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  1. The Intel drive can't write faster than the ADATA drive can read....
  2. Interesting you're saying you prefer Samsung?
  3. I actually just realized that Multi-Level Cell could be anything higher than SLC. In common web jargon, it seems MLC is nearly synonymous with 2 bits per cell.
  4. "3bit MLC 3D V-NAND" Is that a polite way of saying TLC? Or is the implication that Samsung V-NAND is basically the same, no matter how many bits one is stuffing into a cell?
  5. Axl

    Storage Spaces vs unRAID

    Sorry to necro an old thread here, though not by too much. For future reference, never ship a system like you're describing assembled. Pull the drives and pack them individually first, and then box as needed. I've had indestructible things like power supplies and SSDs destroyed while shipping systems (in the past, lessons learned), and even crazy things like good Corsair fans falling off their motors. That either takes serious impact, or days of terrible vibration. Maybe plenty of both.
  6. Axl

    Advice on purchasing a NAS

    Spinning drives in an array (even just a mirrored pair) with proper controller (let's say ZFS) can perform like local SSDs if connected with 10Gb ethernet of your choice. I prefer DAC cables and Intel x520's to the more expensive x540's. Definitely nothing wrong with SolarFlare, Myricom, Emulex and others. In a couple of years, those choices will probably consolidate to Intel and Avago.
  7. Very nice pictures in this article, and a very nice write-up in the conclusion. Well done and very interesting!
  8. Supermicro platforms are rock-solid. I can't say exactly the same with confidence for ASRock (Rack) systems.
  9. New drives sometimes come with errors, sometimes develop errors during shipping, handling, and installation; and then there is this. Hundreds of "new" drives that for some reason needed "additional testing" before being sold at a discounted price. Too many unknowns and red flags, not worth the hassle to be hung up over one individual unit.
  10. Thanks, Adam and Brian. Much obliged.
  11. Great discussion of the new features of 6.2 here.
  12. Charts and doctors indicate that I have excellent vision, but I just couldn't make out any detail in the first two pictures. I went over to their site and found some click-to-enlarge. It's going to be a while before I get to use software that expensive.
  13. Great sneak-peek. Would it be too revealing of their IP to make the pictures clickable to a larger version, or a large format gallery link?
  14. You could boot Gparted or PartedMagic (from 8/2013 or earlier) and check their SMART readings versus SeaTools. Still doesn't help with getting SeaTools to report a problem, which you'll likely need for RMA. Good luck, I gave away a Seagate SSD 600 which was faulty from day one but would not throw a Seatools error, so no RMA. You could watch the disk errors climb by the millions during a benchmark run.
  15. I know this thread is dated at this point, but for future reference, it appears that the LSI 9265 is the same as the 9266 just with different SFF-8087 port placement.