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  1. I built a top end system for video & audio editing with a quad core and a seagate sata drive: Barracuda 7200.10 320gb running Win xp pro The new system is using an asus P5B motherboard. In one of our software applications, there's a macro that goes out and does a quick adjustment (normalize) on a small section of audio with a keystroke. On the new machine, there's a little delay (about a second) and you hear the hard drive doing something before it'll execute and return from the process. What's strange is I remember our old machine doing something similar a couple years ago and I just took it as normal... then after some intel sata update or some other upgrade it started to fly (the old machine was an amd 4800x2 using an nvidia dfi lanparty motherboard) anything come to mind? a buffer that has to be flushed? Any ideas would be helpful... Thank you. Sean
  2. SeanC


    can anyone give me an idea how to run a couple of these CPU's in a machine? Will it be a matter of weeks or months until a motherboard manufacturer comes up with a design? I have an AMD 4800 and can't quite edit high def video without lots of hiccups. Running two conroe's would probably do the trick. Sean
  3. I'm not sure that Acronis true image supports Raid, but that would be my first stop. Sean
  4. I have many Bytecc 740U2B enclosures and they work great for me. I set up a new one with a 250 gig drive for a friend with a mac and he's having all types of problems. I mistakenly formatted it for NTFS (not compatible with mac, right?) so he reformatted it. Now it takes close to 30 minutes to mount for him each time he connects it. any ideas? I'm no expert with the mac. Sean
  5. There are a couple old 60 gb ibm deskstar drives laying around and three Bytecc me-740 enclosures that have worked great over the past year with various drives. I put one of the 60 gb's in an enclosure and noticed it wasn't copying files very quickly. As I go into win xp manage storage, I notice that it thinks the disk is 2048.00 gb, with a 57 gb or so partition. I try another 60 gb hard drive in another enclosure and it's fine. I try to cross them (switch hard drives in enclosures) and the issue seems to stay with the enclosure...but at this point I've switched so many things I'm not sure where I'm at. Any ideas? I tried to delete all partitions. Right now windows computer management says "2048.00 gb unallocated." Right now I have one 60 gb working fine with one enclosure. The other exact same ibm model drive is having the 2048 gb issue. Jumpers on all drives are set to master. Is there a way to "un-initialize" a drive? What should I try? These enclosure's have worked great for me with 250 and 300 gig drives. Maybe these drives were formatted in some weird environment and need to be totally wiped? up for trying things...thanks! Sean
  6. thanks Continuum I should have been more clear on the hard drives...only planning on two of them (two big 300 or 400 gig drives). So that's why I was looking toward smaller cases (and also hoping they would fit my 8" width requirement. I looked at the P180 (looks very nice) but has the hinging door. The box will actually be put into an enclosure that's already only has 8.2" of I think the hinge will cause problems...I'll keep studying. I was reading up on motherboards today, and found people with quite a few problems with their A8N-SLI. If I don't care about SLI (which is running two graphics cards, right?) then is there a better choice? Maybe the problems are just amplified everywhere you look...and all have some sort of issue or another. The two power supplies you mention are the exact two I had found today in reviews...thank you!
  7. ooops. Looks like those cases don't come with power supplies. So, what's a good supply to power something like this and not sound like a jet? I'll pay more for a quality supply that can be quiet. Sean
  8. I need some help with a motherboard, case, and video card for an AMD Athlon x2 4800+ I'm thinking about building. It's been a few years since I've built a system, so I'm not up on the motherboards, cases, etc. First up, this machine will not be for's a machine used for editing hd video and audio post prod. Based on reading here and some other places, it seems pretty common to put the AMD 4800+ with an ASUS A8N-SLI (premium or deluxe) motherboard. I don't know enough about new motherboards to even know what else to consider. I'm happy to take the "short answer" on this there some other motherboard I should consider? I want 1394 on board...everything else seems common place today. Memory I've seen hyped is Corsair... 