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  1. Laglorden

    Z-Drive from OCZ

    For people who are to lazy to build their own using a better raid-card and better (Intels) SSDs? Sure, maybe it's more "integrated" but anyway, spending $$$$$$ to get something and not get the best... Oh, well. There's also SuperTalent RAIDDrive I guess there going to be a lot of solutions like that because it's so easy... But seriously, build your own. Raid-card and depending on that 4 or 8 SSD-drives => stupid fast, stupid expensive
  2. Laglorden

    Intel X25-M Impressions

    Isn't 16 seconds to 11 seconds in Photoshop (whatever you did?) i BIG improvement?? What else can you do that improves the times as significant as that? If Intel came out with a 5 Ghz procesor tomorrow that wouldn't improve the times as much. Also 80 to 41 seconds boot time is impressive. Also, how to quantify the experience from the Windows user experience when things in the start-menu pops up faster? I doubt you'd see a 20-30% improvement switching to a newer drive. All SSDs with Jmicron controllers is absolute crap when it comes to random writes, they are slower that floppies or storing your data on a webpage in Ulanbatar...
  3. Is the cpu running at close to 100% at the same time? In that case, maybe Windows have dropped it down to PIO-mode? Delete the drive and the controller card and reboot a sufficent number of times to get it back. Try again.
  4. Laglorden

    Raid 6 - 4 Drive - Recommend me a combo

    Raid 6 with four drives??? Why? or rather why not raid-10 in instead in that case since it will be as fast or faster in all situations?
  5. SANs are about: 1) Eliminating "spofs" 2) Getting _high_ uptime. 3) Virtualizing storage. In a properly designed SAN (and most are, after all they spend $$$$ to achieve this) you will not have to shut down to upgrade stuff. If you have one cluster, well, maybe DAS is ok. Then you add another, with some more disks, then another with a new OS and some newer disk, and another, with different raid-controllers, then you upgrade and fiddle and after a while you're in a mess... Performance *shrugs* yes you can get good performance from a SAN, but you can get as good or better performance from lots and lots of disks for less $$$ so that's not a "selling point". The application is ALWAYS the problem, but people don't/can't fix that, second the database/operating system is the problem but they don't understand how to fix that, so finally it always comes down to "throw more hardware at it!!!". The point is, they really ARE useful, for their purpose (centralizing, securing and making storage "virtual")
  6. Laglorden

    Samsung F series?!

    Wow, they really do seem availible now... the end of the world must be near
  7. Laglorden

    SMART feature on desktop how?

    Enable it in the BIOS, then you need some program to "warn" or just check the status periodically.
  8. Laglorden

    Samsung F series?!

    I think they are on to something here, just announce stuff, never actually deliver anything I hereby like to announce my new disk-family "Spinning Vapour X" availble (well... maybe not...) in capacities up to 10 TB for $299. Not only solid state but frozen state deliverad in liquid helium.
  9. Laglorden

    Suggestions for SAN hardware

    I looked at SANmelody as a cheap solution for a HAS environment but ended up going with EMC anyway (cause that's what we know... FUD etc...) Anyway, since you want to be able to call someone if it fails, just buy a boxed solution from HP, IBM or even Dell? Why buy a prepackaged solution in the software and screwing toghether the hardware yourself? The savings for that is likely smaller...
  10. Laglorden

    Raid1 rebuild time with Highpoint 1810A

    Well, just counting 320 000 MB in 10 000 seconds is 32 MB/s. Doesn't seem so slow to me considering it has to read _and_ write while doing all other things too... How are you thinking it should be very much faster than that considering sustained write throughput is about 40-50 MB/s???
  11. Laglorden

    Why not RAID 1 with an SSD and a Raptor?

    True SSDs (as opposed to just flash-cards and whatever) have wearleveling algorithms so in theory you can write at full speed for 10 years or something before hitting their "limited" write/rewrite cycles
  12. In theory raid-1 and raid-0 should give similar sequental read-performance (read alternating blocks from each of the drives) but in pratice raid-0 almost always (with the solutions "built-into" Pc's) gives twice as much read performance...
  13. Laglorden

    2x74 Raptor raid0 or 2x150 Raptor raid0

    None of the above, you won't get any better game performance with raid-0, just more problems. Spend you money on faster graphics, more memory or something like that.
  14. Laglorden

    Samsung F series?!

    Oooh, is it SSD SSD is always the best when paper launched, why would everone do it otherwise? I don't think Samsung historically have made the fastest drives exactly... IBM/Hitachi have on the other hand so my money will be on Hitachi (until the opposite has been proven and not purely for STR)
  15. Laglorden


    So... they develop drives which costs millions of $, test them rigorously which costs even more, send them out to 3rd party developers, make documentation, sales guides etc and so on... but in all this thay can't actually be bothered to connect a wattage-meter to the drive and se how much it consumes so they decide to cut down on the costs be copy and pasting??? Hmm... Of course, stranger political decicsions have happened in companys...