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    DIY External SCSI Enclosure

    Are you looking to build a hot swappable enclosure? If not go ebaying for a external cd-rom tower. Use 5 1/4 to 3 1/2 drive rail adapters to mount your drives. This actually will give you better air flow across the drives.
  2. ncogneto

    How can I disable messenger service?

    How to disable the Messenger Service: 1) Start > Run > type "services.msc" 2) Scroll down to "Messenger" and double click to open. 3) Set "Startup type" to "Disabled" 4) Click "Stop" under "Service status" 5) Press Apply/Ok. Exit the Services Management Console.
  3. ncogneto

    Best gaming system competition....

    Agreed. However, will you turn on eye candy in a gaming cafe? Will you be running at resolutions above 1024x768 on 17" monitors?
  4. ncogneto

    Best gaming system competition....

    aopen ak79d-400vn $71.00 Athlon xp 2500 Barton (333) $93.00 (X2)GeIL Golden Dragon DDR 512MB 400MHz (1 gig total) $214.00 SAPPHIRE ATI OEM RADEON 9500 PRO 128MB $189.00 Seagate 40GB Barracuda $63.00 Asus 52x Cd-rom $19.00 volcano 10+ $23.50 Raidmax Scorpio Model TX-668WBP (420w) $109.00 Will take the extra ram over the latest and greatest video card, the ati 9500 pro stil outperforms the 9600 and the difference between it and the 9800 will only be noticable on benchmarks. The case/power supply is a matter of taste but prefer beefier power supply's than others have listed. Most cafe's have the cases in cages and locked so ooks are not always that important. Be sure to stock a few USB CDR's and floppy drives, perhaps a few zip disks as well. This will be handy for the students not buying time to game but to do school work etc and need to save the work the do ( photoshop, word, excel, etc).
  5. ncogneto

    RIAA suing people

    Lets start a list: People that don't get it.......... 1) raceware 2) ******* 3) ******* Hardly anybody here is trying to justify theft of copywrited material, so please, for the love of God, stop using that tired argument. What most of us here are pissed off about is the RIAA and how they are attempting to enforce copywrite laws. If anyone entity is costing the "starving artist" you so proudly claim to defend it is the RIAA, not 14 year old Johnny download. You have failed to answer several questions I have put forth to you so i will ask again: 1) Where in a large ISP's TOS does it specifically say it has the write to monitor what files I chose to upload or download? 2) What is to become of these "fine" that the RIAA collects from these lawsuits? Will any of it actually make it to the artist that has been robbed? If not, this is not justice, it is extortion. 3) How can you possibly justify a $10,000.00 fine for a single mp3? I'm sorry but the punishment has to fit the crime. 4) Why should I need to give up my right of privacy for an issue that while I agree is illegal, is far from life threatening and almost downright trivial ( my opinion only). You seem to be stuck with the belief that anyone attacking the RIAA is automatically a thief. This is hardly the case. As I see it the RIAA is an archaic, bloated, overbearing institution that has no business dictating to me, or anyone else for that matter, how the law should be enforced. That doesn’t mean it shouldn't be enforced at all, however. Yet to assume the RIAA is acting only on behalf of the artist ( if at all) is what really is asinine. There are much better ways to achieve what the RIAA is only pretending to achieve but they are to blind to see it. P2P isn't going anywhere, like it or not, it cannot and will not be stopped. If you think it can or will you are delusional. So, what do you do? Give the people a better, more legal option. If the RIAA had any sense at all it would open/create its on download sight much like the Itunes site. It could charge competitive prices on a per song basis maybe even offering a discount when an entire album is downloaded. These downloads could be tracked and the artists compensated quickly and accurately. Prices could be set by current released material costing a premium ( say like $.50 a song ) with older out of print material being offered substantially lower ( maybe say $.20). Such a model ( while admittedly crude ) would not only offer a legal alternative but would still offer a source of revenue to artists/bands no longer releasing new material.
  6. ncogneto

    RIAA suing people

    Agreed Now to extrapolate a bit: Littering is illegal. Shooting people who litter is also illegal. Which should we deal with first?
  7. ncogneto

    RIAA suing people

    raceware For sake of argument I have went through AOL's TOS ( it is probably still the most popular ISP regardless of how you may feel about them). I have not found in their TOS any mention of the fact they may monitor my download activity and volunteer it to anyone unless under court order to do so. Perhaps you can tell me the differnce between an illegal phone tap and the monitoring of ones traffic across his own computer? If I am so wrong please show me a TOS from a large ISP that explicily states it has the right to monitor any and all information uploaded/downloaded to my computer and volunteer it to someone such as th RIAA without court order? Actually I beleive just that will happen. You seem to be under the pretext that any and all laws, by and of themselves because they are laws are automatically legally and morally right. I have a bit of news for you, nothing could be further from the truth. Laws get appealled all the time, and if everything you say is correct, then this one should be the first inline. Well, me in specific no. But if enough people don't like them, laws can and should be changed. You continue to conduct your argument from a very narrow viewpoint. You have made several assumptions about me already which you have no basis what-so-ever. Just exactly why is my A$$ getting thrown in jail anyways? Did I ever say that I downloaded copywrited material? No I did not. As a matter of fact I specificaly stated that such activity was indefensable. But, by taking such a course of action you have shown us exactly what is wrong with the system as it stands. You beleive that because I am against the RIAA and there tactics that I must be partaking in illegal dl activity. Perhaps this position alone in your humble mind gives the RIAA the right to come into my house, seize my computer(s) and have a look at all the content I have stored? Hardly. You have yet to even try to counter the argument of the crime versus the punishment issue. What next, do we post snipers on highways overpass's and shoot speeders? Nor do you explain where all this extortion money the RIAA expects to collect is going to ultimatly end up. In conclusion, you can make a good argument for why the downoading of copywrited material is wrong. You cannot however do the same with the RIAA and there way of dealing with the issue. P2P is not going anywhere, and if you think this is going to stop it you are sadly mistaken. The only thing that will happen and is happening is that the RIAA is going to piss people off and shoot themselves in the foot. They fail to grasp the fact that technology is changing and to survive/thrive they need to change as well. What are they going to do about XM Radio?
  8. ncogneto

