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  1. Not as much anymore after what you said I mean I had seen bits and pices of that as I was searching around the forum and in other websites but I didn't have enought to confidently tell SCAJ something like "You're wrong, it's not this way, it's that way..." I guess if I get HighPoint's card I'll be using it with the WD Raptors until I upgrade my motherboard to either one of the new Intel mobos and then I'd be starting to use the SATA to IDE converters with a few of my older drives in another PC, as the raptors will be hooked directly to the motherboard ... I hope to see a HighPoint vs Promise comparison on here...Tom's Hardware certainly made it look like HighPoint's card is the fastest thing for a basic non-raid connection but I'm curious how it'd compare to promise's "cheap" 2 connections card because Tom's Hardware also made getting SI-based card seem impossible so I have a slight doubt about things :roll:
  2. first you're talking bits, then you're talking Mhz...now YOU are confusing me
  3. just what do you think you're using then? it's just not a card that you insert, but as far as I know built in solutions are on the same track, no? I did a ton more research on semi-hardware RAID vs true hardware RAID and wow, even 850 Mhz AMD is faster than 3ware's IDE card, and I doubt that things suddenly change with SATA... NOW I'm finally leaning back to HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 2-Channel Serial ATA RAID Host Controller- Retail from newegg but your benchmarks, along with these of many online websites, will be heard before I take action (I sure hope I can wait that long then again I HAVE survivied on 5400RPM drives all the way till now, I think it's just the excitment of moving up by 2, rather than 1 step, that's all ). I know Tom's Hardware Guide made it seem impossible to get a card with SI chip but if that turns out to work the best, I'll be sure to dig one up from somewhere... Summary of my post: At last I'm realxed about getting a card that isn't 100% hardware RAID now *phew*
  4. :cry: no edit button :cry: well there's a reason for this post, don't worry ... I just saw this: Adaptec Serial ATA RAID 1210SA Kit Just what we needed to add to the confussion :evil: ... Something else I've been wondering about... would I be able to boot up in any OS with the not-so-true hardware RAID adapters :?:
  5. well to be honest I'm very tempted to just go with the proven tech and affordable 3ware 7000-2 card at about 150 bucks, there's my true hardware RAID 0 with 2 80 Gig WD SEs (storage amount is not a priority) and everything's buy-able right now. (newegg even has sub-100 dollar price on the 80 Gig HDDs) WD HAD to complicate my life ... I doubt that I'd be sorry in the end (unless they come up with solid state desktop drives 2 days after I buy my WD Raptors :oops:) but things just have to be all complicated, don't they? If you check out my initial post you'd notice I was all set for HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 before I heard about the whole hardware and not-so-hardware RAID deal and the issues some folks got with the card and naturally WD had to mention every other company BUT HighPoint unless that Tom's Hardware article I read was all totaly wrong or somethin'. now the real dilema's between the two below, issues with the Promise card mentioned on Tom's Hardware Guide scare me but the benches on here make me wanna go for it and whatever the hell happens, so be it again, any advice/info on either controller would be welcome! Thanks in advance all!
  6. what the heck? Mark1Computers just changed the ETA on the WD Raptors to 3/26/03 ... not that I was gonna buy 'em on day 1 but come on...I thought people'd get them and post comments, since they were *supposed* to be selling starting today (I'm not counting pre-orders) awww... oh well, more wait = more time to research/decide on controller for the drives ...
  7. once again I find myself in need of the "edit" button...oh well... about the above post, I suppose it IS with 4 connectors - 2 on top and 2 on the bottom of the board. Wish 3ware cared about people on a budget/non-enterprise individuals(aka gamers or else enthusiasts for other reasons). /me wonders if 3ware will release a special edition of the 8500 later on with 2 connectors, sorta like they did back with the 7000-2...
