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    Seagate Barracuda ATA V

    Weeha! A couple of days ago, my brand new 120GB Barracuda V went haywire, it is dead.. I have tried about ten salvage tools, they didn't do nothing good ;( I immediately went out to get a clean HD to salvage onto, but got into an argument with the store who sold me the HD, so I choose to go to another store and buy a Matrox DiamondMax9 120GB, it does make a little more noise (compared to seagates whisper!) but I say it's well worth it, if you can keep your HD alive for more than a month... HOW TO turn on/off the Acoustic Management on Barracuda? and Matrox for that matter! Personal HD Death list: 1999 - 40GB Matrox - All data recovered, was just slow... 2002 - 60GB IBM - All data lost, including non-backed up work!! 2003 - 120GB Seagate - All data lost, only entertainment though... R.I.P :?