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    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    moogy: except the incident I have alread mentioned (and that might not be Maxtor issue at all) I did not encountered any problems with Maxtor drive. Mostly I have had Quantum drives before Quantum was absorbed by Maxtor so I naturally moved to Maxtor (which basically replaced their our drives with Quantum line). Over 5 years I have had (except one WD which was pain) two Quantums (8GB, 20GB), 4 Maxtors (Diamond Max 40 Plus, D740X, now Diamond Max 9) and never encountered any problem with them. I however buy usually top of the line products (avaliable in that time) so my experience is slightly biased. Except the noise of D740X (which I wrongly assigned to Diamond Max 9 in previous post) I always found them as great performers (in theirs time). All drives I buy/bought come with 3 years warranty. On the other hand I cannot say anything (good or bad) about other brands since I run completely Maxtor .
  2. Risa2k2

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    Orca: Yes, there is one green LED (ASUS TUSL2-C) that signals the board is simply still (partially) powered (even when the system is turned off). This for the case one want to remove or add additional PCI cards. I believe, it does not matter when removing HDD rack. Either way, I have tested my Diamond Max 40 in my company machine (run powermax advanced test on it) and it reported itself error free. I must have some anomaly in my system :? and will investigate further.
  3. Risa2k2

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    This makes me thing what is power on and power off. I assume when I switch the power off by power button (soft-off) it is "power off", even the board is still powered (green LED lights), and I can for example remove the drive in the rack. To completely cut the power I would need to unplug the power cord (there is no switch on PS), which I am not sure is the way it was meant to be done. Am I right? Anyway, I always plug/unplug drives when system was "soft-off", in that state there should be no power on +5V and +12V rails. What confuses me even more is, I have tried the deaf drive yesterday several times with no luck. Today I brought it to the company and put into my work machine and it worked right away. Seems, that the instant I started posting on SR, my drives started challenging me .
  4. Risa2k2

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    It is really a shame that my first post in this forum turned out to be quite a bullshit :| . After I post the previous post, I decided to tackle the problem rather methodically, since I was not completely convinced that my new drive is really so bad. I started to evalute the noise each drive produces by temporarily disabling other drives. I did it simply by detaching the power cable from each drive. I also can adjust fan speed manully for all fans in the system so I turned them off too (CPU fan just for short time). After that experiment I must confirm that the new Maxtor 6Y120P0 is far more quiet that any other drive (Diamond Max 40 Plus - 30GB, D740X - 40GB). The most noisy is D740X (it clearly whines with high pitch, compared to Diamond Max 9, which is almost not audible from 1 m). The bad luck is that during the tests my old Diamond Max 40 died on me :cry: . I do not know if it was because I disconnect the power and leave the IDE connected or because it was in rack, but it is no longer recognized by the Promise UATA 66. I tested Promise controller with another drive (actually the one I have had connected to it for almost 3 years and only recently moved it out) and it is OK.
  5. Risa2k2

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    Hmm, I bought exactly same drive 6Y120P0 just two days ago . Unfortunately, it is probably old version (firmware: YAR41VW0, mfg: 19.Nov.2002) and unfortunately it si louder than my old D740X 40GB (???), which I would not expect since the new drive should sport this fluid thing. I am probably giving up on that one to Seagate Barracuda V (ST3120024A). I need that drive for my home system, since now I used exclusively Maxtor (Diamond Max 60 Plus, D740X, even old Quantum was "maxtor like"), but now I feel like giving up some performance for the quietness. I would however not like to give up in terms of reliability. Can anybode compare these two drivers?