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    Software RAID recommendations

    Software RAID is as unreliable as a Windows OS. There are free versions of Acronis backup software available from Seagate and WD. Use that to backup your system to a USB hard drive, plus a file copy too. Burn your pictures to a quality CD/DVD.
  2. Bozo

    RAID0 array fairly slow

    Both drives should be identical for best performance. Windows RAID sucks for performance. Try a low cost RAID card capable of SATA III for best performance.
  3. You'll find that you cannot turn off Write Cache on the Intel card. But it is made by LSI, so use the LSI SAS 9211-8i instead. It is much more user friendly.
  4. Bozo

    Test Post

    Just testing.
  5. Bozo

    Hot plug on the ICH9R

    I believe the proper ACHI drivers are only available in Vista. At least that is what it says in the BIOS of my Intel motherboard. Bozo
  6. First off the PATA cables should be color coded. Blue into the motherboard, grey for the slave, andblack for the master. Check the hard drives site for the proper jumper configeration. Some can be tricky. Check the BIOS to be sure it is set to boot from the SATA before the PATA. Floppy or CD before the SATA. Don't assume that the BIOS is correct in saying the hard drive is hosed. If it is not connected to the motherboard properly, with the jumpers set correctly, It could report anythig. BIOS's are not very smart. Bozo
  7. Bozo

    Low-end raid, SI3114 or PNY S-Cure card?

    If you make an image of you RAID setup, you can change the RAID stripe size and put the image back on. Try Acronis True Image. Bozo
  8. Bozo

    Raptor vs Raptor

    If you dig into WD FAQs, you will find WD drives have problems with Adaptec RAID controllers. I believe that is caused by the drives taking too long to try and recover data from bad sectors. That is the reason for the enterprise drives. Bozo
  9. Bozo

    Adaptec 21610SA failed Raid5 array?

    Some rebuilds take a long time. I would wait for the rebuild to finish. Most likely it will be fine. Bozo
  10. Bozo

    MAS3735NP and LSIU160 problems

    The drive should be connected to the connector closest to the U160. Leave all the drive ID jumpers off to get it to be #0. Uses the drivers from LSI on the floppy. There are times when Windows is wrong Bozo
  11. Bozo

    Transferring RAID Arrays

    Load the driver for the new RAID controller before you make the move. Otherwise the OS won't be able to see the new controller or boot from it. Bozo
  12. Actually, in the real world you don't notice any difference. It only shows up in benchmarks. Bozo
  13. Bozo

    New SATA drive oddness

    Some BIOS's have a setting for the SATA drives. The one I'm familier with have a setting to allow both PATA and SATA to operate, or just one or the other. They also must be set for RAID or not. Dig into your BIOS for settings. Also check 'Policies' for your hard drive in Device Manager. It could be set for Quick Removal. Bozo
  14. Bozo

    Where is you MFT?

    Here is an explanation of Indexing service It doesn't help in faster searches. I usually disable it so the CPU/Memory/Hard drive space it would use can be used else where. Bozo
  15. Bozo

    Where is you MFT?

    The Green got smaller. Right click on a partition in Explorer. Choose 'Properties'. At the bottom of the menu you can disable the indexing 'feature'. Bozo