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    Doom 3

    A bit steep, but at least it can be financed.. "Only $833345 per month if you use PayPal Buyer Credit. Subject to credit approval. US residents only. See repayment details."
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    Western Digital Raptor Preview

    I certainly hope the main page is going to be updated with a news item about the new results being available, at least after noise/temp testing can be performed for a complete set of results. I was disappointed after seeing the beta reviews here and on Anandtech, but now I'm excited again. I certainly hope these drives prove a commercial success to spur the development of further 10kRPM ATA drives. A speed increase is long overdue in the ATA arena. My next gaming rig (Prescott/Canterwood) will include a pair of these puppies unless something even better sees the light of day between now and the availability of Prescott.