1 gig or 2 is the plan. Does it matter, or is any pc 3200 memory going to work the same? Video: I'm going between the NVidia GeForce 6800 dual dvi (about $200) and 7800 ($300). For biz graphics, video, etc...will the 7800 make any difference? All set on hard drives & dvd burners (maxtor diamondmax sata's and plextor 716 serial ata) Case...I'm lost. From looking at cases on newegg, you really have to dig deep to find one that doesn't look like an alien design! The one restraint I have is it can't be wider than 8" to fit where it's going. Choices I've seen and like are: Lian Li PC 7B. Lian Li PC-6077 Cooler Master Centurion 5 cac-t05 all seemed to have decent reviews. Anyone know if the motherboard should be fine there? Oh, and should I upgrade the power supply that comes with the cases? So...the main questions: motherboard and case for a super biz machine. Any help is appreciated. Thank you! Sean
  9. two cards that we use to handle analog or digital audio inputs and outputs. first is a lynx one or lynx two: or a usb pre (if we're on a laptop or need to jack in something with rca or 1/4" cables) Both some of the best converters you can get for under $1000. Probably a waste unless you're doing pro audio work. Sean
  10. ok, now you have me thinking about building. Is there a case that's not quite as large...but still very functional (similar in size between a dimension 4700 and 8400)? I'm needing space for two dvd writers, two hard drives, and maybe a memory card reader on the front. I like having firewire & usb up front and in the back as well. I'll start pricing stuff and see how it looks. Two years ago when I was going through this, it was tough to beat Dell when they had some 20% off a dimension coupon, but maybe things have changed. Great recommendation on the dvd, I have a couple of those...also a plextor 716 serial to pop in. Sound I'm taken care of with a high end balanced in/out sound card with spdif digital in/out. It won't be used for gaming at all, just high end video/audio. Between ATI & NVidia, is there a favorite in the $250 or less area? I run dual 19" flat panels, dvi connector...currently drive one of them analog. Oh, and I know nothing about motherboards...I'm not looking to do anything exotic...just a 4800+ dual core and have it be stable. I'd like firewire, and maybe gig ethernet on the board. Thanks for your time. Sean
  11. thanks much for the info! I spent some time at toms and anandtech trying to find them, thank you for point me quick. It seems like the heat issue can't be any worse than what I have now... Since there seem to be some amd pros here, I'm capable of building my own, but have not done that for my main business machine (video/audio workstation). I've recently been buying dells for the past couple years. I know tweaking your own build can be rewarding...also time consuming if things don't play together well. Is HP the best big builder using AMD's? Anything to consider as I get ready to buy a beefy AMD x2 Athlon system from them? thank you! Sean
  12. I have a Pentium 3.6 ghz (single core) and am considering heading to a new AMD Athlon or dual Opteron system. Is there much heat difference? As I remember, the 3.6 that I have is pretty hot. In general similar amd's run cooler, correct? anyone know off hand how the intel 3.6ghz heat compares to an amd dual x2 4.8 or so? My machine is in a contained area and don't want heat issues past what I have now. thank you. Sean
  13. my favorite has been bytecc $31 with USB $41 with usb & firewire They use an external power supply (good...keeps heat away) and work with drives up to 300 gig. After researching for quite a while, those seemed like the best in many aspects. I now have 6 and have never had a problem. Just be prepared for the bright blue led light that shows they're's very bright! Sean
  14. SeanC

    External Hard Drive Suggestions

    I've become a fan of build your own external as well. I have 4 or 5 extra hard drives laying around. Bytecc has worked very well for me: this one has usb2 & firewire for about $40 This one is usb2 only and about $30 The boxes arrive with stickers saying "worked up to 300gb" and takes about 5 minutes to install. External power brick (good, keeps heat away) and a very bright blue activity light that can light up your room. Sean
  15. Thanks Kenneth. I've been around anandtech and tom's before and get (usually) good info from there. I've not thought about the Operon, but that sure makes sense. Anyone know of some benchmarks with an operon vs x2 of late? Is the opteron just as fresh technology wise as the Athlon 64 x2 chips? The reviews that I've looked at on the aforementioned sites seem to only put the Athlon 64 x2 against some pentium d's and the like. Thanks for all the helpful replies. Sean