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    Samsung 860DCT SSD Review Discussion

    So at 40,000 iops, the Toshiba HK4R does both 3000 ms and ~100 ms latency? ()
  2. compwizrd

    Samsung 860DCT SSD Review Discussion

    I have but one question. How is there a fish hook on the graphs?
  3. Interesting concept, but what about those people with a sealed server room(normally using a split duct unit)? What's out there that's server room class with both intake and exhaust ducts?
  4. In this case, since it's a vmware esxi server there's no option for software raid. The Intel P3710 pcie card is on their HCL, but the idea of putting a single card in makes me nervous, even though it's faster than the hardware raid10 I'd be putting in.
  5. I was so hopeful there for a minute that you'd found a way. I'm looking at a 6028R, with a E5-2698 v3 in it (it's cheaper to go stupid high core count than put a second cpu in, thanks to Oracle's stupidity with vmware and DB licensing), and was disappointed there doesn't seem to be any NVMe hardware raid options out there.
  6. What are you using for RAID on this when you're using the NVMe slots?
  7. compwizrd

    Seagate Archive HDD Review (8TB) Discussion

    How many IOPS do you get out of a 1.44 mb floppy drive?
  8. How does one of these compared to a now-obsolete 3ware 9750? Biggest thing holding me back from switching off 3ware is the migration times.
  9. compwizrd

    How bad is it?

    12k bad sectors is pretty high, along with the 192 unfixed ones. Hopefully you're not running RAID5. I replace my own drives before they get that high.
  10. compwizrd

    LSI 9260, 9266 and 9271 for home server

    Figured as much, which is even more amusing since the 9750 is based on one of the LSI cards
  11. compwizrd

    LSI 9260, 9266 and 9271 for home server

    There's no plug and play compatibility between arrays on the 3ware 9750 and any of the LSI units, right?
  12. How's the UI this time around? The GS752TP had a .. plodding UI to put it nicely.
  13. I have a couple meridian voicemail systems that use 850 or 1200 meg hard drives.. and os/2. Not sure which is older, SMART or the hard drive. We've been replacing the hard drives with 2GB CF cards on a CF to IDE adapter as we run across them.
  14. compwizrd

    Supermicro array questions

    Found my other drive, and so either WD quality control has gone downhill, or my enclosure blinks the red light twice for Hot Spare.
  15. compwizrd

    Supermicro array questions

    Blue for activity, solid red for "you should have replaced me a week ago" and apparently blinking red is "either panic, or this is your hot spare" The RE is SATA. It's even on the 3ware HCL. If I can find it, I'll put my other spare drive in and see what it does.
  16. compwizrd

    Supermicro array questions

    Luckily my greens were old enough I could apply the head parking fix. I've had a few bad sectors but the drives themselves have stayed stable with the usual expected death rate. I have a WD Re sitting as a hot spare on one of my machines at work. Sits there blinking the chassis red light at me, predicting a failure according to the manual. Only blinks the red light at me when it's setup as a hot spare. I should find another drive and put it in a raid1 and see if it stops blinking. Smart tests fine, and so does beating it up repeatedly. I've used Hitachi drives in both 5400 and 7200 rpm drives in 10+ tb raid6 arrays and had no problems, it's too bad HGST has so many supply problems, I've liked them. SAS would completely shatter the budget.
  17. I have a small stack of Vertex 2's and 3's on my desk. Can't use them even in multi-drive Raid1 because we can't trust them to not just stop working. Feels wrong to throw them out especially when some are in warranty still(i think)
  18. compwizrd

    Supermicro array questions

    Antec Titan 650 case, antec 430W power supply (which is probably overkill), Intel RES2SV240 sas expander(which seems to have gone way up in price, i think i paid about 200) . supermicro cse-m35t for a 5 3.5" drive in 3 5.25" bay adapter. 10 WD Green 2 TB's in Raid6, off the 3ware 9750-4i. 2TB WD black boot drive. Case is full. Motherboard is an ASUS P8H77-V, Pentium G630 cpu, 8 gig ram. I have an I3-2100 in a media server out front so if I need more power I can just swap them. The server draws around 100W at idle. Has no difficulty keeping up with anything I need, network copies run at about 115 mbyte/sec to/from the Windows machines. Reads locally are in the 400 mark. Things I'd do different: I'd go with a quiet rack case with more bays. Maybe even one of the cheap 3U/4U Norco units. Supermicro is much nicer though. WD Red instead of WD Green. Red's didn't exist when I put this together. Green is a really bad idea because of WD crippling the firmware on them. Probably start with 4TB drives instead of 2's, I've upgraded this thing twice already.
  19. compwizrd

    Supermicro array questions

    You can use the SATA drives, but you need a SAS controller that will talk to expanders. These are SAS expanders, not SATA multipath units. There's a SAS multipath, but it's not the same thing I've had 20 SATA drives live at the same time on the E16, and it maxes out around 2400 mbit'> The E26 would let you add another drive chassis full of drives, with a single uplink from that chassis going to the expander.. though it might be easier to just have an 8 port SAS 4i4e card. My home server has an Intel 20 port expander attached to a 4 port 3ware 9750.. was a lot cheaper than the supermicro method.
  20. compwizrd

    Seagate 600 vs Vertex 3?

    Considering the reliability issues with the V3's, I'd go with the Seagate. I've had discussions with a co-worker about using our old Vertexs, and we decided even a 4 drive Raid1 wasn't safe enough.
  21. compwizrd

    Supermicro array questions

    I have one of the 846 cases at work with the E16 in it.. 24 bays, single 8087 uplink. This E16/E26 is a SAS expander, not a SATA expander. Having said that, you can attach SATA drives to it if your controller supports them.. works fine with 24 SATA drives attached to a 4 port 3ware 9750-4i via the 8087 cable giving a 24 gbit link. (4 x 6gbit), which is enough for the spinning rust drives.
  22. Have they fixed the annoying UAC prompt on login? When a user without admin priv's logs in, it prompts for UAC escalation. I just removed the magician software via msconfig, but a better fix would be to run as a service if it's needed.
  23. Many modern Antec power supplies seem to trip out the Back-UPS's. My Corsair HXsomething doesn't. I dumped Antec because they abandoned the Sonata line, and because of the extremely high failure rate(close to 100%) on the SmartPower/TruePower units a few years ago.
  24. Agreed, it'd be interesting to see if they've changed their inards back to the older style Back-UPS's. Older Back-UPS's run PFC power supplies just fine, but their newer units just drop the load. We switched over to the PFC friendly Cyberpower's because of that(and they're cheaper, added bonus), and even on the server side I'm now considering switching away from our Smart-UPS's.
  25. be interesting to see if they're still crippled for raid usage, or if they plan on bringing out a 4 TB red someday.