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    Slow benchmark with 15k.3

    oh, i've taken to using SCSI Disktools to do my diagnostic and benching...great tool...horrendous price... cheers, dave
  2. argus333

    Slow benchmark with 15k.3

    yeah, those rates seem rather low...In my testing over at AMDZone, my Cheetah 15k3 on an LSI 21320 was hitting 91mb/s in Sandra. In the LSI BIOS it actually is quite chatty too but nothing like the Adaptec. I'm running Windows Server 2003 with write caching enabled. btw, anyone else noticed how freakin' spastic Sandra (all versions) is when reporting scores? I've got Maxtor DMPlus 9 ATA and SATA versions and Sandra keeps reporting the SATA as 21mb/s transfer...really bad... cheers, dave graham
  3. sure, in talking to Seagate about the so-so performance of my Serial ATA drive, they mentioned that they released it as an early spec drive. It conforms to the SATA spec but does not have tagged command queing and it's firmware is not as mature as Maxtor's etc. He called this "second generation" and his drive "first generation." Now, Seagate is working on a revisioned Cuda (prolly going to be called the 7200.7 SATA or something) that will have command queuing, etc. and should be a more robust performer. Also, Seagate is the only company that i know of that is not shipping legacy 4 pin molex power onboard their drives. That's either a negative or a positive (depending on how you look at it) but with Iwill's new SATA controller, they're bundling a 2 SATA head power connector... :-) cheers, dave
  4. hey mate, check out the database here to view the performance of each drive. I've got both the Cuda V ATA and SATA version (120gb) and the DM Plus 9 in ATA/SATA flavours. The Cuda V SATA is a first generation SATA device while the DM Plux 9 is a second generation device. In terms of ata performance, get the DM Plus 9 ATA. For SATA performance, you'll want the DM Plus 9 also. It's not too loud and does marvelously. cheers, dave
  5. argus333

    7200.7 or Barracuda V?

    two of the noisiest drives i've ever encountered are the Western Digital "Special Editions" and the IBM 36Z15 U320 drive. My wife has expressed the urgent desire to literally throw the IBM drive out a window because every 3 minutes or so it emits a freakish yodeling.... the WD drives are just extremely hot and loud... I LOVE my Cheetah 15K3 and the SATA/PATA versions of the 'Cuda V that i have. cheers, dave
  6. i think you're safe going either way... cheers, dave
  7. argus333

    SATA Question

    1.) Yes provided that the card does RAID (i assume that's what you mean by "combining their capacities"). Alternatively, you could stripe them together in software (not as good) via Disk Management in Windows. 2.) Yes. SATA runs discretely. your PATA devices will still work. -- the best SATA card I've used (so far) is the SIIG card which uses the latest revision of Silicon Image's IC. If you want to do RAID, you could look at Promises' 2 channel solutions. I personally am using a 4 channel Intel SATA raid controller. cheers, dave
  8. i've got enough bandwidth on my server if you need me to host ' daily cap... cheers, dave
  9. argus333

    Raptor on an ATA/133 interface

    lol I don't either...I'm having a hard time saturating the bus on the Cheetah 15K3 and Hitachi 36Z15 drives I have... (though, I did manage to peak around 150mb/s or so) cheers, dave
  10. argus333

    Raptor on an ATA/133 interface

    Advantages? Using Raptor on existing motherboards is really one. Jan since serial ata has been present on most motherboards since early-Q3 of last year, I can see how the argument is invalid and how it is valid also. I just don't see how it is effective to run a serialized device backwards through a constrained parallel channel...that's all...sorry if i'm pissing on the wrong tree, but...makes me wonder. cheers, dave
  11. argus333

    Raptor on an ATA/133 interface

    why would ANYONE try to run SATA backwards? what would be the advantages? cheers, dave
  12. argus333

    Raptor on an ATA/133 interface

    not possible... sorry! cheers, dave
  13. I'm trying to get ahold of a test drive from WD for AMDZone, but they're not being very forthcoming with it. and yes, there is a BIG difference between Anandtech and Storage review. cheers, dave
  14. point taken... cheers, dave
  15. ummm...I've got the receipts for the QLA card if you would like to see them... Read page 2 again... :-) cheers, dave I assume You got it from/via eBay then? I live in Europe, so we don't have anything as big as eBay here... Cheers, Jan yup.... haven't checked in awhile, but, if you were wanting a card, I do ship stuff internationally from time to time... :-) cheers, dave