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  1. These drives are ENORMOUSLY susceptible to quality of power. I've burnt THREE *new* WD800JB drives in a row just because of having a bad PSU (for example i turned off power by using the mechanical switch behind the PSU, or power cut off, or similar case) - apparently, a surge of current was taking place in such situations, which fried my HDDs to death. I STRONGLY recommend to all WDxxJB drive users, MAKE SURE ur power supply unit is reliable (not some stinker Codegen or other no-name China one), or u can easily burn ur HDD so that it would stop being detected and even spinning. Again, this is a proven practive, 3 absolutely new HDDs DEAD
  2. reviewing this old topic... well well, after having burned 3 HDDs, i eventually (better later than never ) replaced my PSU to a reliable one... 3+ years have passed since then, and the WD800JB has proven to be a reliable drive - not a single problem, and none on the horizon (judging by SMART attributes). After all these years, I can safely state that this is an exceptionally successful model.
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    RAID how much faster is it?

    to pico1180 quite a poem for $0.02
  4. here's the downside 1) the more platters, the more noise the drive emits 2) the higher the density, the less reliable the drive is in the long run
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    Looking for a GeForceFX

    GeforceFX is dead, long live da FX
  6. u sound like a guy from guarantee service
  7. to P5-133XL: of course all components are susceptible to power surges, MORE OR LESS. that's the key phrase here, because among ALL components in the system, only the WDxxJB was burning each time (and there were three ). Even a Fujitsu HDD outlived all occurences, so yes, it's a WD drive that has MORE strict demands to power quality (but i think it's a WD engineers' f.u.c.k-up, cuz there should be protection against such cases. After all, such protection in OTHER drives does exist, and works, too). btw, this is not only my experience, other ppl report such WD behaviour as well. PS. "susceptible" is da right way to spell it :wink:
  8. yep, no built-in thermometer the only method to measure temperature of a WD disk is organoleptic. that is, by touching the HDD fear not, however, because WDxxJB disks are one of the coolest. for one, i run mine without extra cooling at all, and disk is warm to touch, not hot.
  9. Why waste money on all kinds of "HDD coolers", while a simple 80x80 12V fan attached just below a HDD does the job better: 1) MUCH MORE SILENT - two or three small high-RPM vents make a noise 10 times worse than one 80x80 running at low RPM. 2) MORE EFFECTIVE - two or three small high-RPM vents struggle so hard to yield an air flow that is still worse of that 80x80 provides, even running at low RPM - because of dimensions. 3) CHEAPER paranoids can have a 90x90 or even a 120x120 vent for absolute power and silence