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  1. In addition to all the benefits mentioned in this thread, it's also interesting that SSD drives in laptops should give the same level of performance as SSD drives in desktops (whereas laptop hard drives are traditionally slower than desktop hard drives). That got me to thinking though, what will be the most popular form factor for SSD drives? The 3.5" SATA/PATA, or the 2.5" SATA/PATA (or 1.8", or ExpressCard)? Or a completely new size and interface?
  2. bitequator

    Samsung F series?! When can we compare the performance of the Hitachi, Seagate, and Samsung 1TB drive? I'm also interested in Samsung's 120GB 1.8-inch drive, as well as Hitachi's 250GB 2.5-inch drive.
  3. I'd like to see a comparison of the Hitachi, Samsung, and WD 250GB 5400RPM 2.5" drives. Looks like Hitachi's new 2.5" USB external drives (except for the backordered 250GB model) are already plenty in stock at Best Buy stores since June 3rd. Here's what I found in pricing: Samsung 250GB SATA = $239.99 at NewEgg (in stock) Hitachi 250GB SATA = coming soon, assume similar price as Samsung? WD 250GB SATA = coming soon, $199.99 estimated Hitachi 250GB USB = $249.99 at BB site (backordered 1-2 weeks) WD 250GB USB = coming soon, $199.99 pre-order From the specs, it looks like the Hitachi trumps the WD by having faster media transfer rate, lower seek, lighter weight, considerably lower read/write and idle power draw, and SATA-300 support (or SATA-150 with encryption). Samsung seems similar to WD with an even slower media transfer rate, though its low power draw levels are closer to the Hitachi's. Fujitsu has a 300GB 4200RPM drive but it's 12.5mm bulky and doesn't save that much power draw compared to the Hitachi 5400RPM. Is the above a reasonable assessment? P.S. For use as a USB drive, I'm interested in the peak startup power draw (lower level might increase the chance of starting up the drive from a single USB port in the real world, though technically it will always exceed the 2.5W USB power specs). Hitachi is at 5W, Samsung lists 4.5W, and WD does not seem to list its figure?
  4. bitequator

    Where, oh where, are the Terabyte drives

    Looks like Hitachi's new 1TB/750GB/500GB External USB Storage (3.5"), and 250GB/200GB/160GB Portable USB Storage (2.5") external drives are already plenty in stock at Best Buy stores since June 3rd. My area shows all local BB stores stocking all the models listed, except the 250GB portable drive that I want (which is only available online at the BB site where it's backordered 1-2 weeks). Interestingly, these external drives are similarly priced as their internal drive counterparts. Hitachi 1TB external = $409.99 in BB stores Hitachi 1TB internal = $399.99 at NewEgg (it's still $410-$550 elsewhere according to PriceGrabber!) Hitachi 250GB 2.5" portable = $249.99 at BB site (backordered) Samsung 250GB 2.5" internal = $239.99 at NewEgg (I can't find the Hitachi 250GB 2.5" internal drive yet, but I assume it'll be similar in price as the Samsung?) I'm curious, can we easily pry open all these external/portable casings, and if so will we find standard SATA drives inside?
  5. bitequator

    Samsung F series?!

    Wow that would be $315! Any specs known yet?
  6. bitequator

    Seagate news (June,07 2006)

    Thanks for the info. Too bad the 1.8" drive is only at 60GB (same capacity Hitachi/Toshiba have had for years even before perpendicular). I found this thread while trying to round up other threads on rumored Seagate 960GB (1TB?) drive later this year... P.S. I'm intriqued by the flash buffered models (finally).
  7. bitequator

    enclosures for 1.8" drives (Hitachi, Toshiba)

    It looks like the Toshiba/ZIF enclosure version is longer but narrower than the IDE version? Anyways, I'd been happily using that IDE enclosure with a 60GB Hitachi C4K60 (not Slim model), until I'd lost it a few months back :( Somehow I found it missing from my laptop bag. Aside from my MP3 collection, I sure hope I didn't have a lot of my personal data there...
  8. bitequator

    Toshiba 200GB 2.5"SATA

    Didn't Hitachi announce back in 2005 that they were working on 230 gigabits per sq inch using perpendicular, to be rolled out in 2007, which supposedly will lead to 1TB 3.5" drives? And in another thread here someone said Seagate will also come out with 1TB 3.5" drives Q3 2006. So would these densities lead to 250-300GB in a 2.5" drive? How much capacity for a 1.8" formfactor? Anyways, it looks like Toshiba may get leapfrogged soon after they roll out their 200GB laptop drive this fall?
  9. bitequator

    IDE RAID cage for 5.25" bays?

    Sorry for the late reply... No, I don't need built-in RAID from the cage. Thanks for the link to, but their BayCoolers page only lists a 3-in-2 cooling/mounting cage: 8I6A00: 5.25" 2 Bay/3 Drive Bay Cooler- adapts 3-one inch high 3.5" hard drives into only 2-5.25" bays. I don't see a 5-in-3 cage, does anyone have the part number? I just sent them an email asking for prices...
  10. bitequator

    IDE RAID cage for 5.25" bays?

    Hmm, the iStorm7 cage above only costs $32. The Cremax MB989 and MB810 IDE RAID cages with removable trays cost $95 and $121: Not sure I want to spend that much to use with 160GB leftover IDE drives I have laying around...
  11. bitequator

    IDE RAID cage for 5.25" bays?

    But the above (iStorm7) mounting cage takes two 5.25" bays and houses three drives. Is there something similar that takes three 5.25" bays and houses four or even five IDE drives? I also found Lian Li EX-23 and EX-34 but these only seem to work with Lian Li cases.
  12. bitequator

    IDE RAID cage for 5.25" bays?

    Oh I guess a non-removable mounting cage can work with drives of any interface. Would something like this be good:
  13. For IDE (not SATA) hard drives, what are some good cheap drive cages that fit inside two or three 5.25" bays and can house three or four (or even five) drives? I'd prefer a removable-tray solution, but a non-removable mounting cage can work too...
  14. bitequator

    Infrant ReadyNAS NV

    I was actually thinking about getting the Addonics Storage Tower DAS with the JBOD USB 2.0 connector, and hooking it up to my home Infrant NAS. Since I have quite a few unused 300GB (MaXLine) and 160GB drives laying around, but my home NAS is already filled with 500GB drives... I can then set the Infrant NAS scheduler to back up its share volume to this DAS (or more accurately back up the snapshot of the share volume). Or even just have the NAS mount the DAS as another share volume on the GigE LAN...
  15. bitequator

    Infrant ReadyNAS NV

    Speaking of DAS, I'm also interested in a cheap multi-bay DAS box such as the Addonics Storage Tower: Starts at $119 MSRP without back panel connectors, and sells the models for $135-190 with various host interface combinations of USB2 RAID/JBOD, eSATA, SATA MultiLane, SATA port multiplier, and proprietary USIB (USIB connects to SATA/USB2/FireWire/PCMCIA/CardBus). Has four 5.25" bays for any IDE/ATAPI/SATA drive combination from four optical drives to six hot-swap HDDs. Like their other products though it's just a re-brand of OEM products available under other brands as well (as can be seen at, etc). P.S. This DAS box at 8" x 8.2" x 13" (HWD) is a bit larger than the Infrant ReadyNAS NV box at 8" x 5.2" x 8.7" (HWD)...