    RIAA suing people

    raceware Sorry my friend but it is you that needs a serious reality check. While it may be an indefensible position to argue for the legitimacy of downloading copywrited music for free, you seem to be completely naive to the bigger picture. One case in point. Lets say I choose to share a number of *.bmp files on a service such as Kazaa (for the sake of argument the are legal and no pornographic material). These files I share have become extremely popular and I am consuming enough bandwidth to trigger an alert at my ISP, who in turn, notifies the RIAA who, in turn, has the audacity to violate my privacy and look at the traffic across my computer. This, all without probable cause and or a search warrant. And you seem to have no problem with this? Sorry, but while it may be wrong to partake in such activity ( i.e. downloading .mp3's) I do not see it as such a threat as too compromise everyone's civil liberties for. What you have here is as stated before a case of two wrongs and we all know two wrongs do not a right make. Now, what is debatable is which the greater wrong is? Is it the Kiddy music thieves (which if we are to believe RIAA is bringing the music industry to its knees) or is it the aberration of a solution we are being force fed to deal with the issue? One would like to believe that us, being of a civilized society, when dealing with crime, hands out suitable punishments for said crimes. Just like we do not cut of the hands of a 12 year old petty shoplifter, likewise should be the case with the 15 year old that downloaded Brittney Spears latest monstrosity of an excuse for music. If I am to understand you correctly, a $10,000.00 fine is appropriate? Give me a break. And what is to become of the money that the RIAA collects in these lawsuits? Are the artists themselves going to be reimbursed for their lost revenues? How is this going to be figured who gets what? Or is it just going to line the pockets of the RIAA? The simple fact of the matter is we do have a problem but the current solution to the problem is a bigger problem than the original problem itself. Maybe this discussion should shifts its focus on better solutions then what we have in front of us today. On a closing note, if I recall there was an event in our history in which citizens were being charged an excessive amount for there tea. This led to a revolt commonly known as The Boston Tea Party. While certainly considered a criminal act by the standards of that time, today it is viewed much differently isn’t it?
  9. ncogneto

    FC(-AL)/SCSI difference

    Saviour? Maybe not. Useless? Hardly. You can source a cost effective and very fast fibre setup off ebay for a very good price. the issue is how long do you have to put the sum of the parts together will ultimatly determine your price. Given some time and patience, I dare say dollar for dollar you can put together a cheaper fibre channel setup than scsi. There is however a bit of research involved. Just because the drives themselve are fibre does not make them fast. They perform almost identical to there SCSI counterparts. This being said I have purchased new 2nd generation 36 gig Seagate 15k fibre drives as cheap as $50.00 each, fibre enclosures ( 8 drive backplane 1 gig/sec copper ) for as cheap as $100.00 and a mylex extreme raid 3000 as cheap as $175.00. while maybe not state of the art, this hardly would classify as old.
  10. ncogneto

    Raid for SAN

    What type of SAN do you want to setup? I find the hardware you linked to questionable. The Qlogic 2000 and 2100 series are a bit long in the tooth. The $169.00 to upgrade from a 2000 to a 2100 is laughable whe you can ebay the 2100 for about $35.00 to $50.00. The enclosures look good but it appears to be a single channel solution at only 1GB/s with the extra channel module again at additional inflated cost.
  11. ncogneto

    Raid for SAN
  12. Suite yourself. The drive in question carries a five year warranty, much better than any IDE drive you will find in a cheap usb/firewire enclosure. Trusting data integrity over a usb connection? Isn't that a bit of an oxy-moron? I have been using over 10 of them for two years now without a single issue.
  13. Can I ask why you need to boot to an external drive? There is a third option. You could make a fibre channel external drive using ebay parts on the cheap. Performance would be much better than any USB or firewire enclosure. Qlogic 2100 $40-$50.00 tcard $20-$40.00 36 gig 10k drive $40.00 any old 1-2 bay scsi enclosure $10.00 Total cost would be $110.00 to $150.00
  14. May I enquire as to which brand(?) of tcard you used? Is your enclosure that you just purchased rated for 2Gbs?
  15. Err, its not a RAID card. Raid is done via a software stripe. As the article originates in the US the prices he quotes are realistic. Myself I have a 2200 I picked up for <$100.00 and a 2300 on the way for slightly more than $200.00