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    CD drive not detecting.

    First thing to check is your power supply, you probably need close to a 400W. If your PS is failing to distribute the power required, the device will no to be detected. Have the HD and FD on one cable and have the CDROM and burner on another, it may fix the problem for low wattage PS. Second, look at the jumpers to make sure the burner is set to slave and the CDROM is master, have both on the Secondary IDE Channel, the HD on the Primary. Both your IDE channels should be turned on in the BIOS but sometimes your motherboard chipset drivers need to be updated for the OS to recognize newer drives.
  2. SCAJ

    Power Outage

    Since I work for a mining company, it's a good thing I work in the smelter and not the mines. Apparently a huge majority of the local miners were trapped underground for that period of time. With no other access then the cages (elevators), they better start digging ramps to the surface (not all mines have this kind of access). In the smelter, most pieces of machinery have generators to supply emergency power. I find it disturbing that the mines would not provide generators for the cages, especially if they lost power to their ventillation systems. At first I thought it was the new worm virus that affected the computers controlling the power grid since the power outage was so wide spread. With a fire at one of the U.S. power plants, it should not have affected the other locations. It's safe to assume that when the power plant went down in flames, the other nearby locations tried to draw more energy from Ontario, which resulted in the overload. I believe that 75% of Ontario's power production is sold to the U.S. This is totally unacceptable, each region should be able to supply enough power to their perspective areas so this stinker never happens again. These Hydo electric company's are only out looking to make a profit by selling their power at increased rates to outside sources. This loss of power should never have occured, they know better. These greedy S.O.B.'s are a laughing stock of the rest of the world, we know it would never happen elsewhere.
  3. SCAJ

    Power Outage

    Wow, that really sucked! 18.5 hours without the use of my computer, cooling fans or water. I guess it could have been worse, but I had no cold beer to soothe my sorrows, lol.
  4. SCAJ

    Spybot Search & Destroy

    Yes, i have it too. According to the program, this website is using spyware, gasp!
  5. Here's the specs on an Area-51 system posted in PCGamer: Intel P4 3Ghz (800Mhz FSB) Intel D875PBZ 1GB PC3200 DDR GeForce FX 5900 Ultra Seagate 120Gb SATA Pioneer DVR-105 Samsung SM-352B WIN XP Professional 3DMark2001SE - 17600 3DMark2003 - 5947 One thing I forget to mention is that my rig is using WIN XP Home Edition. By looking at these benchmarks, I would say my system is right on par with any single CPU system.
  6. For the ATI Radeon 9800 Pro (128MB) Catalyst 3.5 drivers 3DMark2001SE - 18111 3DMark2003 - 5698 (with patch) My system: Asus A7N8X Deluxe 2.0 Barton 3200 1024MB Corsair 3200LL in Dual Channel Mode Soundblaster Audigy 2 2 Raptors in RAID 0 Asus 52x CDROM Plextor Plexwriter 40x12x40A Enermax 650W PS Klipsch 5.1 Speakers Samsung SyncMaster 1100p plus
  7. Since Doom III has not, and probably will not hit the stores anytime soon, wait before u buy another video card. The prices should drop even more before the game is released. Besides, waiting on the game to be released first and hearing afterwards if it has any "issues" with a specific video card would be the right decision. I do have the 9800 Pro and posted my benchmarks on another thread. So far, no one has posted any benchmarks for the 5900 which makes me believe it's not that good a video card.
  8. SCAJ

    WD Raptor vs. Caviar JB

    I switched my WD1200JB for two Raptors in a RAID 0 configuration and the performance increase was well worth it. I found the WD1200JB to be sluggish from the sheer size of the drive. 70 Gb is more than adequate for my needs and not much of a performance drop is noticed with half of the storage space used. I noticed a huge drop in performance with the WD1200JB after half the drive was used. Personally, I would only use the Raptors and not compromise performance for the added storage space.
  9. I guess you bought the wrong video card if you didn't notice a significant difference. I upgraded my ATI Radeon 9700 Pro to the 9800 Pro and noticed a huge speed increase right away.
  10. From what I heard, Nvidia cheats on their benchmarks by running their drivers in 16 bit producing much higher framerates at the expense of image quality. The ATI cards run at 24 bit, and for the video cards to be DirectX9.0 compliant they need to run at 32 bit. The 9800 would be your best choice for price/performance/visual quality/stability/noise levels. On my system: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 3DMark2001SE - 16641 3DMark2003 - 5167 ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 3DMark2001SE - 18111 3DMark2003 - 5698
  11. SCAJ

    Pentium 4 fsb and ram question

    The P4's scale better than the Athlons when the FSB is not synchronized with the RAM, but expect optimum speed when both are. It seems to me to be a waste to run the new FSB800 CPU's with DDR400. Sure, the CPU is quad pumped to reach 800Mhz, but when the memory is running at half the speed you notice the will difference. The new P4 chipsets should have supported RDRAM with the 800Mhz bus for maximum performance.
  12. that's the worst post I've ever seen from you.. are you joking? 1) newer drives often generate the same or less heat and are quieter than older drives while being faster and drawing similar amounts of power 2) running your drive under a magnet would not hurt it (it would only possibly render the USER data useless). Apparently you don't have, or even seen and older AT drive? I have some old 20mb, 850mb and 1.2Gb drives kicking around and they didn't even come close to generating as much heat as my Quantum Atlas 10k does. I can fry an egg on that drive because it can get so friggin' hot. What's with the heat sink on that HD? Funny I've never seen that on any of the older drives? I don't know what drives your use to but I know in the real world, anything that moves faster will generate more heat and noise. As for the information on HD's, they are stored magnetically. Take the metal scanner at an airport, is it strong enough to demagnitize a drive? I don't know, but I would have to say it's not good for the longevity of the drive.
  13. The newer drives are faster and generate more heat as a result, this reason alone is why any drive would would fail prematurely. Any drive that arrives D.O.A. was probably scanned with a magnet of some sort.
  14. SCAJ

    Power Supply issue

    Most PS fail to deliver what they claim to put out, a heavier PS is built with quality. Usually with a 300W power supply you only have 6 leads available. With 3 drives and 2 CDRoms, your pushing it for sure. A 400W+ would be more than acceptable with twice as many power leads than the 300W and having less of a power drain on each component. A higher end video card would drain your remaining power usage and cause instabilities.
  15. SCAJ

    Which defragmenter do you use?

    Norton's Speedisk, it's not bad but I find it considerably slower when running on XP than it does on ME or 98.