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  1. Clocker

    The Fall of StorageReview

    It has been years, YEARS since SR lost it's Mojo. Pity. I started posting here in about 1997 or so but the site just died after that loss of the database in 2001.
  2. Clocker

    Enough is Enough

    Good job, Eugene. Glad you are turning it around.
  3. Clocker

    320 gig SATA roundup

    IMO, 320GB drives are nice because they are cooler and quieter with only two platters. Right?
  4. Clocker

    Vista Business 32-Bit

    all gone
  5. You can't boot from a software RAID 0 (or RAID 5 if you user Server 2003). Good point!!
  6. Never installed. Got this from the vista upgrade coupon program on Newegg. Case comes with DVD and OEM Key. It's an upgrade DVD but we all know it can be used to do a full install.. $100 shipped in USA. Clocker
  7. Why bother with a SCSI RAID card? Just use a basic 160 card and WinXP/Vista Dynamic volumes to create a striped volume. No RAID card or special drivers required.
  8. Clocker

    oNLinE dATing

    I bet you can find some freaks to shag on Craig's List.
  9. Clocker baseball hat

    Get back to you @ SF.
  10. Just pay shipping cost. I have no use for it and would rather let somebody have it than trash it. Any old-timer SR members out there who are interested in it? C
  11. Clocker

    How big is your waist?

    33.5" waist 180 pounds 5' 9" tall
  12. Clocker

    D2OL R. I. P.

    I want to get into a team from the start. If SR starts a new team, my 3700+ @ 2750Mhz will be crunching 24/7. C
  13. Clocker

    SR's D2OL Metacomputing Team

    If a new project is started, I'd start contributing again. I'd like to get into a project/team from the start.
  14. No. That post only exists as a screenshot I took at the time. The screenshot was for Eric's post count getting screwed up (he actually had around 4500 at the time). It just happened to capture Clocker's moment in time too. So much has changed since then... Wow. What a blast from the past. :-)
  15. Clocker

    Good software for mirroring?

    I use a program called Backup Magic. Works great for me. I run it as a Scheduled Task every night and it backs up all the files that I told it to. It will save old versions of files that have been changed it you want it to and the fact that it runs as a scheduled task every night means I don't even have to think about it anymore. I don't use an external drive though. I just copy the data to a second drive in my PC. Once a week, I just copy my "Daily Backup" folder to my external firewire drive. Clocker