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    Samsung F2 500gig

    I just re-read and 98megs should be 98gigs. Wish I could have edited. Oops.
  2. diriel

    Samsung F2 500gig

    I just bought this drive: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16822152137 and put it into an: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16817173043 Using the E-Sata interface on my Rampage Formula board I transfered 98megs of movies from my internal WD640, to this new Samsung and I averaged 94 MB/S transfer rate! I am still scratching my head over this! Heck, I figured this drive being 5400rpm would be slow, but for external backup I really did not care as long as I had a solid backup of my more important things. This drive is not slow... I will report back from time to time on how it holds up. In other news, my external enclosure, and drive are a quiet combination. Even during that massive transfer I could not hear them over the ambient noise of my computer case fans (120mm nexus orange ). Gary
  3. Hello, I have lurked here on SR for a good while. Hi All! The Samsung Spinpoint F1 was a daily topic for a while, then suddenly disappeared off of the radar. Any news? I have been holding off an "office" build to see what new & just about to hit tech may be worth the wait. Have a good one, Gary
  4. I have the DFI Bloodiron board. What I did was flash to the latest bios, then turn on AHCI mode in bios. Insert Win XP Corp 64 disk with the latest floppy drivers from intel in hand and away we went. No pain, no muss, fuss, or drama. It just works for me. Sorry to hear about all the problems. Gary
  5. Intel® I/O Controller Hub (Intel® ICH9/R/DH) The Intel® ICH9 I/O controller hub of the Intel P35 Express Chipset integrates several capabilities to provide flexibility for connecting I/O devices. • Intel® Matrix Storage Technology3 (when configured with ICH9R I/O controller): Native support of external SATA* ports (eSATA), combined with Intel® Matrix Storage Technology (Intel® MST), provides the flexibility to add an external drive for increased data storage with up to 6 times faster performance than USB* 2.0 or Firewire* 400.4 Support for eSATA enables the full SATA interface speed of up to 3 Gb/s outside the chassis. The Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) provides easier expandability with support for eSATA devices and native hot plug, while boosting boot and multi-tasking performance with Native Command Queuing (NCQ). In addition, support for Command Based Port Multipliers, and RAID levels 0, 1, 5, and 10 enable greater reliability for personal data, or maximum storage performance for intensive applications. This is a PDF directly from intel. http://download.intel.com/products/chipsets/P35/317304.pdf Here is the link to that PDF. I am using AHCI on my XP 64 Corp // P35 chipset and it seems to be working pretty well for me so far. Have a good read, and good luck! Gary
  6. diriel

    SATA Installation Fails

    Ok In XP Pro what i want you to do: --1 enter the bios and make sure your first boot option is Optical drive. --2 Now make sure you have that floppy that has your Sata Motherboard controller drivers. Make sure you followed the instructions on how to put the drivers onto the disk for use. --3 Now Put the XP Install CD into the optical drive and Reboot the system. --4 When it says: "To boot from CD Press Enter" do so and boot into the Install CD. --5 Now watch carefully as it starts to load drivers. You will see 2 options messages flash by that are very easy to miss unless you really pay attention. One will say Press F2 for Repair, the other will say Press F6 if you need to load additional Drivers. You need this option to install manually your Sata Drivers for your motherboard controller. Once you press this F6 key a blue screen will pop up and just read and do as it says. NOW you should be ok. From this point on once you reach the part where it wants to partition and such your drive should be recognized. Follow the Promts.
  7. diriel

    Silent filesystem corruption

    Elandril, Great reading, thank you!
  8. diriel

    T7K500 results

    what were you looking for that they could not deliver? Gary
  9. Ext3 is still highly regarded. However, Ext4 is now under full development and is meant as a full replacement of the old system. The new is Very forward looking in terms of capacity that can be addressed and overall scalability. Some say it has few if any performance enhancements. However I was reading more in depth and there are in fact some nice scalability enhancements, as well as general data safety enhancements. If this is not a super critical production box, go look up the latest MM kernel release and give it a try. It already surpasses Reiser4 in some bench marks.
  10. diriel

    A new pc for $1000

    I would look at www.newegg.com and price stuff. Geil, and Crucial are both ram types that I generally prefer. As for PSU, Fortron Source OEM's for a lot of different names in the industry. They make very good PSU's. Both Nvidia and ATI have good cards for that price range. I lean towards Nvidia personally but have no problems with ATI. I occasionally run Linux and thus prefer Nvidia. Good luck, Gary
  11. @Waiko, I think the Raptor partitions may be off a goodly bit. I don't know how much gaming you do but 30gb on your primary partition with games, apps, and pagefile is definitely way way lite. Save Games are very small most days unless you do a lot of savegame video files too. Even so it is much smaller than the actual games themselves. I would be more tempted to do probably a 100gig primary and then the rest as your 2nd partition on the raptor. Other than that looks pretty reasonable. Trust me though 30gigs is a bit small for what you have listed. It would be much better to run out of room on your My Docs + Save Games than the other way around. You can always "expand" those two onto the massive Seagate. But may run into problems if your primary runs out of room. Happy computing sir, Gary
  12. diriel

    Strange disk accesses. Reason?

    A piece of spyware perhaps? I have heard there is a clever WGA worm in the wild, just one thought. Gary
  13. diriel

    PSU Recommendation

    Believe it or not Mushkin is coming out with some high end PSU's http://www.legitreviews.com/article/335/1/ Be interesting to see just how good they really are. Gary
  14. 1. 80 pin SCSI is more of a server option for hot swapping ect. You will probably want to get a 68 pin adapter if you get the 80 pin drive. Or not depending on your SCSI card and setup. 2. As for The Fastest, I can not say for sure but the Raptor is damn fast in single user. It would certainly come close in many scenario's. 3. Is this going to be a dual core or dual CPU setup? Raid 0 does have some draw backs. Unless you go with a really serious hardware raid setup 0 can in some ways not quite be worth the down sides. It certainly can provide a good max transfer though. 4. What raid setup you decide on is more a function of what this system will be used for. Any information on what exactly you will use it for primarily? That will help some of the big boys on this site give you good recomendations. Good computing sir, Gary
  15. diriel

    Need your opinion people.

    Perhaps one of the Tyan proffesional series boards? Good luck Gary