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  1. And that's at idle. You get that baby humping, and you could easily add another couple of hundred watts of heat-energy to the case. 198340[/snapback] 250 (hd under load) + 100 (cpu under load) + ~100 (other eletronics)..that's 450W. I don't think the ultra-x can sustain that..It may have a peak load of 500W but I remember it doesn't have a continuous load of 500 (especially even more so given the temperature). I'd get it replaced asap.
  2. OCedHrt

    Need advice on a PATA hdd

    I have a system with 3 WD drives and 1 Maxtor in it. Average life on these is 2-2.5 years. No problems yet. I have a Seagate 200GB I got for aroudn $60 AR sitting in it's box. Seems to be a popular drive but haven't had to chance to install/use it.
  3. OCedHrt

    Annoyed by Sr.executives getting rich off my back.

    Then they'll just hire some from India for $5/hour.
  4. OCedHrt

    What archiving program do you use?

    I believe WinRAR has a CLI for both Windows and *NIX however I don't have a clue to their functionality. I use both WinRAR and 7-zip. If 7-zip had a better GUI, I'd drop WinRAR. -WinRAR vs 7-zip- Better GUI for WinRAR (just needs Uniocde). -Much easier to use than 7-zip's Much better shell menu for WinRAR (just needs Unicode). -I like how WinRAR's shell menu detects the filetype and shows the appropriate menu. MUCH BETTTER COMPRESSION for 7-zip. -Nothing comes closer Better Unicode support in 7-zip's GUI/archive. -100% Unicode I believe, vs WinRAR's like..5%.
  5. OCedHrt

    Fastest Small Drive

    Some of the Nvidia 250Gb boards have 4 sata ports on board.
  6. OCedHrt

    Need Help Recovering Data :(

    I have an Abit KV7 and I am using one of the ATA cards that came with the 200GB drives. Furthermore, I didn't install the drivers that came with said ATA card cause it seemed to be working fine with the XP SP1 drivers. I was able to access all my files without problems. But I think what the problem was is that I didn't have enablelargelba set in the registry. Now that that is fixed the data is still messed up ><. Basically so far I've dugged up all the corrupt files. Deleted those filled with FF. And moved the ones containing mp3 tags to another drive to slowly dig through them :/ I wrote a program to extract them based on the mp3 end hex of 80 00 00 00 00 (might just be the APETAG end) and the size of the mp3. But this still requires me to manually go through each file and find out which songs are there and in what order ><. A major pain in the butt. I don't think there is much else that can be done though :/ I've upgraded the drivers to the ones from the ATA driver disk and have set the registry bit now. Hope that fixes all the problems. All in all I've probably lost about 5-10GB worth of data, since these videos are probably spread among lots and lots of mp3, would be hectic trying to combine them in the right order. But nothing critical or anything like that I guess so its okay. Thanks for the responses guys :/
  7. OCedHrt

    Need Help Recovering Data :(

    Currently I am manually extracting my files back :/ It is quite weird though since it is not lost files, but more of like a mix up in the MFT or other file identifiers. The contents of my files have basically been swapped ><.
  8. OCedHrt

    Need Help Recovering Data :(

    Well, because I figured the bad sectors were at the end of the disk past the 137 gb boundary. So if I shrink the drive below 137 gb, then create another partition in the bad sector area, I could do a format w/ a rescan for the bad sectors, and thus have windows unmark them. The files were on here because I format my OS drive often, and the 200 gb partition was made when the large lba support was enabled. The weird thing is, I had no problem accessing these files. Even the ones that I moved on without the 48 bit support I could still access just fine. It wasn't until chkdsk marked them as bad, probably marking parts of the MFT as bad too, and dumping that out. It seems that the files that are corrupt, are basically just pointing to the wrong place on the drive. Some of them are pointing to things that were deleted long ago :/ Also, all the new files that are corrupt, are basically all filled with FF's now. The old files that got corrupted (below the 137 gb boundary would be my guess), point to incorrect data. My guess here is because its due to the MFT corruption. I'm not sure if this corruption was caused by chkdsk marking the bad sectors, or by Partition Magic failing with a file attribute not defined error. The corruption might be a combination of the 2 ><. It also seems like the mirror MFT is a no go :/ Only thing I can think of is to go thru the drive clustor by clustor to try to find the files ><.
  9. OCedHrt

    Need Help Recovering Data :(

    Here's the chkdsk log:
  10. I really don't know how to do this :/ All the recovery utitlies I've looked at recover files, but not incomplete files? The drive is a 200 GB drive with a single 200 GB partition. The drive itself is working fine. Basically, I didn't have large lba enabled in windows and I ran chkdsk /r on the drive ><. It marked everything past the 137gb barrier as bad sectors and in order to get rid of them, I moved about 60 GB of data off the drive and used partition magic in an attempt to shrink the drive and "squeeze" the bad sectors off so I can make a new partition there and format it. However, this operation failed and after a restart, chkdsk ran and "repaired" the bad sectors. I thought everything was fine so I moved the 60GB back on to the drive. However, it seems like chkdsk had filled all the "bad sectors" with FFs (because the 60GB I copied off is also corrupt). My guess is that everything past the 137 GB mark got corrupted, but I'm not too sure. Now I have a bunch of files filled with FF. Help! -Michael
  11. OCedHrt

    Pci Express 1x Sound Cards?

    Hmm. no edit? Well maybe I'm drunk cause I can't find anything But I do recall reading something like that. Maybe it was PCI cards into PCI-X but hm..thats not so relevant to us desktop users.
  12. OCedHrt

    Pci Express 1x Sound Cards?

    Actually, I read somewhere you can put pci express 1x cards into PCI slots and they will work. There was even a picture of this floating around.
  13. OCedHrt

    Mobo Bios Temp Readings "manipulated"?

    My old ASUS board reports temperatures about about 5-10 degrees lower than my current ABIT board
  14. OCedHrt

    Mobo's With Optical Out

    I think my abit KV7 has optical out. It looks like an optical out port, and the manual states "This connector provides an S/PDIF out connection through optical fiber to digital multimedia devices." Plus, this board is cheap
  15. OCedHrt

    Tcq, Raid, Scsi, And Sata

    On a less relevant note, I wonder if MSFT's bootvis could cram more I/Os per second into that bootup benchmark