most instances a dual-operton platform is considered to be superior to a notebook. from what I know about HDDs, they are much more efficient if you can commit larger amount of data at once (sequential write) rather than sub 512B chunks. there is, it's called perfmon, assuming that you are on windows AND using system calls for HDD access it should be able to help you. Alternatively, you could run it on a virtual machine just to analyze the process better. indeed that should not be a problem, but depending on the access pattern the "average" speed may have little reflection what speed the HDD needs to support at certain instances. well, if that is your goal, then you should take the person's advice and profile the program execution. While the profiling run will take longer, due to the overhead, it will tell you where your program is spending the time, which may be useful in determining not only the bottleneck, but will provide a starting point for future improvements as well.
  15. drizzt81

    WD Settles drive capacity lawsuit

    the bad thing is that this Class Action Lawsuit was not even brought on by consumers, but by the attorneys themselves... Utter rubish. How on earth did they win it? Maybe I should sue the lawyer for increasing the price of my products? ps.: keep the political oppinions out of this. Bashing Americans or other peoples contributes little to the discussion.
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    Setting up RAID0 on ASUS M2N-SLI deluxe!

    you will need to download the most recent drivers from nvidia and extract the raid-drivers if the windows install does not see your hdd (try it out). I am not familiar with the operation of the nF5 raid, but I would think that you will need to enter some setup that creates the RAID-array. Have you consulted the manual?
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    How to setup RAID as a newbie?

    Most likely it is 160GB. Just like Dell had a 80GB raptor before, which added two more zones to the end of the HDD. It's likely that the WD drives are short stroked in order to improve performance. do a search for WD800GD benchmarks and you'll find a site (hjreggel.net) that shows the extended zones on the WD800GD. I would venture to guess that the 160GB drive is implemented in a similar fashion.Also note that these drives appear to be out of stock. I have heard from at least one person that ordered in early June and his ship date is now July.
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    Hot Deal at Dell

    On sale till 6/23: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/PopupPr...us&sku=341-3681
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    have you tried Western digitals Data Lifeguard tools for windows? They have a smart scanner and it's bound to explain that error further.
  20. drizzt81

    Hot Deal at Dell

    it's noteworthy that the drive is apparently backordered. I have gotten a delay of shipment notification and I have heard from others that have been waiting since June 6th and have yet to see their drive ship.
  21. drizzt81

    What's the fastest processor available?

    indeed, however HDD access is likely to use 'more' CPU than RAM access, even with DMA. <disclaimer> I know nothing about Fortan programming (heck I don't even know if it is compiled)</disclaimer> From what I know about CPU design, caches are implemented in order to reduce the memory latency and improve bandwidth, i.e. keep the CPU fed with data. Caches work well if a program exhibits a lot of locality, i.e. accesses are done to 'close by' memory locations, few branches that go far etc. If your program is waiting on memory very frequently, would that not imply that there are a lot of cache misses? If that is the case, there may be a way to drastically improve the performance either through programing or compiling. By increasing the locality, you'd be improving the number of cache hits, thereby reducing the wait for memory. If it is not possible to do this and you are in fact limited by memory, the next question is whether the memory limitaion is due to latency in memory access or a bandwidth limitation. I know a guy who is really excited about memory, I shall point him to this thread.
  22. drizzt81

    How to setup RAID as a newbie?

    yes, the mobo you have selected is going to allow you to run a Raid-0 array using no add-in cards. You will need to either slipstream the nVidia RAID drivers into a windows install CD or use a floppy and hit F6 during early part of the setup screen. There are about 45 million guides to "setting up RAID-0 on my nForce 3/4/5" motherboard on the internet. Google will be your friend to find one. It really is not rocket science: hook them up, go into bios, enable raid, create array, install windows.... Whether or not your performance is actually increase significantly from this endeavor is a different question and depends on your workload. I am sure that all the video editing that you do will fly with that setup.
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    What's the fastest processor available?

    yes, you are correct. I just wanted to mention that the specs say differently. If nothing else, at least the OP can decide what he wants to do in the end. I am sorry if I was a little harsh in my reply.
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    What's the fastest processor available?

    That was only true for the "Winchester" core, and since "Venice," four double-sided sticks can run happily at DDR400, albeit at 2T command rate. I wish you were correct, but unfortunately AMD does not agree with your post: http://www.amd.com/us-en/assets/content_ty..._docs/26094.PDF page 182 "Table 46. Unbuffered DIMM Support For Revision E 939-pin Lidded Micro PGA Package" clearly shows that for >2 double ranked DIMMs, at 2T, the maximum speed (according to SPEC!) is DDR333. The pdf was revised in February 2006. Now I am not sure what you make of it, but I guess that either AMD's tech docs are out of date, or what other people are saying is indeed not according to spec.
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    Hot Deal at Dell

    deal dead