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    Uhm...the other way round. It's to use parallel drives with SATA controllers:
  2. Hi, i'm seriously thinking about RAID1, but i decided it's only worth the money if it also does improve read performance to some degree. I've had a hard time finding out how load balancing etc works, and which ATA controlers do have optimizations. I've just read here in the forums that 3ware's controller have something called "TwinStor", and that the HP RocketRaid 404 has such techniques too, and it performs close to RAID0 (really??) What can i realistically expect? Faster random reads? Sequential? Both? None? And much more important, which controllers have optimizations? Will a cheap RocketRaid 133 do it too? Something like a RocketRaid133 SATA (with two RocketHead) and two Barracuda V or 7200.7 would be affordable&quiet, and i finaly could sleep well despite 1 lousy year of warranty... But Cuda's don't perform to well in RAID0...(at least the IV), so what about RAID1? btw, my board (Tyan Tiger MPX) has 66MHz 64bit slots, so i guess there are pretty much no limitations for controllers, unless compatibility is an issue. I'm thankfull for any input! (and excuse if my english is worse than i think it is )