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  1. There is an article I found while googling for clone HDD... Good luck! MEJV
  2. mejv

    Cant boot from SATA RAID card

    Have you check the BIOS setup of your system ? Make sure the Adaptec device is selected as the boot drive... Besides that, I don't see what could be wrong... Good luck & Merry Christmas.. MEJV
  3. mejv

    My U360 HD fall to SCSI-3 Help Please

    Looking at the user manual for your motherboard online, I found that there were a parameter called PCI latency (I believe it is the same as what I called earlier PCI-burst). Value between 0 and 255... I would suggest to modify the value and test the disk speed... to figure out the best setup you can have... MEJV
  4. mejv

    My U360 HD fall to SCSI-3 Help Please

    In the past, my motherboards had a pci-burst setup in the bios. Changing the value affected the sequential throughput by a wide margin. I had it setup between 32 and 64 clk, (I read somewhere this was where the optimum setup is : compromise between random/sequential transfers) Check it out on your BIOS... I think your problem lies within the PCI setup... Good luck! MEJV
  5. mejv

    My U360 HD fall to SCSI-3 Help Please

    What motherboard/PCI slot are you using ? Have you checked the manufacturer website for BIOS update ? (both SCSI board and Motherboard). MEJV
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    Only getting Fast SCSI on SA-3200

    I am not sure what the Smart Array 3200 Controller is, but you should be able to get into its BIOS and make sure the negociate wide SCSI is enabled along with all the other performance options (Sync, speed ...). The fact that the backplane is limited to 40 MB/s will limit the speed to that, which is Ultra Wide SCSI speed NOT in LVD... Also, look at teh pins of the connectors on the cable side, a bent pin could prevent the second 8 bits to work properly, forcing the controller to go 8 bit wide (Ultra narrow SCSI = 20 MB/s) If everything looks OK, I would try to figure out where is the bottleneck. by connecting a Ultra wide SCSI device directly to the controller, changing the cable, ... Good luck ! MEJV
  7. Hey, Just another clarification : 32 bit LBA limitations make the max array size 2 TB, not 3 TB. 64 bit limitations = 4835703278458516698824704 bytes = 4398046511104 Tera Bytes That should be enough for a while... but ATA is limited to 48 bit LBAs, which is 131072 Tera Bytes for a drive... I think we have enough margins for a few years on this side... As for 3ware 8506, it is limited to 32 bits LBAs or 2 Tera Bytes /array. The 9500-s is 64 bits... as far as I know ! One more thing : Win NT/W2k,/XP have a 32 bit drive/array limitations or 2 TB. Windows 2003 sp1 (or is it sp2) will have a fix to bring this limitation to 64 bits LBAs... not until early next year... Windows 64 bit has or will have the fix as well... Linux kernel 2.6 can have arrays > 2TB, kernel 2.4 is limited to 32 bits... MEJV
  8. Just wanted to clarify a bit : The AMCC 3ware 9500-S supports 64 bit LBAs, so it does support drives over 2 TeraBytes, so 400 GB or 600 or 800 GB won't be a problem at all, even if you have 8 of them... The power supply might be something to check though ! Good luck, MEJV
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    Sorry to be picky, but 12 GB = 12000 MB if base 10 is used. 100MB/12000 = 0.008333333... x 100 = 0.833333 % less than 1 %... What is the complaint about ? MEJV
  10. 3 TB on a 3ware 8506-12 ?? The max unit size is 2 TB, you'll have to make 2 arrays of 1.5TB each and get teh OS to span them into a large logical volume!!! Otherwise the 3ware 9500 serie can make >2 TB unit... Can yoiur OS support > 2TB drives ? Windows cannot yet, only FreeBSD 5.x and linux kernel 2.6 that I know of can... Good luck ! MEJV
  11. mejv

    Adaptec 19160 + 2 36LP ERROR

    It does not look like you tried all the speed possible, even turning off Wide, and all the way to turning to async. If THAT does not work... then try to RMA... MEJV
  12. mejv

    Adaptec 19160 + 2 36LP ERROR

    Hi Pete! For your SCSI config, you can try to go to teh 19160 BIOS, find the drive configuration and reduce the speed to 40 MB/s (UW) speed. This is just to test if you can detect the drives that way. It would be in differential SCSI, and that might be what your cable was certified at. If things work then, you can try to increase speed gradualy. My guess is that it could be a non-LVD cable/terminator... Good luck... MEJV
  13. If I recall correctly, the 39160 bios version should be a 3.10... It is what it has ? Then you can go to the bios (CTRL A) and adjust the combination of speed/width of the bus. By default, it should be 80 MB/s wide making it 160 MB/s. Play with the settings : don't allow wide, then reduce the speed... just to check if you can get the drive to be seen... if you go all the way to asynchronous narrow and still can't see the drive, try the chicken blood ! GOOD LUCK ! MEJV
  14. I have a adaptec 39160 as well, One channel dropped to 40 MB/s, the other is still at 160... Changing cable did not do it... I don't use it as much anymore... Soon, I'll have to consider SATA ... MEJV
  15. Occupant2 What OS, system config did you use with the 3ware 9500 ? Just curious ! MEJV
  16. mejv

    Slow Reads From Atlas Scsi Drive

    assuming windows is the OS you're using, the device properties of the drive should get you some caching control. If that is not enough, try to get your hands on the ADAPTEC EZSCSI... ir=t requires teh AS{I driver to be loaded, but it would have some more caching control. MEJV
  17. mejv

    Bad Sectors On Hdd

    ... contamination, mechanical failure, shocks while not powered, excessive heat, firmware bug...
  18. mejv

    Hard Disk Write Protection

    I think that some SCSI drive have a jumper setup to be read-only... I don't know about IDEs... MEJV
  19. Hummm! How do canyou have raid 10 (minimum 4 drives) and raid 50 (minimum 6 drives) with 6 drives ? MEJV
  20. mejv

    6 X 15.3k In Raid 5

    You forgot one thing : you can set the queue depth to 10 with the atto (lousy benchmark btw) and see better numbers... MEJV
  21. Oh, one more thing about this topic, typical LVD capable drives don't have SE terminators embedded. But they are compatible with SE buses... Make sure the cable is terminated because I doubt the Atlas 10kIII has any termination at all. Good luck MEJV
  22. Ron_Jeremy, I think you are getting confused between Single Ended/Low Voltage Differential and narrow/wide... Narrow SCSI was 8 bit and half the transfer rate than Wide SCSI (16bit) SE mode :(5 volts) LVD : 3.3 volts SE modes : SCSI 1 was narrow 5 MB/s fast SCSI was narrow 10 MB/s fast wide SCSI was 20 MB/s ultra wide SCSI was 40 MB/s LVD modes : Ultra2 narrow 40 MB/s ultra2 wide 80 MB/s Ulltra3 or ultra160 narrow 80 MB/s wide 160 MB/s Ultra320 wide 320 MB/s Serial Attached SCSI starts at 3 Gb/s (by convention B = byte, b = bit) Hope this helps ! MEJV
  23. mejv

    Event Log Parity Errors

    Hum, Bad cable ? marginal power supply ? If the drive could be run on another know working machine/cable... Good luck, MEJV
  24. mejv

    2 Tb Windows Partition Limit

    F.Y.I Linux Kernel 2.6 pushes the limit to 16 GB... So I read this week... MEJV
  25. Just out of curiousity... what disk drive where you using ? I am asking because as far as I know, ECC errors would come from a drive, not a controller. If a controller had pbms, it could come with data corruptions more than anything else. MEJV