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    Storage Review Site Update

    Great to hear the site has a new lease of life. I'd like to second (or 3rd) a call for more focus on SSD's, reliability, RAID and compatibility. I also agree with a previous poster that anandtech have done a decent job with SSDs recently. Another site that I think does things "the right way" is silentpcreview - if SR can match that level of thoroughness it will soon be able to reclaim the title of premier resource for all storage infomation. Cheers and good luck
  2. jonscaife

    Tough issue. Smart people look here <

    If it turns out not to be the PSU (which - as mentioned above IS the most likely thing) or a mobo-case short, I have another couple of suggestions. 1. A lot of the recent Asus mobo's have passive heatsink's on the northbridge which have a layer of the disgusting bubble-gum type thermal goop underneath, which in many cases is very poorly applied. On several boards that I have seen there has been a big "bubble" of air in the middle stopping the heatsink from doing its job. Try removing the heatsink (its not too difficult), removing the compound there, and replacing it with some real stuff (A.S. 5 or Ceramique - ceramique is my preference because its easy to apply). 2. Check (just in case) that there is no evidence of "leaky" capacitors on the mobo Good luck Jon
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    Unlocked AthlonXP TBredB 1800+

    oops. those should read DLT3C. somehow i managed to repeatedly typo the 3 and the C the wrong way round!
  4. Just got an AthlonXP 1800+ for a friend from Ebuyer. With it being fairly recently fabbed chip I had to see just how high it would go. Imagine my surprise when my rather sceptical attempt at changing the multiplier succeeded! I thought all XP's now came multiplier locked! It's now somewhere between a 2600+ and a 2800+ and all for under £50! Thanks ebuyer! The motherboard is an Asus A7V8X if that makes any difference CPU-Z WCPUID Windows I'll post pictures of the chip, the POST and the BIOS later...
  5. jonscaife

    Unlocked AthlonXP TBredB 1800+

    I was initially disappointed because I thought that it was a TBredA but it turns out it IS a TBredB - TBredB's made later than week 8 CAN have the code DLTC3. The way to tell is that the JIUHB ends in a B and not in an A. This chip appears to be an unlocked 1.5v TBredB. Who knows why it is unlocked If you look at the picture of the chip you'll notice the L1 bridges don't seem to have been "trenched". For information on telling TBredA's from TBredB's see TBreds or Low Breds And now as promised: more pictures... The Chip (codes: AXDA1800DLTC3 and JIUHB) The POST The BIOS
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    Serial-ATA Power - Lack of it

    i did manage to find an adaptor at its supposed to arrive today. just a shame one wasnt included. cheers for all the responses! if you have any spares - keep in mind a market may soon develop for them!
  7. So I get a "Serial ATA Ready" motherboard and a Serial ATA Seagate Hard Disk. The data cable comes with the motherboard (very kind of you asus) so that should be it, right? Err no! The Serial ATA Seagate (like all Serial ATA drives I assume) doesn't have a normal molex power socket. It has a 15 pin thingymajig. Did anyone supply me with an adaptor? as if! so now i have to find one, pay for it, and pay for the delivery! Why didn't anyone warn me! Its the first I've heard about it! Just to warn other people out there!
  8. jonscaife

    Spec for new machine - this look OK?

    well i have the iiyama 454 and its a beautiful monitor. definatley recommend it. the rest sounds ok - maybe get a radeon 8500 or a GF4 Ti4200. directX 9 support is fairly pointless at the moment - unless you want to be playing next years games without upgrading - and if you were going to do that you'd need the most powerful kit available. seagate drives are the way to go for quietness - the rest sounds reasonable too how much is the plextor combo? you might be better with a lite-on DVD-ROM (the LTD-166S) which is fast and quiet, and a dedicated Plextor CD-Writer (like the 48X drive they make) At 1X (DD movie playback) I find my Lite-On drive pleasingly silent - even when reading CD's at high speed its pretty quiet. The other advantage is you can region-free it and its very good value other than that - it sound ok. only other thing worth considering - if you get PC3200 memory now then it leaves you the option of upgrading to a 400 MHz FSB Pentium4 or Athlon XP system later (when they get cheaper) Samsung PC3200 is fairly cheap now
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    Serial-ATA Power - Lack of it

    the drive in question is described here,563,00.html and the best picture i have been able to find online is here I will post a link to a picture of my own drive later (when I get in from work)
  10. jonscaife

    Serial-ATA Power - Lack of it

    Sadly - and i can send you a photo if you like - my new Seagate Barracuda ATA V 120GB Serial-ATA drive does NOT have a molex connector. its has a small 4 pin connector that looks a bit like the 4 pin audio-cable connector on CD-ROM drives. it has a 7 pin serial ata data cable connector, and a 15 pin serial ata power connector. I have had to order an adapter online. Most places I enquired did not have any in stock yet but said they would soon. I eventually located one at (dunno if i'm allowed to post their address - but im just trying to help anyone else who is looking - im not making comment about the quality or value of the place mentioned) cheers anyway