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  1. ^FAIL, wrong.http://macperformanceguide.com/Reviews-MacBookProFeb2011-TRIM.html
  2. Really? That ur best analysis? Like some other stock brokerage analysts? As the world's largest technology company with a *huge* cash reserve, Apple could buy any number of hardware companies. Was speculated many times in the past Apple could by ATI (b4 AMD did). Apple could likely, w/shareholder enthusiasm, buy Intel(no need 4 even a hostile takeover)! Buying Intel won't happen, but it would be just great to see those here and over on 'Apple h8trs r us' bust a groin, venting in fury over Armagedon , would make their whole worthless lives have meaning, such that they could whine & whine& whine about how their Winblows machines are crap since Apple took over Intel, rflmao. Historically Apple has had problems with both the ATI & Nvidia GPU's, but Apple could (try) even buy *both* of those companies...yet they don't??? If as u say, Apple finally, late to the game (yeah sure, if u want to believe that, fine) decided it must buy some company b4 it's too late to stay "competitive", why oh why, has Apple used sub-par performing Samsung & Tonshiba SSD's in their laptops in the past??? http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/12/20/apple.deal.for.anobit.said.sealed/ ^thought this was interesting as I find it hard to believe 3bit/cell flash could even approach SLC 'trustworthiness' *and* maintain a large capacity lead. ^that seems to be the more common variable that Apple seeks---part of the competitive edge in obtaining customized hardware designed specifically for Apple products, to work well with their product needs--- least this is electronista's editorial analysis. Apple seems to be on good terms with Intel (was at least while Steve Jobs was alive), so they get customized support w/o needing to buy out Intel
  3. IN China, a Bugatti would cost more than that. Some of the rich in China just 'collect' them, don't even drive them... zero miles/km. http://news.yahoo.com/supercar-makers-chase-chinas-superrich-motorheads-070808442.html If that Fiat 500 Abarth would morph back into >http://www.fhm.com/girls/covergirls/catrinel-menghia (now that she's getting a divorce from her 46yr old has-been ex-footballer hubby...so say the tabloids)>>> I'd 'drive' her *everywhere* *everyday*
  4. udaman


    Can't wait until the iPhone5 makes it to Virgin Mobile (few years, common Sprint it's only $1000+ off-contract???), so I can dump the POS malware prone Android OS smartphone I have now, for iOS. Lol, I see on the other storage site aka 'Apple h8rs r us', they even have a thread on dinosaur tech Blackberry...though kind of surprised they dont' have a thousand pg Winblows 8 Moible thread to match their h8rs r us iPhone thread
  5. surprised no1 has posted about it yet. Official announcement is coming Dec5 >disruptive tech ? 'game changing' ? Coming...soon? 2+yrs??? http://www.electronista.com/articles/11/12/01/ibm.micron.team.up.on.3d.memory.chips/
  6. Actual PR is far more detailed than the short SR blurb...er 'article' SAS, SATA, FC and PCIe Enterprise-Class SSD to Deliver More Than 400,000 Random Write IOPS and Scale Up to More Than 5TB of Pure Solid State Storage http://www.bitmicro.com/press_news_releases_20111121.php expected delivery 1/2 2012 electronista pointed out SF2000 is limited to 60k IOPs
  7. http://www.vancouversun.com/Video+Hottest+commercial+ever/5756252/story.html http://www.driving.ca/vancouversun/news/5751087/story.html lol, scorpion tat on the back of her neck. rflmao I like the image by image analysis, 2nd link. ...Someone's going to have to clean that. ^^^ :0 :( You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board.
  8. udaman

    Halloween 2011

    Halloween is the dumbest ritual ever created by humankind...it should be banned! (no such ritual in China btw )
  9. udaman

    OCZ Octane SSD Review

    somewhat disappointing review: Have you even looked @current pricing? It's well higher than what was hyped both here on SR as well as by the 'official' announcement by OCZ...and that 1TB is going to probably be even more expensive/GB than promoted...if and when they ever release it, right now it's vaporware, not what the article is suggesting. Further, there was a 1TB drive announced more than a year ago, not sure if it ever shipped. Performance, at least as tested by SR is also much lower than pre-release 'hype'. I did not see an OWC 6GB drive in the comparisons...so conclusions in the whole article are dubious at best...kinda like a Consumer Reports article, too few models for comparison, the ones you probably aren't interesting in buying anyway
  10. more interesting specs/facts: http://www.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/2011-11-14/japan%E2%80%99s_k_computer_retains_top500_crown.html And yet @#21 on the current list, @ 1/20th the theoretical max Linpack score, the Mole-8.5 is the 1st to simulate the H1N1 flu virus, guess software helps...something useful http://www.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/2011-11-10/chinese_gpu_supercomputer_simulates_h1n1_virus.html Coming soon from Fuji...if u have to ask, u can't afford it. http://www.hpcwire.com/hpcwire/2011-11-07/fujitsu_announces_supercomputer_that_can_scale_to_23_petaflops.html
  11. Jobs never allowed a BR drive option on the Mac's. Sooner than later, all optical drives are going the way of 3.5in floppy drives that the PC/Windoze crowd embraced to the bitter end inexpensive USB thumb drives & digital distribution (streaming HD both wired & cellular/wireless, iTunes, iCloud, etc) are the way of the near future. Optical discs are fast becoming obsolete, old, legacy tech.
  12. some important discrepancies btw ur article & anad: It's already "Fall" , winter comes in Dec. Anad sez, just 10 days from now- w00t: Also u missed this important part: Also there will be a legacy 3GB/s version using ASync NAND (same performance, parameters sans 6GB/s interface???...or different?), w/1TB as top capacity>pricing same??? ...but will it in fact? In the 3GB/s version too?
  13. Review: iCloud 'just works' for songs, so far
  14. udaman

    Apple founder Steve Jobs dies :(

    sadder still that such a 'genius' might very well been so stupid as to be the one who killed himself, when he had the chance to live a long(er) life...what could have been, if only: http://d.yimg.com/nl/ytv/site/player.html#vid=27021035 ^vid teaser for upcoming '60 Minutes' interview with Jobs official biographer http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/10/20/60minutes/main20123269.shtml According to Isaacson, in the 9mo, the cancer had spread to adjoining tissue...biggest mistake of his life (Jobs), thinking different killed him.
  15. Guess I was right, happened even faster than I thought...a real loss. Will Apple continue on the same now, was the question? The worlds largest tech company, still the leader without it's founding visionary??? http://abclocal.go.com/kabc/story?section=news/national_world&id=8380581