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  1. StratovariuS

    Samsung's S250 series

    Forgot to say, strangely, those 1 platter samsung HDDs generates significantly more vibration than the 3 platter ones... maybe due to a lower-cost product, anyway IMHO, this S250 single platter HDDs is the same old P80 project with higher density discs. At least they have high sustained transfer rates. Best Regards.
  2. StratovariuS

    Samsung's S250 series

    Bought 5 of them already. All of them "Made in Brazil". 2 of them were DOA. Both with problems in the PCB! One was with a clearly damage on a capacitor (one of those small cylinders...) and was "soldered" oddly. This occurs in Brazil probably because we don't have Remanufactured products Very fast, quiet and cold drives! clearly faster than those 7200.10 drives (didn't test 7200.11 drives though). Here in Brazil, I can only get Samsung, Maxtor and Seagate drives. Other manufacturers don't get here... Best Regards
  3. StratovariuS

    Maxtor Maxline 3

    Second sample IMHO sounds like specially-optimized-for-SR sample. Please correct me if I am wrong. Best Regards
  4. StratovariuS

    Mobo Bios Temp Readings "manipulated"?

    Btw, Thanks Ron Jeremy for this great news. Must spread this to my friends, as we can easily test this fact and make conclusions.
  5. StratovariuS

    Mobo Bios Temp Readings "manipulated"?

    What about hard drives? my 2 samsungs here were bought in different places, have different motors, but both seem to show me 33 celsius. Well, I cant make my finger on them for more than 2 seconds! I can say the same for my friends' new maxtor's diamondmax 9 series. SEAGATE, though, always showed me right temperatures. Good guys! Something must be done to forbid this situations. (in my case, sure, put some air blowers on my lovely discs) Best Regards
  6. StratovariuS

    Drive Performance Resource Center

    Thanks for the answer, however, I must say some information are not so important as others, but, for me, for instance, RPM and number of platters have direct relation to my subjetive evaluation of how durable a hard drive is. So, anyway, this information is rather important for me. Let's make an example: If the next Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 400GB match in most performace benchmarks with the Hitachi 7K400 (I guess that's how it is called), I would certainly go for Seagate, because I know that 3 platters means less risc of drive malfunction than 5 platters. So, again, this kind of information can be rather important in some cases. In my humble opinion. Best Regards
  7. Hi there, I was making some comparisons using the PERFORMANCE DATABASE tool in the site. Then wondering how could a newbie know important information of the specific drive, such as areal density, number of plates, amount of cache , rpm, FDB and BBs and so on. What I mean is: PERFORMANCE DATABASE, for me, does not seem useful in many cases if I compare models with different cache, different RPM, etc. One can argument that those information are on the reviews, but I would say that I guess that PERFORMACE DATABASE tool was created in order to join objetive information in one place only, thus speeding up comparisons. It would be nice if those information were joined in PERFORMANCE DATABASE tool. Comments would be welcome. Best Regards
  8. StratovariuS

    Maxtor 6y080p0

    Hi there, Maxtor DiamondMax 9 seems to have very loud seeks, even though they seem to get much quieter when you set AAM to the QUIET option. Best Regards.
  9. StratovariuS

    Maxtor Diamondmax9

    Can anyone post links of Panaflo quiet fans? I need to buy some, but can't find them. Best Regards
  10. StratovariuS

    Quiet/fast Video Card

    Also, HIS' Artic Cooler blows the hot air off the case, so that no other component gets hotter due to the GPU. Cooler components also means quieter fans, which leads to more silence. Best Regards
  11. StratovariuS

    Quiet/fast Video Card

    Just saw a friend of mine's HIS Radeon 9800PRO videocard. All I can say is that it is silent and can be overclocked! Best Regards
  12. StratovariuS

    Quietest >160gb Single Hard Drive Ata/sata?

    Hi, as I have some 120GB Seagate 7200.7 (non-PLUS, PLUS), a 120GB Maxtor DM9 & a 160GB Samsung SP1614N drive, I agree that Maxtor is quieter than most WD and Seagate 7200.7 drives. But Samsung P80 is even quieter, as I can hear Maxtor's, but I can't hear Samsung seeks. For the ones that will buy Samsung for their silent aspect, please check the stick before you get it, so that you can be sure it has FDB: Also, Samsung seems to be faster in many aspects - specially in Workstation use - and have greater warranty: Here in Brazil, Samsung 'made in Brazil' is backed by 2 year warranty in some hardware stores. Best Regards
  13. StratovariuS

    Reliability Survey

    Hi there, thank you all for the answers. I agree to most of you, and I will set no. 2 as failed indeed, though it is a strange situation anyway. Just hope the answers to these questions would be available in the FAQ, since I think they would be common. Best Regards
  14. StratovariuS

    Reliability Survey

  15. StratovariuS

    Reliability Survey

    Hi there, maybe we can offer answer to these 2 common questions in the FAQ, IMHO: 1. If you entered a friend's drive in the Reliability Survey (RS), your friend being a Joe user, and you don't see him/her anymore, you should delete the drive or just modify to STOP USING state? 2. If you give your drive to a friend, and he returns to you your drive DEAD - you know your friend is a joe user, and he did bump your drive - you should delete the drive or just modify to FAILED state? Question 2 really occured to me. A friend of mine just ruined my old Fujitsu drive. I am looking for the best answer so that Reliability Survey can show the most precise statistics. Best Regards