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  1. The power consumption units do not make sense... The Idle power is higher than the read or write? Please correct ASAP!
  2. Wow! You state the power of a mini space heater: "Active Power (W): 95" That's a red hot SSD! MEJV
  3. I would agree to that! The drive has been proven working, and it still has all its reserved space intact... But like any drive, a backup is a good idea! MEJV
  4. Hardware vs firmware! The RAID layout (managing/ordering the drives order is different, making it very difficult == unpractical/dangerous (possible bugs in the conversion) == DATA loss (a NO-NO!)... MEJV
  5. the answer to this question is "No!". The 3ware stack of the raid units uses a 3ware specific format, compatible between 3ware models: 9500/9550/9650/9750. The LSI MegaRaid used the LSI specific format, naturally not compatible to any other RAID controller brand... MEJV
  6. ATA Identify word 76 bits 1-3 would show you the supported speed of your drive. For example, the Intel SSD Toolbox could let you see that (Drive Details)... I am sure some other tools could let you see those as well... MEJV
  7. SATA 2.6, I believe is the T13 standard version for the command set supported, not the link speed... MEJV
  8. From what I learned over the years, it is common practice, for storage companies, to re-use returned drive that got 'fixed' we replacement drives when a drive under warranty fails in the field. Unless it is specified in the contract that a failed drive will be replaced by a brand new one, they usually use a 'refurbished' drive that passed their tests. Regards and good luck, MEJV
  9. Gentlemen, Sorry to tell you that 3ware products before the 9650SE cannot support over 32bits LBA values (over 2 TiB or 2.2TB). Also, none of the 3ware products would support 4kB sectors. The 9550SX being old, there is no chance they will update its firmware since the product is EOL... As far as I know, An Array could go over 2TiB but the OS needs to be able to support volumes > 2TiB to be able to access it. Hope this helps! Regards, MEJV
  10. mejv

    Raid 5 3ware Verify

    The SX9550 is old. The 'Alarm' (for windows), controller log might give a clue. The OS event log might give you a clue as well... share what you have... MEJV
  11. The link is pointing to the 3.5" 6Gbs SAS drive, the proper link should be : I got confised for a while! Thanks! MEJV
  12. mejv

    3ware 9550SXU-16ML

    Hi jump1e, The 3ware 9550 PCI-X parallele bus would not support >2TB drives. However, it would support > 2TB raid units (multiple drives < 2TB) Its firmware has not been updated up to the 9650/9750 raid controllers. Also, this controller is NOT compatible with 32bit PCI bus, only on PCI-X bus. (was there a PCI 64 bit bus ?!) Regards, MEJV
  13. Is there going to be a comparo of the stock LSI controller and the SuperMicro 12G SAS one in a near future?
  14. mejv

    Raid controller not detected

    I have 2 MB with X38 and X48 chipset, and I can't see any LSI 1st generation SAS 6Gb RAID controllers or HBA. The LSI 1068E based SAS 3Gb seemed to works fine. Some incompatibility... I am not sure what, but I gave up RAID on my system... MEJV
  15. I believe you could be seeing an issue due to the quick read-modify-write RAID 5/6 are using due to the controller generation/update of the RAID parity. Some drives have issues with that.. The 9690SA does not work with anything 6GB. The controller will fail if direct-attached to 6 GB devices. If the slots were not occupied for a long time, the connectors might be oxidized and having contact issues (CRC errors ?) Best of luck! MEJV
  16. mejv

    LIS 8888ELP support 4tb Hgst drives?

    The 3ware 9750SA (SAS controller) and 9650SE (SATA controller) support > 2TB drives... Good luck! MEJV
  17. mejv

    LSI MegaRAID Error Help

    One of your drive has a SMART threshold trigger: This is a warning saying this drive is not 100% healthy, backup your data ASAP as the drive might fail soon... You need to find out which parameter triggered: Too many bad sectors is the most common one where the drive is getting bad and using its spare sectors... Regards, MEJV
  18. Hello there! The PCIx 9550SX controller from 3ware does not do RAID 6 due to HW limitations. (Note that the 9550SX does not support > 2TB drives) RAID 5: if X drives in a RAID 5, X-1 drive capacity. 1x sixteen drive RAID 5 sub-units (+ 0 spare) meaning total capacity of 15* drive capacity = ~15GB 1x fifteen drive RAID 5 sub-units (+ 1 spare) meaning total capacity of 14* drive capacity = ~14GB plus a spare RAID 50 would be space reduced according to how many drives would be grouped in RAID5 the striped in raid 0: 5x three drive RAID 5 sub-units (+ 1 spare) meaning total capacity of 5*2 drive capacity = ~10GB plus a spare (RAID 0) / /|\ \ / / | \ \ / / | \ \ / / | \ \ (R5)(R5)(R5)(R5)(R5) /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ /|\ spare DDD DDD DDD DDD DDD D 4x four drive RAID 5 sub-units (+ 0 spare) meaning total capacity of 4*3 drive capacity = ~12GB (RAID 0) / || \ / || \ / / \ \ / / \ \ (R5)(R5) (R5)(R5) /||\/||\ /||\/||\ DDDDDDDD DDDDDDDD 3x five drive RAID 5 sub-units (+ 1 spare) meaning total capacity of 3*4 drive capacity = ~12GB plus a spare (RAID 0) / | \ / | \ / | \ | | \ (R5) (R5) (R5) //|\\ //|\\ //|\\ SPARE DDDDD DDDDD DDDDD D 2x height drive RAID 5 sub-units (+ 0 spare) meaning total capacity of 2*7 drive capacity = ~14GB plus a spare (RAID 0) / | \ / | \ / | \ | | \ (R5) (R5) (R5) //|\\ //|\\ //|\\ SPARE DDDDD DDDDD DDDDD D Hope this helps! Good luck! MEJV (Darn, can't get the text display properly... Hope you get the picture anyways!)
  19. I'l like to see the 'new' 3ware card with PCIe 3.0... The chip used was a 2108 PCIe 2.x in the 9750sa... Where is it? MEJV
  20. It would depend on the size of the IOs and the sequential request load vs random as well as read vs write commands. A HDD can retrieve (read) small sequential data easily as it would use caching and read-ahead to have the data loaded in RAM to be accessed faster. Random writes would be cached and written in the an optimized way to limit head movements. So it is very difficult to asses the validity of such test unless you know the exact load pattern... MEJV
  21. Confusing ?!: 1) Bytes and bits B is used for Byte b is used for bit "Maximum media transfer rate: 1638 Mbits/sec" <=== really is 1638 Mb/s "Maximum interface transfer rate: 600 Mb/sec" <=== really is 600 MB/s (SATA 6Gb/s ~ 600MB/s) 2) error rate: "Non-Recoverable Error Rate: 1 in 1014 bits read" <== 1 in 10 power 14 or 1 in 100,000,000,000,000 bits 3) Power "Start-up: (W, peak, max) 1.2W (+5V) & 1.5 (+12V) (amps)" ??? Thanks! MEJV
  22. All right... I always seem to misplace my usb stick... MEJV CA 95132 Thanks!
  23. I'd go for the 120GB for now and wait for maxing it out before buying a bigger SSD for the same price (or cheaper) later! MEJV
  24. mejv

    Hard Drive Linear Velocities...

    I would have bought more RAM and bypass the swap file... MEJV