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  1. Occupant

    Important Clinton Facts To Remember

    Iam not a clinton fan by any means, however I dont think clinton is bumping of state's witness. Randomly pick a group of 500 or 1000 poeple from the phone book. Check back in 10 or 15 years, and see how many died.
  2. I can't say one way or another if that's true but on the flip side the 9/11 attack on the USA probably resulted in a second Bush term, which is of course exactly the opposite of what Al-Quada would have wanted. Without the "war on terror", Bush wouldn't have had any real issues to run on. He likely would have lost, even to a poor second choice like Kerry. 210255[/snapback] If 9/11 hadnt happened Bush may have had a strong economy to run on, and may have been re-elected on the pocket-book... Its impossible to know what would have or could have happened with something as fluid as a political process... Spain was an isolated example, I dont think most modern democracies would buckle to the dicatates of terrorists. (ok Canada might, but thats because we have a government of panty-waste panzies)
  3. Occupant

    Computer for Video Editing

    The most important things, is to have lots of memory, and lots of storage space. Almost any higher end modern cpu should be fast enough to do basic video editing. Weather or not the dual core cpu will be of any help, will depend on the software you intend to use. If the software is a multi-threaded SMP aware application, then the second core maybe of great assistance. If the application isnt SMP aware, the second core may not help as much as one would wish...
  4. Occupant

    Jack heads for the big time.

    Jack is a large improvement over most of the mainstream radio out there. I'll give your station a spin, and see what its like. Ive never been a big fan of reggae music.
  5. Jack. The radio format. http://entertainment1.sympatico.msn.ca/Mus...e=False&abc=abc Tired of limited (and short) play lists? Jack has made me want to listen to the radio agian... ( www.jackfm.ca ) I think that most of the music industries woes have been caused by the limited (and boring) play lists of most radio stations. New artists are finding it very difficult to break into the play list and thus be heard by the public. Jack with wider - looser play list, maybe able to bring new talent to the masses quicker and earlier in thier carrers... The Video star reborn by radio? hey, why not?
  6. Occupant

    With Congress's Blessing, a Border Fence May

    You should ask france and china how well building walls worked for them...
  7. Political leaders are more interested in maintaining the status quo, than in fundamnetally changing the entire global economy, and upsetting the apple cart. After all, the status quo, made them important, dramatic to changes the condition of the world, and they could be out in the cold quicker than Winston Churchill after World War 2. The sad fact is, that is the leaders of nations that precieve the best interests of the nation. While funding for energy research is important, its equally important (to the leadership) to keep the pace slow, so as not to alarm international markets, and upset apple carts. What we need is a Howard Hughes. Someone who could fund large scale research projects, and "damn the torpedoes".
  8. Occupant

    OLED Monitors

    I think OLED may be a still born technology. I was reading something the other day, about carbon nanotube lcd monitors that are about to appear... That sounds pretty cool to me.
  9. Occupant

    Best Practice for backing up SAN data?

    I really have a hate on for HP these days, but I havent used any of thier fibre channel storage products. I would suggest atleast raid 5 or raid 5e (aka raid 6) LTO 2 or 3 is a good backup solution, I would suggest a tape library over a tape drive. (24+ tapes - room for future expantion)
  10. Occupant

    Windows XP English

    In the Windows XP control panel (in the classic view) there is a "Regional and Language Settings" Icon. (looks like a globe?) if you click on it, you can change your PCs language to spanish, without reinstalling anything...
  11. Occupant

    Laptops Outsell Desktops

    Good points. But most PCs never get upgraded. They're born P3 533s /w 128MB of ram, and sent off to the land fill the same way... Repairs can be expensive, thats true. Batteries can last 3 to 5 years and can cost anywhere from $150 - $300 to replace. Unplug the battery if you're going to leave the laptop plugged in for the week. Notebooks are indeed easily stolen, if left unattended on a desk, even those sissy little chains dont take much to break... (errr so I hear) Keyboards arent that big of an issue anymore, plug in a usb keyboard (and mouse) if you dont like the laptop's. Laptops do have the advantage for open office enviorments, where workers can plug thier laptops into whatever desk space that happens to be handy, and goto work, rather than having a assigned cubicle with no change of scenery permitted...
  12. Wouldn't it be easier to buy a $15 10/100 switch to put downstairs? 206903[/snapback] Yes, but what "fun" would that be?
  13. Occupant

    Star Trek: ENTERPRISE

    A younger audience? Its star trek not star wars.... Wasnt that "will crushers" job?
  14. Occupant

    Trusted Computing has arrived

    Buy Nvidia chipsets for AMD chips instead. When are law makers going to start looking after consumer (aka voter) interests instead of the interests of large corperations. I wonder will the DRM prevent a pirated copy of windows from running on the PC?
  15. Occupant

    Star Trek: ENTERPRISE

    I think it would have been better if the whole enterprise series, had been riker playing on the hollodeck... Sorta like the end to the Bob Newhart show? where it ended, the whole series had been a dream. But whatever, star trek I think is pretty much a dead mine, perhaps in 20 years they can come back and re-create a new star trek universe, where they're not so tightly tied to.