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  1. Avoozl

    WD 600GB VelociRaptor Review

    I'd edit my last post but it doesn't appear to let me... Anyway, looks like you guys DID review the newer one.. it just wasn't linked from the leaderboard. Whoops, my bad!
  2. Avoozl

    WD 600GB VelociRaptor Review

    Any chance we could get a review with the newest raptor? I see this one is two years old at this point.
  3. Argh. I forgot to submit a drive for the slow portion. Oh well *sigh*
  4. Hey guys, Is there any chance the leaderboard might be updated anytime soon?
  5. Sadly, I've hardly touched the beta.. and I've been in it for a long while at this point. I just keep getting pulled into other games instead.
  6. I've got an ATI based 5750. I wish I had a 5850 or 5870 at this point. Nothing wrong with 5750s.. just they're about half the performance potential of the others I mentioned.
  7. Sure. Not a problem. I wasn't certain if you'd want something like that or not but I thought it was worthwhile to post in any event. It's still alive and I'm still using it as a data drive.
  8. Don't forget that the version of Windows 7 that most people are using can only handle 16GB RAM from what I understand.
  9. Manufacturer: Hitachi Family: Deskstar Released: 2006 Notes: Model Name (product family): T7K500 Model Number: HDT725032VLAT80 Capacity: 320GB URL: Interface: P-ATA Spindle Speed: 7200RPM Seek: 8.5ms Buffer: 8192KB Density: 160Gb maybe? Thanks. Hopefully, that's enough info. Not 100% sure on the release quarter so I didn't put it.