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  1. first of all, my Config: ES.2 500GB*4 for 1st raid-0 SN06 firmware 7200.11 320GB*2 for 2nd raid-0 SD2B firmware ICH9R, Driver OS Vista x64, Win7 x64 I build those raid back in 2008, with driver 8.8, no problem at , speed is great. that ES.2 raid-0 easily give me over 300MB/s STR. After I had update to latest driver 8.9 set, I experience serious slow down, I had rebuild the raid servial time, reinstall OS, no different. At the last minutes before I go back to Hardware raid, I do complete benchmark test with different stripe size and write back cache setting again. The result is funny, with driver 8.9 it will become under 230MB STR when using 128K, and if I reduce the stripe size, the performance is back, and max at about 4~32K, I am using 4K stripe size and give me 250~320MB in ATTO. for Write back cache, if I enable it , the 4K stripe will slow down to about 120MB~150MB STR and under 100MB for write, it doesn't matter what is the stripe size, just enable it then it will slow down. Feel strange? me too, I don't know this is due to the new Seagate Firmware problem or Intel driver bug, anyway, problem solve. Sorry that I don't have the benckmark result photo, as It is really painful to find a place to backup over 2TB data, I had completely forget to save it. If anyone really want some benchmark result photo, I can do some test with the smaller 7200.11 at weekend.
  2. DummyPLUG

    Upgrade the 3ware 9500s cache size

    Yesterday I upgrade it to PC133 CL2 512MB, seems really cache much more data, but in the bios, it just report it had 192MB ram, within 3ware 3DM2, it report 448MB (both are not exact value as it use up some bit to do ecc in software) I had already e-mail 3ware and still waiting for their response. by the way it is a 16chips 512MB module, and that may be the problem.
  3. Anyone try to upgrade the memory of the 9500s? I want to give it a 512 or 1G memory module for enlarge the cache size (too heavy disk I/O), but I don't know will it still using up to 128MB only to do the cacheing even I give it a 1G memory. by the way, if that is a sodimm. non-ecc, unregister, unbuffered PC133 module? I saw that 3ware claim it is a non-ecc in its knowledge base.
  4. DummyPLUG

    Big Problems With The 3ware X506 Series.

    I didn't have experience with X506 series, but I did try to use a 6410 in a 66/64 slot, the result is it works but with random data corruption, just like the X506. Although the 6410 is a 33/32 card, but it is PCI 2.2, so it should be able to work in a 66/64 slot with the slot fall back to 33/32. I did report this to 3ware years ago, but they just ignore the problem.
  5. DummyPLUG

    Fix for IBM 75GXP, 60GXP and 120GXP

    Is that 18-GXP firmware also for 180GB model? in that readme it say for 120GB and lower....
  6. DummyPLUG

    Giving up on Antivirus software

    NAV CE is really very fast, I am using the 8.x version, and set it up to scan new files only (create or modified), I just want to avoid getting a virus, even I know that I am "clear", I didn't know my friend if he is or not. I always get virus from my friend, and very obvious, they all use outlook. tell from the task manager of windows, the NAV CE does only use a very little cpu time even for few days running
  7. DummyPLUG

    Problems with IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    just remember the promise should see as scsi device, and no DMA mode to select, sorry.
  8. DummyPLUG

    Problems with IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    check if you enable DMA mode. also, if you use an update promise driver, make sure you also use the related bios together. You can find the some self made bios on the new, and also, you can do it yourself (just like me.)
  9. DummyPLUG

    IBM 120Gb

    I got 4 IBM 180GXP 180G, 2 of them are normal, but another 2 make some "clicking" sound, it sounds like hear crash. The strange is that the IBM DDD-SI didn't report any problem for it, but I can easily reproduce those clicking noise, by shutdown windows when they are connected to my 3ware 7500 as raid. That 2 will be going back and exchange for new one. p.s. the DDD-SI say it can detect some handle pproblem, and test the servo.
  10. DummyPLUG

    Measuring SCSI Performance

    you will never meet 160mb/sec pls post you system spec also.
  11. DummyPLUG

    RAID-0.. SATA/SCSI/IDE.. is it worth it?

    Raid-0 is good for STR only, so, if you always work with huge files, then go for it, otherwise, it don't make sense.
  12. DummyPLUG

    Which backup system should I get?

    if you go for DVD, make sure you get a good driver and media. Cheap/Bad media will not be last long
  13. DummyPLUG

    IBM DDD-SI software

    I notice that IBM offer a harddisk diagnose software call DDD-SI, it say it can do some optimize for the harddisk depends on different usage, like raid, AV, etc... but it need to be register (I am waiting reply). If anyone had a copy and running it? I want to know what kind of optimize it will do to the harddisk, and if those thing can be done with IBM feature program. beside it seems that it can also detect problem of moving part, am I right? as I want to do more test with my 180GXP, before it fail with lot of data
  14. DummyPLUG

    AMD boxed CPU's

    I just get my 2400+ xp and mod to mp, for replace my dead 2000+ mp, it dead because of my MB voltage regualtion circuit burn out. The 2400+ xp I got is a little bit different with my friend, mine are brown in color, and comes with a ajigo MF033-032 heatsink, and my friend is a green one, with a heatsink that have a metal place screw on the bottom. My cpu are AIUHB core. The AMD boxed heatsink all comes with TIM, which all are phase change material, as this is a requirement from AMD. Those phase change material will better than thermal greese in long run, but will problem some side effect, first of all it can use once only, another is somebody in www.2cpu.com report, when he remove the boxed heatsink with original TIM, the cpu core (the metel plate) sticked to the heatsink and damage the cpu when he try to sperate them. For the heatsink I get, it is very quite, even I had 2 of them running now, although it label as 33db. The heatsink I get is labled support up to 2600MP or 2800xp, so I think it is good enough for my 2400+. For MB with overheat protection, such as my friend gigabyte 7dpxdw-p, he cannot boot up when using the TIM, I guess it is because the TIM still didn't start working, so the MB think the cpu overheat, once he use AS3, the mb boot normally.
  15. DummyPLUG

    3ware with 180GXP?

    Did you means a normal harrdisk format,or a "low-level" format? I had do a normal full formant. I think the fitness test program are read only, but I will try to wipe data on it later. I am running iometer now, and it read/write to all of the harddisk at the sametime, no such "head parking" noise, but I just start them 5 mins ago. I start to think about the 3ware had some thing wrong with the 180GXP, anyone using 3ware 7500 with 18GXP drive?