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  1. KuKla

    Comparing Hdds - Strange Results

    my avg was about 750mb/min (AFAIK)... my PC configuration is in signature.....epox 8rda+ (nForce2), barton 2500+, 512megs of DDR...
  2. KuKla

    Comparing Hdds - Strange Results

    my 7k250´s behave Ok in DOS version of Norton Ghost (2x160GB PATA 8MB cache) and i have both on same channel and backup was from one 7k250 to second 7k250
  3. KuKla

    A "must-read".....

    nuclear waste will not be problem in future. scientist in ITER project are trying to "burn" this radioactive waste from nuclear plants and transform it to harmless helium via next nuclear reaction....of course, extra energy is only secondary benefit here they say, that it will be possible in next 30 years
  4. KuKla

    Defragging Ntfs Under Xp?

    ad 1) NO. afaik win2k/XP read/write data in 64kB blocks no matter how large the clusters are. 8kB cluster size may slightly improve performance (very slightly and maybe only hypotheticaly) because there will be only 1/2 of clusters (vs 4kB) and thus MFT will be about 1/2 smaller.
  5. KuKla

    Smart Report - Should I Rma?

    SMART is fine. did you try another power supply, or another power connector ?
  6. in RAID0 probably no (or it will be the same), but two single 7k250´s will be faster then 37GB Raptor...
  7. How can you tell that TCQ is being used when enabled? That's the trick - "enabled" is not the same as "being used". i didnt write that i am using CQ, but that i can enable/disable CQ in options... the difference in sandra could be because of buggy drivers maybe ?!?
  8. Hi guys, i have Promise fasttrak 150tx2+ pci controller and i can disable tagged queuing i options of my hitachi 7k250 PATA drive. i didnt run benchmarks yet, but there seems to be little difference in random read/write in Sandra (yes, i know, but it was the only SW i could run). i can post here images of how does the option in win2k looks like if you wanna.
  9. KuKla

    Hitachi 7k250 Noise

    i have nForce2, so PCI is locked at 33MHz...
  10. Hi all !!! i own two Hitachi 7k250 PATA 8mb cache 160gb. I had overclocked barton, so temperature in my case was about 40 C (maybe little more). I realized that i do not need so powerful CPU, so i put him on default settings, and that cause temperature to fall to 34 C. AND MY DRIVES NOW DO NOT MAKE MORE SELFTESTING SOUNDS !!! i was really surprised by that, so i overclocked my barton, and selftesting was here again... i put barton on default and drives are again quiet as tomb. so result is, that cat maowing and sawmill sound is probably done only if temperature is above some level (maybe 40C ?!?)
  11. KuKla

    Tagged Command Queing

    Where do you have this option? hmm i will try to translate in device manager - disk drives - there is something like IC35L180AVV207-1 SCSI drive (my 180gb 180gxp) or HDS722516VLAT80 SCSI drive (my 7k250 160gb with 8mb cache)...so right click on one of these - properties and there are four options (normal IDE drives has only three - generic, disk properties and driver)...i have also a device properties option here...where i can check two options: 1) "Do not shuffle data for the drive (Tagged Command Queuing)" 2) "Do not use write cache (may slowdown drive a lot)". i do not know if there is any performance gain, i only know that this option is here i do not use english windows, so everything is translation from my (czech) windows...sorry for that
  12. KuKla

    Tagged Command Queing

    i have promise sata150 tx2plus pci card and couple of hitachi drives and i have an option to enable TCQ in windows...wird.
  13. KuKla

    Maxboost Released

    nice to use that in case of blackout
  14. KuKla

    Poor write perfomance

    so i reinstalled win2k (clean install) and it is the same problem any suggestions ?
  15. KuKla

    Hitachi Deskstar 7K250

    Good question. I don't think they didn't hear it Anyways, after a month the noise isn't bothering me anymore. If one of my friends come over and the drive makes the noise they just laugh. i think that it is possible that they maybe didn´t hear it. my 7k250 didn´t make the noise when it was brand new. it starts after maybe one month...