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  1. ...that it is full of junk. Which greatly undermines any argument for or against. Scientific journal? No. notice the past tense. Second, it wasn't the only contributing factor -- think deforestation through logging. yeah, almost approaching 4 decades ago Funny, I was just watching something on TVO a couple of weeks ago about Sudbury's dramatic environmental turn around. And you know what I saw surrounding the the plant? Row upon row of fir trees (ranging from I'd guess 10-15 years of age to new sapplings). In fact, that evil Inco company has gignormous tree nurseries deep underground -- the temp never varies and the young seedlings do well. In the spring they're planted. Notice that past tense thingy again? And we all know "British-based" newspapers are leading authorities on the current state of smelting practices in Canada.Get the picture? Here is some more accurate descriptions of Sudbury: So if a prime supporting piece of evidence to the tenet in Chris Demorro's article is shoddy at best, what weight should the rest of the articles arguments hold? Hmmm, lets see, a study by CNW Marketing .... oh, yeah these guys: Anyway, I got bored of this.
  2. CityK

    My Ubuntu 6.10 review

    I'm hoping that the "evdev" driver will eventually take care of detection and configuration. As to having to resort to manual config/setup, take heart that you know how to do it. For the new user, there is so much varied and outdated information out there that it really makes it difficult to figure things out. (the info in the Gentoo wiki, btw, is probably the best source available ... and if you opt for the "mouse" driver, this is a pretty source of info )
  3. CityK

    My Ubuntu 6.10 review

    Not that it matters, but I have a hard time believing that you (someone familiar with nouveau) would figure that it would be one of the drivers installed by default. nv - sure, that's a logical assumption. nouveau - yeah right, get off that crack pipe. I have a much easier time believing that you wanted to put the name out there though ... which is fine by me, as I support its promotion.
  4. Suspend to ram .... provides the same level responsiveness as what CE equipment does ... CE equipment maintains a low power state (i.e it continuosly is drawing power for its electronics), else things like your TV, DVD player etc wouldn't snap on and be ready for use almost instantaneously -- they would, in effect, also have to boot up I generally agree...where I differ is that once a htpc is setup, it can be just and more convinient then CE equipment (for example, here's a good discription of what can be obtained)....the problem is, and this is actually where we are in agreement, is its definitely not for everyone -- it requires a good measure of knowledge about computers and home theatre is general. I completely disagree. Nor do I believe I am kidding myself. I have seen countless posts like this on AVS and elsewhere. PQ is NOT an issue with htpc. I do not care to debate this --- I hold no interest in pointless arguments that audio aficinadous or hometheater enthusiasts (on either side of the coin - pc or ce) love to delve into, trying to convince everyone else that there is a 0.00005% difference in quality, and that, in itself makes all the difference My point is that I, and many others in the htpc community, have no problem calibrating equipment for outstanding quality, and that by no means is it inferior to that of ce equipment. I whole heartedly accept that the average person wouldn't have a clue how to achieve this, so ce equipment will indeed offer them a more convinent and quality solution. However, I never kid myself about what can and can't be achieved.
  5. ambient, - the fusion 5 does uart no good -- its for the North American or Korean userspace .... he needs a dvb-t card - in regards to your mention about signal strength, be aware that you cannot compare the figures reported by one app/card to that of another app/card ... there is no standardized way of generating these figures and plenty of room for variation and interpretation by the software developers ... hence, you can only apply the figures to that card ... BTW, the Dvico measure of 70% does indeed seem to be the cutoff point for these devices that dvb-t dual card is actually a pci & usb model combined (you plug the output from the second tuner into an internal usb port...although I believe you can route the usb externally to the mobo backpane too if necessary) ... have seen a number of posts where the poster can't get the second tuner going --- cause they forgot or weren't aware you had to plug in to the usb!
  6. It is easier out of the box with dedicated CE equipment. But for many, htpc is both fun and rewarding. Plus, if your skilled with computers (hardware and software), its really not much of a challenge at all, and takes little time to set up, and easily rivals the convience of CE equipment. use S3 ... takes seconds crashes? what modern OS still crashes? if things are working, why perform driver updates? it demands nothing of the sort. Use poor hardware and poor software, then yeah, welcome to poor PQ. have never used MCE, nor care too, so I have no idea if it would aide you in your goal for an out of the box experience..
  7. Encoding is applicable to analog systems, not digital.
  8. Doh! I knew I should have gone for door number 2 DVB is an industry member organization that developed some systems and standards for digitial television (DTV) transmissions. DVB-T is a standard that outlines terrestrial digital television broadcasts. Similarily, DVB-C and DVB-S are for cable and satellite respectfully. The DVB standards have been widely adopted, although a few regions (such as North America) utilse other standards (that are slightly differing in some aspects from DVB's) for their T, C, or S systems. For example, ATSC is the DVB-T counterpart in N.A. ... see here for more info on DVB ... as an unrelated side note, I had never thought about it before, but I just momentarily contemplated the use of "B" in DVB (digital video broadcasting) -- its certainly not applicale to C or S, as they are not "broadcast" transmissions (well, satellite argubly is, but cable is most definitely nothing more then a closed system). The term 'broadcast' is usually reserved for, or implies, terrestrial based, over/off-the-air transmission ... as it is broadcast, it is available to everyone ... and in general, the transmissions are unencrypted, which would explain where the free-to-air label comes from .... Whatever. That's correct. You might also find this forum of help.
  9. c, The TV Wonder is an analog only card (unless you meant TV Wonder 650, which indeed is also digital capable). Plus, all the others are for the North American userspace, whereas uart is (likely,unless he has no clue)* looking for a DVB-T card* although he didn't specify his location, his use of "free to air" TV strongly suggests he is in the UK ...or Aus, but I suspect UK The phrase "free to air", in of itself, doesn't nail down the geographic locality (and hence type of card he should be looking for). Indeed, while we in N.A tend to refer to terrestrial broadcast tv as over/off-the-air, free-to-air would be just as relevent. Free to air is also quite commonly used in reference to some satellite transmissions, but that, of course, is not terrestrial based, nor really relevant here. Nonetheless, free-to-air is the common lingo in the UK to describe their terrestrial tv broadcasts, which follow the DVB-T standard. His link to the Dvico DVB-T card would suggest this is indeed the case of what he is seeking a card for....if not, he doesn't have a clue and is in need of some guidance to get back on track
  10. CityK

    Samsung SpinPoint P120

    Perhaps the P should have been a T.
  11. CityK

    i like ecs and i don't like via

    It took all of about 3 minutes. I knew honold was the originator. I also remembered his post-it note jokes (pick up bread, cleaners etc.). I tried a few variations along the lines of "+milk +notes and honold" and struck gold on "+bread +notes and honold" ... Of course, it wouldn't have even have taken that long if search strings could be less then 3 letters i.e. +Via +ecs
  12. CityK

    i like ecs and i don't like via

    Looks like these guys left Via and joined Abit.
  13. CityK

    8mp cache vs. 16mb cache

    Which, as Gilbo stated, may solely be attributable due to the fact that
  14. Oh well, can't win them all Many boards feature a BIOS setting to reboot when the power comes back on, as opposed to remaining off. Oops. My reading skills at fault here. I skimmed the posts and had, for whatever reason, thought you were saying you didn't hear any POST error beeps ... as opposed to none at all. Sorry.In light of this new information the motherboard sounds suspect to me. Any chance you have a grounding issue? ddrueding for example experienced one last year -- anything on the back of the case making contact with the board etc.