  8. ughh...I'm a 1.6A...I'm DOOMED not that I don't OC to 1.8 or even 2.1 when I want to hit some high score in some benchmark but I've never considered running my system constantly OC-ed...alternative is saving up for a CPU, but I kinda wanna wait for the new generation. meanwhile, I suppose for hardware SATA RAID the only thing I can do is save 360 bucks (seriously tho, what's 3ware thinking? *sigh*) The above's newegg's 3WARE Escalade 8500-4 Serial ATA RAID Controller Card RETAIL BOX, only why does it look to me like it should be called 3WARE Escalade 8500-2 Serial ATA RAID Controller Card (cheap edition) /the 2 connectors instead of 4???/
  9. Didn't wanna keep up the quote craze, sorry :oops: I don't know what to say ... on one had Tom's hardware has been almost PERFECT at some benches they've published, and my system fell into the EXACT results that were suggested by their stuff... on the other, there have been fakes on that website ... that caused a MAJOR flamewar accross many boards but the proof of the images being edited was pretty much there and that's when a good amount of people lost all respect for that website... nowwww back to the controller dilema, I won't repost my whole original post (now that it's on the previous page I can only hope people ever see it) but this thing about Promise keeps bothering me as I *might* fall into the cathegory: High Point's card seemed perfect but why the hell is WD not working with High Point? Perhaps Tom's Hardware missed mentioning 'em...heh lastly, I wonder if the soft raid vs hardware raid thing is still true with SATA ... I mean supposevly only 3ware's got a true hardware raid IDE card, while Promise and High Point are at some point/level software ... there I go with summary of my second post again :oops: Okay, anyhow, I bought me twice more ram so now I don't have money for the 2 WD Raptors AND the controller so that should stop me until the end of the week, at least ... I hope for many reviews by the time I get a hold of my new paycheck
  10. same here except "sub $50" ??? I take it you're not really interested in RAID, eh? my 2 posts on the previous page are exactly on the issue of having these great WD Raptors become available to buy online, while still being totaly clueless about *THE* controller that I should pair my 2 WD Raptors with...
  11. :oops: I typicly don't do this :oops: but I typicly can edit/delete my posts so I don't have to plan ahead like I should have overhere ... It feels like everyone looks in this section so my decision to post my question in HERE was probably a bad thing so I hope I solve things with my 3rd post... Any help by any of you guys would be greatly appriciated.
  12. 24 hours and no reply... Then again I do tend to get hooked on forums and doublecheck for replys every 15-30 minutes. Sadly, before I ever get any questions answered I've already come up with another question about "hardware RAID" vs "software RAID" and while I understand what each means, I thought the only way to get software RAID going was trough the OS ... now sure I shouldn't believe everything people say but here's something 2 people on www.newegg.com posted: that last part caused my question in the previous post...and then obviously I shouldn't believe everything I read online, but these guys got me thinking about actually saving up for 3Ware's 4 port SATA card despite its insane price ... even IF it'd be a "stupid" investment as SATA's just barely starting to evolve now. btw as a side question: how come we can't edit/delete posts? I had decided to move my dilema to its separate own thread after all but then found out I had no such ability on here Well it is related to selecting the proper controler to match WD's Raptors but still...
  13. Hi everyone! First of all, great article and great website! Now on to my question ... I would have made another thread for it, but seeing that it is very much related to WD's Raptor drives posting it in here made more sense. Currently my best system in the house is a P4 1.6A with 256RD Ram (PC800) on an Asus P4T-E mobo with (ready?) 5400RPM drives :oops: ... I've lived fine with them for quite a while and I DO have a 7200RPM WD (120 Gig non-SE) in my server just because it's accessible from the whole house that way at all times. I'm finally getting sick of the slow loading times in some recent games and have decided to do 2 things - double my ram and get new HDDs at last. Right when I was about to place my order on 3Ware's Escalade 7000-2 ATA 133 RAID Controller Card and 2 WD "SPECIAL EDITION" 80GB 7200RPM EIDE hard drives in hopes to get some great RAID 0 performance WD HAD to announce the 10K drives, so I've been waiting and doing research at the same time. The new plan involves 2 WD Raptors in a 10K RPM SATA RAID0 setup where the controller is a mistery ... I hear great things about Promise in general ... 3ware's SATA controller's simply not for me at the kind of price they are selling it. Narrowed it down to 2 options: [*]Promise SATA150 TX2 [*]HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 There is 1 thing that bothers me about each controller in the case of HighPoint RocketRAID 1520 it is: This guy's troubles combined with the fact that Tom's Hardware mentioned a bunch of companies WD is working with, for great SATA support, but HighPoint was not listed anywhere while 3ware, Promise and a bunch of other more popular ones were RIGHT THERE. in the case of Promise SATA150 TX2 it is: *sigh* According to Mark1Computers the drives will be selling on Monday ... and I'm still pretty clueless as to what controller to pick ... This is getting much longer than I anticipated it to be, but here are the last 2 questions... [*]Just how high pitched of a whine is it that WD Raptor HDDs give out? [*]Is it a bad idea to have your WHOLE main OS (Windows XP Pro most likely) on a controller card, because some people say you only achieve the highest performance by enabling dynamic disks under windows and I'm thinking that would be kinda impossible if you are trying to enable it for the disk that your OS is on. Well...That's it. *phew* Sorry for the long post, I hope I didn't bore anyone too much. :oops: Any advice on any of the questions I asked would be greatly appriciated! Thanks in advance guys, and keep up the great work on the website...now that I know about it I'm definitly not forgetting it when friends ask me about harddrive upgrade advice Nk2k over and out.