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  1. I've got my friend's laptop drive, a 2.5" SATA drive and she'd like me to see if I can recover anything from it. The thing is, all my computers are good old IDE. Are there any adapters that will let me hook this up? I'd prefer to not use USB or any additional interfaces if it can be avoided, but please let me know if that's my only option.
  2. sm8000

    SCSI BIOS Boot Issue

    Did you put anything new in the system, like a new video card? There may not be enough upper memory boot space for its BIOS - it needs 64KB at boot, but this then shrinks to 2-16KB runtime, depending on number and type of devices.
  3. sm8000

    Compaq Smart Array 431

    Thanks! I will pass this along today.
  4. sm8000

    Compaq Smart Array 431

    EDIT: Forgot to mention the OS is Windows 2000 Server, I think.
  5. My boss is worried that the Smart Array 431 won't support a resize of the array. The server in question has a three-drive RAID 5 array, plus a spare. These were 18GB drives, they're now 36. It's in a ProLiant server, can't remember which model. I put the last drive in today, let it rebuild, what does one do to make use of this extra available disk space, both at the controller and OS level?
  6. How about adjusting the size of the Recycle Bin(s)?
  7. sm8000

    Going to try my first PCB swap

    Updating as asked - I swapped the PCBs, and now the 'bad' drive with the 'good' PCB can boot into Windows. I'm going to make an image of the old drive's partitions and clone them onto my new 250GB drive, and expand the partitions to fill it. I'll keep the new, good 120 as a spare and RMA the old one. Thanks!
  8. sm8000

    What happened to Netcell?

    Wiki doesn't tell what happened:
  9. sm8000

    Going to try my first PCB swap

    Thanks. I have the new drive now, and will try it sometime this week. The old drive is detected in two PC's BIOSes, but has trouble spinning up in time to be booted from.
  10. One of my drives is dying, and in order to recover the data I want to swap the PCB from an identical drive. It is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7, 120GB, ST3120026A. I have a drive coming to me in the mail, however someone elsewhere said that depending on the PCB's chipset it may not work. Mine's an ST chipset. Any pointers or knowledge on this, especially for this model?
  11. I need another of these hard drives, mine is failing and I want to swap the PCB so I can try to recover the data. Please PM me if you can help. Thanks! Search terms: wtb seagate barracuda 7200.7 120GB ST3120026A PCB IDE EIDE ATA PATA
  12. sm8000

    U320 drives stuck at async 3MB/s

    Reply to your PM coming
  13. I'm trying to help somebody to whom I sold a pair of U320 15k Hitachi SCSI drives to a few months ago. He is using them on an Adaptec 3400S RAID card. He contacted me this week saying that they are stuck at "async 3MB/s" for some indiscernable reason: He: greetings, i had to go surfing back through heatware to locate your username to PM you. I purchased 2 of said hard drives from you looks like late september. The drives themselves are 80pin units and i am using 80 to 68 pin adapters (might also have been supplied by you). They are detected by my controller and read all the correct SCSI capabilities...however the speed shows "async 3mb/s" - the controller is an adaptec 3400S U160 SCSI RAID. All cables are U320 capable with proper terminators. I have tried all cables i have, all 80 to 68 pin adapters i have, and all possible jumper settings but it still only shows "async 3mb/s" for speed. Adaptec knowledge base points to the 80 to 68 pin adapters as the most likely cause. My other true 68pin 36GB drive is detected at full 160mb/s speed. Any ideas? Me: Are there any jumpers on the drives themselves? Be sure to take them off. Look on the underside. Also, are there any other drives on the same channel as the Hitachis? He: No jumpers anywhere, and each drive is on a seperate channel...made no difference what channel as i switched them around too...changed adapters, cables, etc...same result Me: Before you sell them ;-) Make a thread and see if any ideas bloom. I'm scratching my head here, but async 3MB/s rings a bell. If not here at [H], try Also, does the card have its latest BIOS? And as a last resort, you could (idaresay) reset it to factory defaults, and start from there. He: adaptec knowledge base seems to point to the fact the 80 to 68pin adapters might be at fault. card probably does not have latest BIOS and/or firmware so i should try to update that first. Hopefully it doesn't trash the temporary 2 18gb 15k RAID-0 i have setup (still flyin fast). thing is one of these 18GB drives is using the same adapter as i tried on the hitachi drives...the 18gb seagate works fine with it? Also, a thread he made:
  14. 133MB/s is the maximum transfer rate of standard 32-bit/33Mhz PCI - on paper. In reality, the fastest you can get after all the overhead (and how good whatever brain is running stuff on the bus) is maybe 90-95 sustained, with occasional bursts exceeding that. 80 sustained is quite good. Also, don't forget that 3 or 4 of those on a higher bandwidth bus would make the most of their interface speed (80x4=320).